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The Best Perks in "Far Cry 5"

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Far Cry 5 Perk System

Many video games have skills that you can unlock for your character. Far Cry 5 has something called "perks" that you unlock in the menu.

It will take many hours of playtime to unlock all the perks, but some of them are cheap to unlock. Additionally, unlocking certain perks early on can drastically aid you in the game. This article will explain what perks to unlock early on to maximize your success in the game. I'll also discuss how to get perk points as quickly as possible.

Although there is no specific character level in the videogame, perks are kind of a way of "leveling up." They will make your character more skillful, powerful, and resourceful.

The leadership perk enables two followers.

The leadership perk enables two followers.

Best Perks to Unlock

Grapple (Assassin)

  • The Grapple perk only costs 1 perk point.
  • You should unlock it at the very beginning of the game because it enables you to access hidden areas of the regions.
  • Grappling allows you to climb mountains and climb up to towers for vantage points.

Harvest Master (Survivalist)

  • Because hunting is a major element in Far Cry 5 and it's a great way to make cash, you should spend 8 points to unlock Harvest Master when possible.
  • Harvest Master doubles your loot rewards from both plants and animals.
  • You'll get even more animal skins if you utilize the bow. For example, if you hunt and kill a whitetail deer with a bow, you'll get 4 skins instead of only 1! Then you can sell those skins to make a ton of cash!

Additional Holster (Prepper)

Having an additional weapon in Far Cry 5 is a major advantage.

  • The Additional Holster perk allows you to carry an extra primary weapon.
  • In the beginning, the game only enables you to carry one primary and a secondary sidearm like a pistol or revolver.
  • The Additional Holster costs 8 perk points, but it's worth it if you want more ammo and power at your disposal.

Health Boost (Survivalist)

Increasing your health in videogames has been a common theme for decades.

  • The Health Boost perks are generic and self-explanatory, but you should spend at least a few perk points on them.
  • Your health will be increased by 50% each time you unlock one.

Leadership (Leader)

Far Cry 5 allows you to hire people as followers. You can also get specialists by doing certain quests.

  • Initially, you can only have one follower at a time, but purchasing the Leadership perk enables you to have two followers at a time!
  • If you need help taking down an outpost, completing a quest, or just want an extra companion to explore the world with, then the Leadership perk is indispensable!
  • Note: If you're playing in cooperative mode, you're not allowed to have a second follower. Keep that in mind if you desire to use the Leadership perk. Additionally, only the host can call in followers. If you join a friend's game, you cannot have any followers at all.

Locksmith (Assassin)

There are a ton of locked safes in Far Cry 5.

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  • The Locksmith perk gives you the ability to open locked safes stealthily.
  • Safes contain money and the ones in outposts have silver bars.
  • You can blow up safes with explosives, but the lockpicking is quiet for stealth.

Sneaky Sprint (Assassin)

Stealth is a fairly important part of Far Cry 5.

  • Crouching in the game reduces the chance you'll be spotted by enemies and you're quieter.
  • Unfortunately, moving while crouched is slow, but the Sneaky Sprint increases your speed.
  • The perk is useful to have when taking over outposts or when doing missions that require stealth.

Optional Prepper Perks

Eventually, you'll want to buy all the perks when possible. But choosing which prepper perks to unlock first will depend on what weapons you use.

For instance, if you fancy the assault rifles and sniper rifles, then your first priority should be to unlock the Rifle Ammo Bag. It enables you to carry about double the amount of rifle ammo and 50 caliber bullets. There are ammo perks for the bow, shotguns submachine guns, handguns, and other weapons as well.

After you get a weapon specific perk for more ammo, find the renegade perk that increases your weapon expertise for the class of guns you use.

For example, the Heavy Weapons Mastery makes you reload, aim, and shoot more accurately with LMGs, launchers, and flamethrowers.


How to Get Perks Fast in Far Cry 5

Prepper Stashes are a fantastic way to acquire perk magazines. Each magazine rewards you with one perk point. Prepper Stashes are hidden secret areas of the game that involve completing a puzzle or minor quest to access loot rewards. You can find them by simply exploring the vast world, but you can also get them by speaking to people.

Some NPCs (non-playable characters) in the game will have a diamond icon on their head. Speaking with those NPCs will mark a location of a Prepper Stash. The NPC will give some brief information when you converse with them.

Some Prepper Stashes are simple to complete while others are a bit more complex. For example, one of them involves taking a tour of a haunting house. Another may involve swimming inside a sunken boat or scaling up a mountain by rappelling. The developers did a very good job with the Prepper Stashes because they all feel unique and are relatively interesting.

Once you complete the tasks and acquire the keys, you'll find 3 perk magazines in the Prepper Stash secret rooms. Far Cry 5 features dozens of Prepper Stash locations. Be on the lookout for them and speak to every NPC that tells you the location of them.


Another method of getting perks is to complete challenges. Challenges may involve getting kills with certain guns, melee weapons, or hunting certain animals. Some challenges reward you with 3 perks. You may have to visit a shop or find certain weapons in the open world if you want to complete certain weapon challenges.

The last way to acquire perks is to play the arcade. Far Cry 5 features an arcade mode that can be played with a friend. You'll find arcade modes throughout all the regions of the game.


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