How to Play Farm Grief in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" – Zombies

Updated on March 3, 2020
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

The Mystery Box is essential in Farm Grief.
The Mystery Box is essential in Farm Grief. | Source

Farm was one of the two first maps to have a Grief Mode. It was released at the same time as Town Grief. This map offers a unique grief experience due to being the smallest Grief map, and the only map without Pack-A-Punch. It has a very limited number of Wall Weapons and the four basic perks.

Farm and Town were followed by Cell Blocks Grief and Borough Grief.

In This Guide:

  • Map Layout
  • Perks
  • Weapons
  • Gameplay
  • What You Need to Know
  • Related Links

Map Layout

Farm Grief is the smallest Grief map available. It is essentially the Farm area of Green Run, Tranzit. It is almost identical to the Farm Survival map, but does not have Galvaknuckles. There are two large structures on each side of the map, a very small structure in the top middle area, and a large area in the middle that has a big truck sitting in the center. The entire map is blocked off by a fence, which has openings that zombies can use to enter the map.

The 4 Perks

Jugger-Nog | Source
Speed Cola
Speed Cola | Source
Double Tap
Double Tap | Source
Quick Revive
Quick Revive | Source


Farm Grief has the four perks that most players find to be essential or the basic perks. Since the map is small these perks are relatively close to each other. Two well-placed EMP Grenades can take out all four perks.

  • Jugger-Nog: Jugger-Nog is located on the second floor of the Farmhouse. It is directly across from the MP5 and in the room next to the Mystery Box. Jug can be a very important perk since the map is small and fire zombies are occupying it.
  • Speed-Cola: Speed cola can be found on the first floor of the Farm House. It is below Jugger-Nog, which can cause it to be affected by an EMP Grenade attack on Jugger-Nog. With such a limited running area it might be necessary to shoot your way out of a jam, this can be difficult when you are reloading slow.
  • Double Tap: Double Tap is on the second floor of the large Barn. When at the Olympia, go up the steps and continue going straight. Double Tap is very valuable on this map since there is no way to upgrade weapons. As the rounds progress, it is important to double the strength of your bullets.
  • Quick Revive: Quick Revive is located outside the large Barn. It is by the truck that is in the center of the map. Quick Revive can be handy as you enter higher rounds. It can be difficult to revive a player on such a small map. However, Quick Revive is often shut down with EMP Grenades.

The Mystery Box is a dangerous area. Zombies can jump up from below or come in through the Farm House.
The Mystery Box is a dangerous area. Zombies can jump up from below or come in through the Farm House. | Source


The weapons on this map are limited. There are only two Wall Weapons and the Mystery Box does not change locations. However, it is in a difficult spot that will require caution in higher rounds. It is on the balcony of the Farm House, outside the room that has Jugger-Nog and the MP5.

The Galvaknuckles are not available in this map. But, EMP Grenades can still be found in the Mystery Box.

The Olympia
The Olympia | Source
The MP5
The MP5 | Source

Wall Weapons

There are only two wall weapons available. This is the only Grief map that does not have the M14 on the wall. The Farm Survival Map has EMP Grenades in the small shed, but they were not included in Grief Mode.

  • The Olympia: The Olympia is at the bottom of the steps in the large Barn. This weapon is slow and only effective up close, which can be an issue when zombies are exploding.
  • The MP5: The MP5 is on the second floor of the Farm House. It is in the same room as Jugger-Nog. This weapon can help build points if used properly but becomes less effective in mid rounds.


Games in this map normally end in earlier rounds than other Grief maps. The map is crowded and fire zombies are causing damage.

There is a lot of emphasis on the Mystery Box and Jugger-Nog. Since they are close to one another they can be easily guarded. There is only one entrance to this area, and it involves climbing steps. Players can lay or kneel in front of the steps in order to block a team from accessing Jugger-Nog, getting a weapon, or reviving a downed player. This strategy can be very effective since the only decent Wall Weapon is also in this area.

EMP Grenades are often overused on this small map. Players will turn off Jugger-Nog by mistake when trying to EMP the Mystery Box. This often results in both teams taking several casualties and possibly everyone going down.

Players will often turn off Quick Revive when the other team has players down. This can catch the other team off guard and cause extra downs, or players to bleed out.

The map turns into a mess around round 18. Weapons become less effective and can't be upgraded. Perks are often offline due to EMP Grenades, trains are running into one another, and players are going down in bad areas of the map. It often turns into a loop where both teams continue to go down.

What You Need to Know

  • It is difficult to stop a team from blocking the steps. However, if a player drops down from that area their team will need to move in order to let them back up. This is a good time to sneak past them and disrupt their plan.
  • A common strategy is for a team to EMP Jugger-Nog and then run to Double Tap. Keeping a player by Double Tap could cause them to trap themselves when they run up there.


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