12 Amazing Stealth Games Like "Metal Gear Solid 5"

Updated on October 16, 2019
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Rahul is a video game addict who can't get enough of stealth games like "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" and "MGS 5."

Games like Metal Gear Sold 5 (MGS 5) are stealth-based, giving you the freedom to engage your enemies in whatever manner you like.

Shoot them right in the head, balloon them back to the mother base, or just avoid them altogether - MGS 5 gives you tons of options like these to engage your enemies. There are mind-boggling numbers of ways in which you can do that. It’s all about options. You are free to do whatever you want and whenever you want.

Don’t want to infiltrate a base at night time? Wait for the sun to rise and go in. Don’t like violent ways? Stay out of sight or use non-lethal weapons. It’s fun to play every scenario using different methods, yielding totally unscripted outcomes each time. You can spend hours with it and still not get bored with everything that this gem of a game has to offer. And I won't blame you if you start looking for some games similar to MGS 5.

While it’s hard to fill the MGS 5 shaped hole in your heart, let’s take a look at some other games that come close to the sheer scope and gameplay that you've come to love.

"Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes"

A smaller, but equally amazing gem released a few months before the release of MGS 5. If this game managed to get under your radar, it’s about time you play it. You can finish it pretty easily within 2 hours. The reliability value, however, is pretty high here. It’s fun to experiment with different weapons, trying a different approach each time just to see how things turn out.

Ground Zeroes might be a short game, but it certainly offers more fun than a lot of open-world games. If you are looking for some similar games to MGS 5, get your hands on Ground Zeroes.

"Splinter Cell Series"

The Splinter Cell Series is one of the most authentic games like MGS 5.

Barring Conviction and Double Agent, every other game in this series is worth your time. You could give the above-mentioned games a go too if you’re looking for some action based gameplay instead of stealth.

You control Sam Fisher, a secret agent, who gets sent to various parts of the world to get the job done. The instructions are simple – get the job done as quietly as possible. While you can take on a few people, it can get overwhelming before you know it. Stealth is always rewarded. And to survive, you have to rely on the shadows.

"The Witcher 3" - One of the Best Open-World Games

The Witcher 3 is huge. It’s so big that I feel lost at times despite all the exploration for more than 60 hours. It’s easy to lose track of the time while Witchering around, saving people, slaying demons, making life-changing choices, and romancing ladies. I’ve been playing it for more than 60 hours now, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. There is still so much I don’t know about this world. There are still a lot of people I haven’t talked to, quests I haven’t embarked upon, and monsters I haven’t slain.

What I like about this game is that the choices you make, no matter however big or small, affects the world in some kind of way. And you thought Telltale’s The Walking Dead offers you brutal choices. We know that the ending is going to be the same despite our different choices. Not here, though.

Depending on your combination of choices, you’re going to get one of the 36 endings. And most of the time, you’d never know how things are going to turn out. I got an innocent man hanged by doing an ostensibly good deed. Similarly, a seemingly bad deed might just be the perfect thing to do. It always keeps you guessing with your choices. What you need to know is, there are no good or bad choices, for you don’t know how things are going to transpire. It sure was fun as hell fun to find out regardless of the results.

If you’re looking for a good open-world game like MGS 5, The Witcher 3 should be right up your alley.

"Far Cry 4"

Every game in the Far Cry series is worth playing. Far Cry 4, however, is the closest to MGS 5. Open world, check, Stealth gameplay, check, variety of options to engage, check. This game is more similar to the MGS series than one might think.

It takes place in Himalayan terrain, which makes parachuting and flying bambocopters all the more fun. Did I tell you that this game is gorgeous? It’s Duniya engine at its best. Ubisoft has really created a masterpiece here.

"Hitman: Absolution" - One of the Best Stealth Games

If you’re done comparing how this game isn’t in line with other Hitman games, take your time to actually play Hitman: Absolution. Every level is beautifully crafted, which gives you an opportunity to be the Hitman you’ve always wanted to be.

The latest iteration in this series brings another element of surprise - you can go all guns blazing if you wanted This isn’t something you could do I previous Hitman games. You’d end up dead within seconds. There are still tons f stealth gameplay if you like to stick to shadows. However, if action is what you’re looking for, there is still a lot of fun to be had.

Be a silent assassin or go Rambo style. Your choice. Either way, it’s fun. You don’t wanna miss out on this game is you’re looking for some great games like MGS 5.

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution"

The latest iteration of this stealth-action franchise is nothing short of spectacular. Again, it’s the wide array of choices that deserves the spotlight. You can choose to change your gameplay style at any point in time. Still, have your ear ringing from the last gunfight? Take the alternative, and avoid a probable fight. Similarly, you can play this game Call of Duty style, shooting everyone on sight.

As you progress through the game, you’ll get various augmentations and super-weapons, becoming stronger and capable of handling more difficult scenarios. Your enemies, however, will find a way to overwhelm you. You’ll need to think fast and outmaneuver them, before they do. There is a certain level of challenge in every step. This is what makes Dues Ex: Human Revolution one of the best games like MGS 5.

"Manhunt" - One of the Goriest Games

Manhunt takes the crown for one of the bleakest and most violent games ever made. The extreme level of gore got it banned in a few countries. It’s not for the faint of heart. Gorehounds, however, would love to churn it out.

Thy way it compels you to get close to your victims and witness the mayhem, is definitely creepy. If you have a stomach for it, give the Manhunt series a go. It’s all about staying in shadows and come out only when needed.

"Thief: The Deadly Shadows" - One of the Best Hardcore Games

An old but amazing game that still can give contemporary stealth games like MSG 5 a run for its money. Such is the level of intricacy to include carefully designed levels that keep you engaged all the time.

The protagonist, Garret, has to stay undetected from guards and people while doing his job. And let me tell you, it’s very challenging, especially when there are a lot of guards around. Rarely will you find it easy to get under their radar. It needs precision, patience, and some lock-picking skills to make the most of Thief: The Deadly Shadows. Try to rush through it, and you’ll be shot by guards before you know it. Garret is a thief; not an action hero. And if you try to prove otherwise, it will only frustrate you.

The stealth, on the other hand, is not only immensely satisfying, but it’s also the only way to play the game.

"Bioshock: Infinite"

Bioshock: Infinite is a narrative-driven game that takes place in Columbia, a city built on clouds. It does a very good job at being a shoot ‘em up, but there is much more to it than blowing people heads off.

The way the whole city is designed and brought together gives it a lively feeling. Everything feels alive and kicking when you first arrive in the city. From the handcrafted buildings to the fascinating sceneries, there is plenty to feat your eyes on. You want to stay there. When things spiral out of control, the same city turns into the worst nightmare.

You are tasked with finding “the girl” and get out of there. Armed with guns and some magical powers, you and your partner have to make a run for it. Unlike other games, the AI companion here feels real. She doesn’t come in your way often, stays out of fight, and provides you support when you need it.

Things can get awkward at times when anything unscripted happens, but they’re a rare occurrence. Overall, Bioshock is a quality game you shouldn’t miss out on.

"The Last of Us"

The idea of a zombie apocalypse isn’t really original. There has been a lot of games, movies and TV shows with rotten maniacs running around. It’s gotten to the point where we just go through the motions most of the time.

Developed by Naughty Dogs Studios, The Last of Us, however, is a totally different than other zombie games you’ve played. They have always been incredible with crafting beautiful stories, and this game is no different. Everything from the storyline, stealth to action is perfectly done.

I’m not going to reveal anything about the plot since this is a narratively driven game. Spoiling anything would subdue the fun. You don’t wanna know anything about it before getting your hands on it. Experience an amazing, engaging story first hand.

If you’re looking for a narrative-driven game like MGS 5, The Last of Us should be your best bet.


A dying, plague-ridden city with corrupt officials - just the perfect setting for a silent assassin. You play as Corvo, who is out to find out who killed the mistress and bring them to justice.

You can do it by however you like, and I mean it. If you want, you can avoid killing anyone and still complete this game. On the flip side, if violence gets you rolling, you can have it your way. The clang of swords and the final stab in the heart has never felt so satisfied before.

There is no pre-defined way to get in and get out. There are tons of method to get the job done. Do you want in? Possess a guard, possess a fish, kill the guards, use telekinesis, use the good old not-getting-seen method, and many more. The options here are endless, and sometimes, overwhelming.

I have played it a couple of times just to see how things turn out. While I haven’t been able to avoid killing people entirely, I’ve been told it’s possible. Give it a shot. Who knows? You might succeed.

Honorable Mentions

With a list like this, there’d always be a couple of games that won’t make it. But it’s not because they don’t deserve a spot. It’s just because we can’t fit in every good game in here. Mark of the Ninja, the Batman series, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, and Alien Isolation are some of the games you should try. These games are just as good as others I have included in this list.


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    • MrBandezReviews profile image

      Anthony Bailey 

      5 months ago

      I've played most of these games and have enjoyed each one. I think in some games you can be as stealthy as you like but sometimes, the game is not built like that. MGS5, Hitman and Splinter Cell are built for those purposes whereas some of the other games are built differently but have aspect of stealth inside it.

      You could say Skyrim is a stealth game being as it open world and you can build your character up that way.

      Anyway thanks for the article, it has been a pleasant read.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      How the hell is Bioshock anything like MGS: V?

      One is an open world stealth game, the other a linear FPS.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      one of these are like mgs5. Even ground zeroes is limited to the point of being unlike mgs5. The fact is that theo only game on the list even CLOSE to mgs5 is Ground Zeroes because at least in GZ you can tackle the situations however you want.


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