Games Like "Apex Legends"

Updated on July 8, 2019
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Rahul is a video game addict. Some of his favorite games are "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "The Witcher 3."

What Games Are Like "Apex Legends"?

Fast, fluid, and seamless-I never thought I would use these words to describe a battle royale shooter, but here we are. Apex Legends, published by EA and developed by Respawn Entertainment, has been nothing short of spectacular. Unlike other games of this genre, this shooter was polished from day one, leaving very little to complain about.

With the rise in popularity of Apex Legends, it's interesting to see where the game draws its inspirations and similarities. So, here are 15 games that are like Apex Legends.

Games Similar to "Apex Legends"

  1. Fornite
  2. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
  3. Titanfall
  4. H1Z1: King of The Hill
  5. Minecraft: Hunger Games
  6. Realm Royale
  7. DayZ
  8. Titanfall 2
  9. Ark: Survival of The Fittest
  10. Blackout
  11. Tetris 99
  12. The Culling
  13. PUBG Mobile
  14. Ring of Elysium
  15. SOS
  16. Standout Battle VR Royale

1. "Fortnite"

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, you most certainly have been living under a rock, as everyone is joining in on the sensation of Fortnite. It was one of the first major battle royals to hit the mainstream market, along with the heavy-hitter, PUBG.

It incorporates cartoon-style avatars—something that grows on you slowly. Fotrnite and Apex both share a quick and easy to use the loot system, the idea of rechargeable shields, and a similar emphasis on positioning.

The only difference is, in Fortnite you would have to build your cover, but in Apex, you would have to scour the map to find it. Fortnite perhaps is at the center of the rise of Battle Royale games, and Apex Legends is definitely built on the shoulders of this giant.

2. "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds"

Another titan of the battle royale genre is PUBG. With a massive player base on Steam, PUBG remains a popular choice for most. It was the first game to have battle royale as its primary game mode (also the only mode).

Apex’s wide variety of weapons and use of an attachment system mimics that of PUBG’s. Additionally, Apex uses a similar variety of grenades, with the three primary variants being stun, incendiary, and frag.

PUBG is a great game and perhaps the most rewarding of the genre, as there is almost no limit to the skill ceiling. If you have not tried PUBG and you don’t mind a slightly more clunky battle royale experience, give it a spin. Who knows, you might even get that 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner'.

3. "Titanfall"

Titanfall was born into the era of fast-paced FPS where players craved high mobility, action-oriented shooters. Its gameplay includes riding kickass mechs and a boots-on-the-ground experience. More than the gunplay, however, the emphasis is on movements. The more skillful your moves are, the more your chances are of survival in the online mode.

Like Apex, walls and barricades aren’t a hindrance as you have a great vaulting mechanic that can be used very liberally. Both games are made by the same company and its easy to draw clear comparisons in the movement systems of both.

Most FPS games like to use cover and obstacles to slow the players down but in Titanfall, the ethos is, ‘Fast is Fun’. If you're coming hot on the heels of other first-person shooters, the shooting and movement mechanics might take some getting used to, but you'll grow to love everything once you spend some time with this game.

If you are looking for some games like Apex Legends, Titanfall should be your best bet. If you liked the original, maybe give Titanfall 2, its sequel, a try as well.

4. "H1Z1: King of the Hill"

In the early days of battle royale, the genre was nothing more than an overlooked game mode of HIZ1, a zombie-apocalypse survival shooter. It had a primary mode where you needed to survive against zombies and other players.

Then there was this revolutionary battle royale mode, the first of its kind, where you were pitted against not only the zombies but real players as well. Being one of the first in the genre, it gave rise to a lot of the popular themes of battle royale. For instance, it was the first to introduce parachuting in at the start of the game and random care package drops.

Deride it all we want, there is no denying that King of The Hill is the mother of all battle royales. Since then, the genre has evolved into much more than just random shooting and looting, but King of The Hill is still fun. It has a more realistic and slower movement system than Apex, which adds to the immersion.

All the weapons have a certain punch to them, making them feel unique and powerful. If you like realistic battle Royale experiences, H1Z1 is your game.

5. "Minecraft: Hunger Games"

Oddly enough, Minecraft: Hunger Games was the first modern battle royale game. It was inspired by the movie, The Hunger Games, and follows a similar style. Each player starts at the center of the map with nothing and must find loot and equipment to defeat the others.

It uses Minecraft mechanics as its core system, so you’ll have crafting and the various tiers of loot (wood, stone, iron, etc). However, you can’t place or destroy blocks. It’s less complex than most battle royales, and each match is a lot quicker. If you own Minecraft, all you need to do is find the Hunger Games server and you will be on your way to some good time.

6. "Realm Royale"

Realm Royale started as a spin-off of Epic game’s Paladins. It added the idea of a class-based system—something that's prevalent in Apex. Each player can choose a class and benefit from their abilities.

Like Apex, the classes don’t entirely determine a round (like in MOBAs). It's just in place to fit your playstyle. Your gun skills will win you games. The game is free to play and has a variety of cosmetics to be purchased. Unlike most battle royales, you can summon a speedy mount at will to help you traverse the medieval style map.

If you were familiar with Paladins and like its feel and art style, this casual battle royale game might be a good pick. As long as you keep your expectations in check, it should be a good experience.

7. "DayZ"

DayZ was a precursor to the battle royale genre—a full-fledged game that started off as a mod for ARMA 3, a military simulator.

It brought about the rise of zombie survival games that swept the games market in the early 2010s. The idea of battle royale came partly from DayZ’s idea of starting with nothing, looting for gear, and fending off other players to survive.

The fun but messy mod was replaced by a standalone version that offers a realistic survival experience. The potential to lose all your hard-earned equipment will keep you on your toes with every fight you encounter in DayZ. The standalone game is available on Steam. However, if you already own ARMA 3, you can try out the mod there, for free.

If you're coming hot on the heels of fast-paced shooters like Apex Legends, DayZ will require you make some adjustments to your playstyle. Fret not. Once you have a few short sessions with DayZ, everything will soon make sense to you.

8. "Titanfall 2"

Like its first title, Titanfall 2 offers a super fast FPS experience. Mobility is the key, and with additional abilities like wall running and rocket boosts, a skilled player can stay in the air an entire round.

With no fall damage (like in Apex Legends), the maps are yours to traverse in any way you see fit. There is nothing slow or clunky about this game, and like in Titanfall 1, speed is of the essence. The updated modern graphics of Titanfall 2 are definitely appealing, and with refined gunplay and new mechs, it is a must try.

9. "Ark: Survival of The Fittest"

Ark: Survival of The Fittest is the only game on the market that has both battle royale and dinosaurs in the same package. The battle royale mode comes free with the base game, so there is plenty of value in this purchase.

The game is similar to Apex Legends in a way that all the players start with nothing in both games. Instead of finding all their loot, however, players must rely on crafting and building to survive In Ark. A great selling point of this game is that you can tame dinosaurs to aid you in your quest for survival.

Imagine a game of Apex but instead of two squads meeting for the final duel, an army of T-Rex’s and Velociraptors swarm each other. The game has a lot to offer, and you'll love as you learn the ropes.

10. "Call of Duty: Blackout"

Call Of Duty dipped its toes in the genre of battle royale with Blackout, a mode that comes with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and offers a unique version of the genre. The game map consists of familiar variants of old COD zombie maps as well as a handful of newer features, all rendered with modern graphics.

Additionally, Blackout has zombies that act as another mechanic in getting loot. There are vehicles and plenty of items and weapons to choose from, a lot of which come from the base game.

The game is smooth and seamless, which means that you can hop in and out anytime you want. You're just seconds away from a thrilling gunfight all the time.

11. "Tetris 99"

A weird addition to the genre is Tetris 99. Everyone is familiar with the age-old classic Tetris, but what many don’t know is that it recently was released as a battle royale game.

How on earth does this work? Well, you play a game of Tetris at the same time as 98 other players, and the better you do, the harder it is for the others. The game is a cute take on the battle royale genre and offers a modern alternative for hardcore Tetris fans. If you own a Nintendo Switch, the game is free to play on those devices.

12. "The Culling"

Around the same time Fortnite came out, a quirky version of battle royale called The Culling was released. The game had a larger emphasis on melee combat, with guns being rare and ammo rarer.

The game combines crafting and an economic system in a way that allows you to trade in unwanted gear for loot crates with better gear. The host here is a quirky commentator who bouts hilarious phrases to keep you laughing while you play.

The combat in The Culling is far more interesting than its contemporaries. Most players will have to duke it out with machetes and spears as well as primitive ranged weapons like blow darts and javelins for most of the game. Try The Culling for a melee based battle royale experience.

13. "PUBG Mobile"

Shortly after the rise in popularity, the developers behind PUBG released a more accessible variant of the game for mobile players. The game is effectively a mobile ported version of the main game, keeping most of the assets and mechanics.

The weapons and items are all the same, too. Unlike the main version, however, PUBG Moblie is free to play. You needn't spend a dime if you don't want to. I have spent quite a lot of time with this game, and I am happy to report that it's not a pay to win experience—a welcome departure from the norm.

if you somehow haven't had the opportunity to jump into this shooter, you'll be happy to hear that it's easy to get into. Pick up the loot and get ready for one hell of a ride and you shoot your way to the coveted chicken dinner.

The graphics are notably lowered but hold up well for a mobile game. The game runs smoothly on most devices and arguably better than the mainstream version. If you haven’t yet tried PUBG or want a more casual experience, try out PUBG mobile.

14. "Ring of Elysium"

If you're looking for a game like Apex Legends but don't really want to learn the ropes, Ring of Elysium should be right up your alley. Developed by the guys behind PUBG, it offers a similar experience to most of the mainstream battle royales, but it's a lot smoother and free to play.

It has automatic attachments and a pinging system that we see in Apex but with more realistic gameplay. The game has a similar start to most battle royales but the end is like no other. Players have to fight for limited seats on a small rescue helicopter. With a well-placed smoke grenade, you can win a round without a single kill. No violence needed.

The game also adds three different classes, each with their own backpack space and mobility options: glider, snowboard, and climbing kit.

Ring of Elysium is free on Steam and worth trying out if you feel like a standard battle royale experience.

15. "SOS"

What if the Battle Royale genre was a reality TV show? We have seen the idea of murder-each-other-to-glory unravel on the big screen a lot of times, but something like this had never been materialized in video games up until SOS came along.

A handful of players must try find a relic on an island full of monsters and use it to escape. All the players have access to the same set of radio channels and use it to communicate, team up, and even betray each other.

The game is fun and quirky, and you never know if you can trust your teammates. Ultimately, teaming up will increase your chances of survival and success, but in the end, only three people can leave the island and win each round.

15. "Standout VR Battle Royale"

VR technology is hitting the market with devices such as the Oculus Rift making VR gaming super accessible. Standout VR Battle Royale brings the genre to virtual reality.

The game takes the standard experience and massively enhances it by throwing you into the world via your virtual reality headset. There is a lot of realism that compliments the VR experience, like having to manually pick up and load your weapons with your hand motion controllers. The game has taken precautions in its design to mitigate motion sickness that comes with VR games, so you can play the game uninterrupted.

If you have a VR headset and you like Apex legends, give Standout VR Battle Royale a try.

Did I miss out on any other good games like Apex Legends? Let me know in the comments section.


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