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How to Make Money in "Far Cry 5"

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Making Cash in Far Cry 5

A lot of features and gameplay elements from earlier installments of Far Cry have returned in this version. The game is still a monumental open world that gives you a lot of freedom and liberty to play as you please, though. It's most similar to 3 and 4.

However, you won't be climbing on large towers to reveal other areas of the map. Hunting and fishing can be done in this version of the game. Both activities are just a few ways to have fun and earn money in the game.

This article will explain multiple methods of earning cash.

Starting a New Game

Earning money at the beginning of the game can be a bit difficult. You won't have a lot of ammo, weapons, or perk skills.

Because of the lack of resources, it's ideal to conserve your money by not buying weapons you don't need. Additionally, you're best off finding ammo by looting corpses or finding it in the vast world. Paying to refill ammo can cost hundreds or several thousand dollars.

Using the bow or stealthily coming up behind bad guys and eliminating them is a good way to save ammo, which in turn, saves you cash in the long run. After shooting an enemy with the bow, you can retrieve the arrow and reuse it. Crafting arrows will eventually be possible by using resources found in the game world.

"Far Cry 5"

"Far Cry 5"

Hunting for Skins

While you don't need to hunt animals in Far Cry 5 to get resources to craft large ammo packs (like in the third game), it's an excellent way to make money. There are many different animals in the game such as bears, wolves, turkeys, wolverines, whitetail deer, caribou, cougars, and many other critters that you'll either encounter randomly or by searching for them.

Harvest Master Perk

There's a survivalist perk called Harvest Master. It doubles the number of rewards you get from plants and animals. The cost of the perk is 8 points, but it's worth it because you'll get more animal skins which can be sold.

Which Weapons Are Best?

The bow is ideal for hunting because it will not destroy the animal skins. Sometimes using powerful weapons will destroy the skins. Damaged skins fetch a price that is significantly lower.

For stronger animals at a longer range, use a sniper rifle with a variable scope. Animals like bears have a strong defense, but a 50 caliber sniper rifle can eliminate them from a distance quickly.

Even if you don't go searching for animals to hunt for, you'll inevitably encounter them randomly. Always loot their corpses to acquire skins. Skins can be sold at shops. There's an option to sell all your animal skins at once for convenience (and to save time).

Sometimes you'll see hunters accompanied by a dog during your travels in the Far Cry 5 world. You can barter with them to purchase or sell items.

Ultimate Hunter

There's something called Ultimate Hunter that you can craft and then consume. It's on the second item wheel at the bottom right. Ultimate Hunter tags all animals in the area to make them easier to spot. Predators will flee, making it so they are not dangerous to you. The Ultimate Hunter consumable does not last forever of course, but it's useful.

Fishing in "Far Cry 5"

Fishing in "Far Cry 5"

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Shooting in "Far Cry 5"

Shooting in "Far Cry 5"

Fishing to Make Money

While Far Cry 5 is not a fishing game, it's actually somewhat advanced. You can capture many different types of fish in the game like bass, trout, and more.

There are different types of fishing rods in the games. The improved rods make it easier to capture fish that are more difficult to catch and reel in. You can buy them (once they're unlocked) at shops.

Fishing can be done for fun in the game, but it's also quite a good method of earning cash! There are many rivers, creeks, and ponds in Far Cry 5 that contain various fish. Try different areas so you can capture different types of fish. You can fish from a boat if you'd like to access other locations.

Just like with animal skins, you can sell your fish for money. You'll earn more money when selling rarer fish and larger ones. Look for fish jumping in the water and cast near them. Your line can break, so be careful when reeling in!

Prepper Stash

Another good way to find cash in Far Cry 5 is by locating Prepper Stashes. They are basically areas where someone hoarded up a bunch of resources.

Prepper Stashes can be found by finding maps, exploring areas, or their locations can be revealed by talking to civilians. Sometimes civilians that you save or find in settlements will give you information about the Prepper Stashes.

Cash can be found laying around in Prepper Stashes on shelves or tables, but sometimes there are locked safes that have cash. You can open up safes by using a repair torch, blowing them up, or by acquiring the lockpicking perk.

Prepper Stashes often require you to solve a puzzle or find a keycard to access them. For example, you might have to rappel up a mountain to find a keycard or drain water in a bunker to access the money and other resources in a Prepper Stash.

To make the most amount of money, avoid buying clothes or weapons you don't need.

To make the most amount of money, avoid buying clothes or weapons you don't need.

Completing Missions and Looting for Money

There are three primary regions in Far Cry 5. Each of these regions has main missions, but there are also a ton of side quests in the game.

Make sure to talk to all the NPCs (non-playable characters) that you encounter, as they may have a side quest for you.

Side quests are optional, but you can be rewarded with money for completing them. Explore the world in the game on foot and by vehicle to increase the chances of finding a side quest. Your journal will display any missions (if any) that are currently available. You can track quests.

Explore buildings to find cash laying around on tables, shelves, or other inanimate objects. Check the cash registers for money. Also, be sure to loot enemy bodies. Safes may contain money as well.

To make the most amount of money, avoid buying clothes or weapons you don't need. Some clothing items are way too expensive, costing thousands of dollars. Wearing different clothing does not provide any gameplay benefit and you can't even see your character in third-person mode. Only a cooperative player will see what you look like.

In conclusion, focus on hunting, fishing, locating Prepper Stashes, looting, completing side quests, and saving ammo by using the bow and stealth if you want to save and make the most cash in Far Cry 5. If you know of other methods for increasing your finances in the game, leave a comment below!

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