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Top 10 Games Like "Deathloop" You Should Play at Least Once

Rahul is a video game addict. Some of his favorite games are "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "The Witcher 3."


What Games Are Similar to Deathloop?

Despite the technical hiccups, Deathloop has undoubtedly been one of the most innovative games to come out in recent years. Given the loopy nature of this stealth shooter, keeping everything intriguing for the players must have been a challenge for Arkane Studios. Thankfully, the myriad of gameplay choices prevents the game from becoming monotonous.

Despite its incredible replay value, however, one is bound to move on sooner or later. Don't fret. I am here to help you find your next stealthy adventure. Let's look at some games like Deathloop.

1. Dishonored 2

Despite its fair share of performance issues on PC, Dishonored 2 is one of the finest works from Arkane Studios.

Taking place a few years after the events of the first game, Dishonored 2 allows you to play either as Emily or Corvo, each with unique perks and abilities. My advice would be to go with Emily on your first playthrough, and then experiment with Corvo in the second one.

Combine the above choice with a myriad of tools and abilities at your disposal, and it makes for a chaotic, fun sandbox where creativity is always encouraged. With each successive mission, you explore more of the hauntingly beautiful creation of Arkane Studios, getting closer to the heart of the story.

There is so much to do and see that you’re guaranteed to miss most of it during the first run. Try a different approach in your successive run, and see if you can come up with more sadistic combinations to annihilate the poor guards of the plague-ridden city.

2. Thief: Deadly Shadows

In the era of live-service games and battle royales, immersive sims like Thief: Deadly Shadows have largely been forgotten. The good news is that there will always be staunch fans of the series (like me) who’ll remind you to stop whatever you’re playing, and visit this classic masterpiece.

You play as Garret, a pro-thief who uses the ever-pervasive darkness of the foreboding town to pickpocket the rich folks. Though there are different types of arrows at your disposal, you can churn through the entire game without ever firing one. With lockpicks, oil flasks, arrows, and myriad other tools available for our master thief, you’re always spoiled for choices to progress further.

Unlike Deathloop, however, Deadly Shadows is primarily designed for stealth-oriented gameplay. If the guards sight you, the best option is to run and get away from the scene. You’re a thief, not a ruthless assassin.

Before going in, install the “Sneaky Upgrade” to get past the game's lockpicking sections with little hassle. Also, if you’re playing on Windows 10, you might need community patches to run the game.

3. Hitman 3

The Hitman series has come a long way from its early days, seeing many highs and lows, all the while struggling to maintain a balance between gunplay and stealth mechanics. I've been with the bald assassin since the early 2000s. From the underwhelming, action-oriented Hitman: Absolution to the brilliant Hitman 3, it's pleasantly surprising to see how they've gradually gone back to the roots.

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While Hitman 3, the latest iteration of the franchise, brings new stuff to the table, the series' trademarked stealth gameplay is what makes this iteration one of the best in the series.

All 6 of its maps are so painstakingly designed that it's hard to pick any favorite. The modern hardware has certainly helped with the massive open-ended levels, compounded by the majestic level and mission designs. If you enjoy truly immersive games like Deathloop, Hitman 3 should be your best bet.

4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

A direct continuation of Human Revolution, the previous iteration of the franchise, Mankind Divided follows Adam Jansen, our dogged, augmented-to-death protagonist on his next adventure. Taking place in a world where augmentation is abhorred, Mankind Divided masterfully explores some touchy topics, balancing it with action, stealth, and gunplay to never let it get too preachy.

Just like Deathloop, Mankind Divided offers multiple ways to finish the job. The fictional city of Prague is a playground for Jansen. Those who love going all guns blazing are welcome to try that approach, but that's now how the Dues Ex franchise is meant to be played as the slow, methodical approach to any scenario often yields gratifying results.

The story, despite being ambitious, languishes a bit from the outset, concluding in a somewhat underwhelming fashion. Amazing level design and freedom of choice throughout the game, however, more than makes up for a lackluster story.

5. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Though any of the Splinter Cell games could have made the listicles with ease, Chaos Theory holds a special place in my heart. It's surprising how an almost 2-decade old game has stayed relevant to this date. Thanks to its immaculate level designs and superb stealth mechanics— something not even its successors could emulate—Chaos Theory is still leagues ahead of everything else.

Taking place in 2008, this adventure game puts you in the shoes of Sam Fisher, an elite third Echelon operator tasked with his usual job—go deep into hostile territories all across the world and eliminate the targets without making much noise. With 10 different single-player missions, each taking place in different parts of the world, you’ll easily be spending 15-20 hours finishing the game. However, this stealth adventure could easily surpass 30-40 hours of gametime, thanks to tons of gameplay choices. Those looking for a game like Deathloop with replayability value will not be disappointed.

Subliminal and chaotically beautiful, Chaos Theory is unarguably Ubisoft’s best creation. Back when they were putting out one quality hit after another, this stealth adventure was the pinnacle of their masterful craft. It’s a shame how Ubisoft has gradually fallen from grace, thanks to the never-satiating corporate greed.

6. The Outer Wilds

Exploration usually is an optional element in almost every video game. You wander around a bit before coming across someone or something, and you kill them. That’s how things usually work in video games. Not here, though. The Outer Wilds makes it mandatory to explore every nook and cranny of its bizarre world.

You play as an alien on a quest to find out more about Nomai, an ancient race. As he explores different planets of his solar system, it soon becomes apparent that he’s trapped in a never-ending loop. The only way to get out is to keep exploring and connect all the dots.

One of the best (or worst) parts of the game is its lack of handholding. The game dumps you in the middle of nowhere with little to no explanation. And the lack of a tutorial section only compounds the frustration, at least in the beginning.

No quest logs, no markers to help you navigate. The terrifying expanse is all yours to explore. Get used to the world and start piecing the clues together on your own.

Deathloop vs Outer Wilds

The Groundhog Day-esque loop you’re accustomed to in Dealthloop is also the norm here. Once you die, which you will many times, it's back to square one, but with a little more knowledge about the world. Just like Deathloop, Outer Wilds requires some patient exploration in order to find a way to break the loop.

7. Aragami

It’s a shame not many people know of this indie stealth adventure released back in 2018. While it’s certainly not anywhere near Dealthloop’s scope and size, Aragami gives the former a run for its money when it comes to its pristine stealth-based gameplay.

You play as an undead assassin with the power to control shadows. With an assortment of shadow powers at your disposal, there are always multiple ways to do the missions. While the story never really gets going, the gameplay is where all the fun is.

Unlike other games of this listicle, going all guns blazing is never an option. A single hit can kill you. So, staying in the shadows and fighting light with the darkness is the only option you have. In a lot of ways, it’s a true stealth game.

While staying in the shadows and controlling it might seem a little tedious at first, you’ll feel at ease with its controls and gameplay after a while. With no other weapon but a close-ranged blade at your disposal, you’re compelled to think on your feet—something you’ll soon learn to cherish after the initial frustration.

8. Control

Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 5050 Games, Control is a third-person shooter that follows Jesse, the newly appointed director of a secret government agency on the quest to stop “Hiss”, a deadly phenomenon corrupting the fabric of reality.

Renowned for narrative-driven games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, both of which are criminally underrated, Remedy has once again proved their mettle with Control. Though the game starts off slowly, the pace picks up after an hour or so. And once you get to the heart of the game, it barely lets up.

The combat is simple yet nuanced; you level up, acquire new psychic abilities and upgrades, and start experimenting with it to take on bigger, more formidable foes. Though I have to admit that it all starts to feel like a drag after a while.

On top of that, some of the levels are quite vexing to navigate. When you get stuck, don't hesitate to look for online guides and walkthroughs. Some of its levels and puzzles are so poorly designed that it's impossible to make it through them without outside help.

Apart from these issues, Control is a brilliant action-adventure—one that should be experienced by more people.

9. Metro Exodus

Part horror, part FPS, Metro Exodus is a rare story-driven gem. The irradiated wasteland is beautiful to marvel at, but surviving in a world where everyone and everything wants to kill you is quite a challenge. If you want to move on from arcady games like Deathloop and try something more heavy-handed, Metro Exodus is the best fit.

The bleak, radioactive world of Metro Exodus doesn’t share many similarities with Deathloop when it comes to the tone and story, but there are a couple of sections in Exodus where you can choose a less noisy and more stealthy approach. Just like Deathloop, most of the bloody confrontations can be avoided, but that's up to you.

The difference here is that sometimes avoiding confrontation becomes a necessity in Exodus. Unlike Deathloop, where you’re always spoiled for choices to dispose of enemies, the scarce supply in Metro Exodus compels you to use your ammo rationally.

I distinctly remember one horrifying instance where I was stuck in the basement with bloodthirsty creatures. With my main weapon frequently jamming on me and a shattered gas mask obscuring my view, I was somehow still staving off those creatures. The ammo, however, eventually ran out, which meant imminent death.

If you wind up loving Exodus, check out the other games of the series. They're just as hauntingly beautiful.

10. Returnal

The story revolves around an alien planet where Selene, our protagonist, has landed in her quest to find out more about the mysterious signal emanating from the planet. Unfortunately, she soon finds herself trapped in a time loop on this hellish planet. The only way to get out is to embrace the process of death and revival.

Returnal is not meant for casual gamers. Think Dark Souls with guns where you're going to die a lot. It’s designed with frequent death in mind after all. Every death resets the clock and you're back to where you began. Maybe you'll learn from your mistakes, or maybe you'll just stop playing the game out of frustration. You'll either love it or loathe it with passion; there is no middle ground.

It's a shame that Xbox and PC players will probably never get to experience this brilliant third-person action-adventure title. Now that Housemarque, the developer behind Returnal, has been lapped up by Sony, all their games will be exclusive to Sony's platform. Maybe consider buying a PS5 if you haven't. Returnal is absolutely worth it.

Did I miss out on any other games like Deathloop? Let me know in the comments section.

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