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Top 9 Games Like "Rainbow Six Siege" Everyone Should Be Playing

Rahul is a video game addict who can't get enough of Battle Royales. You can find him skulking around in PUBG or Fornite.


What Games Are Like Rainbow Six Siege?

Launched in a poor state, Ubisoft has brought this live-service tactical shooter back from the dead, thanks to constant updates and fixes. Fast forward six years from its initial launch, Siege has come a long way, bustling with 60 operators (including Recruit), all with different playstyles.

Its steep learning curve might discourage newbies from trying it out, but the community is often patient with the newbies. Before getting into the ranked matches, try your hand at casual and unranked matches to get a grip on the basics. This tactical shooter will test your patience and skills.

Despite being an exceptionally amazing shooter, it's only natural that one would get bored of it. Don't worry. I have you covered. Take a look at the list of games like Rainbow Six Seige I have compiled for you.

Games Similar to Rainbow Six Seige

  1. Insurgency Sandstorm
  2. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  3. Hell Let Loose
  4. Squad
  5. GTFO
  6. Planetside 2
  7. Ghost Recon Wildlands
  8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  9. Overwatch

1. Insurgency Sandstorm

Sandstorm is not your usual run and gun game. First released as a Half-Life mod, the game eventually evolved into a standalone tactical shooter.

If you've never played something as authentic as this shooter before, the first few hours can be a little bit vexing. Multiplayer gameplay is always unscripted and unpredictable, but there is a certainty that newbies will die a lot of times. Think Dark Souls with guns and you've got Sandstorm. The maps of the latter might not be as interconnected and labyrinthine as the Souls Series, but the presence of a steep learning curve in both games is the same.

Released in 2018, Sandstorm has seen some ups and downs. Though the lack of content had been a worrying factor for its loyal community lately, the recent release of free night co-op mode has been welcomed by everyone. Here is hoping there is more to come soon.

Seige Vs. Sandstorm

While both the games are tactical shooters, the former mostly revolves around breaching/defending and killing the opposition. Over the course of years, Seige has become goofier and less tactical with its newer updates.

In comparison, Insurgency Sandstorm has strengthened its core gameplay mechanics, including its gunplay and modes, with every update. Yes, the content is lackluster as of the time of writing, but they are improving steadily.


2. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might not be as tactical as games like Siege, but this Battle Royale shooter is more nuanced than it looks at first glance. From the loadout management to its pristine gameplay, everything here requires your undivided attention, without which this shooter might turn out to be a frustrating experience.

You're dumped in one of its humongous maps where you fight against other players in a quest to be the last one standing. The concept is simple - land on the ground, look for better gears, and hope that you don't get shot by anyone else.

One gripe Siege fans might have with this Battle Royale is the fact that it takes some time before you see some action. You land on the ground with nothing, so there is looting first. Then you have to move towards the zone where the action is happening. If you're patient, however, you're in for some silly fun.

Is This Battle Royale Shooter a Good Choice for Seige Fans?

If you're dreading the constricted spaces of Rainbow Six Seige, the open playground of PUBG might just be what you're looking for. Also, PUBG treats veterans and newcomers the same way. Unlike Seige, Battlegrounds doesn't have a steep learning curve, which means that you won't spend hours figuring out its gameplay mechanics. Those looking for a change from the overwhelmingly subtle approach of Rainbow Six Seige will love the simpler experience of PUBG.


3. Hell Let Loose

Set in World War 2, Hell Let Loose is a hardcore first-person shooter that will test your patience, gunplay, and communication skills, all at the same time. The task is simple - join as the US or German soldier, pick your class, and drop right into the action. The only mission is to capture the objective by pushing the enemy back - something that not only requires you to be precise with your shooting but with your tactics as well.

Though still in early access, Hell Let Loose is one of the most refined tactical shooters I have played in the recent past. While I won’t rate it above the likes of Arma 3, it certainly is catching up pretty fast. The player base, for starters, is constantly seeing an uptick, thanks to the goodwill the developers have generated with the community over such a short span. If you’ve had your fill with run-n-gun shooters, maybe it’s time to switch over to Hell Let Loose. While it may look like just another FPS, its 14 different classes and 50 vs 50 matches across humongous maps tell a different tale.

Make sure that you give it ample time to learn the basics of the game. Though it’s not as hardcore as Post Scriptum, another World War 2 simulator, it’s still authenticating enough to immersive you in its dreadful world of chaos. Work together, listen to your squad leader, and maybe you’ll save the day.


4. Squad

Launched at the end of 2015, Squad has come a long way from its early days. Even back when it was in beta, it looked and played better than most of the finished products. Bohemia Interactive, the team helming this military sim, has been hard at work to continue to improve upon the game with their fixes and updates.

It’s difficult not to feel the tension in your bones when you’re moving across its humongous maps, following the commands of your squad leader to get the job done. You feel it when the bullets snap past you, or worse, when it hits you. More often than not, one shot is all it takes to go down. If you’re lucky, the bullet might hit a non-vital part, and you might live. Even then, you need to have a medic around who can heal you.

Simply put, Squad strips away everything that makes a first-person shooter casual. From hit indicators to mini-maps, everything you’re used to having in games like Rainbow Six Siege, CoD, and the Battlefield series is taken away. With no extra information to go on, the teammates rely on each other to spot enemies - a vexing endeavor, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Overwhelming as it may be, Squad is a deeply satisfying shooter once you get into it.

Those looking for a satisfying shooter like Rainbow Six Siege will love what the sprawling world of Squad offers.

Note:- Unlike Rainbow Six Seige, which runs like butter on even the low-end hardware, Squad can be a demanding game. Also, it struggles to run at consistent framerates, even on a high-end gaming rig. I'd recommend you go through the Youtube optimization guide to improve the performance.



At first glance, this co-op shooter might seem devoid of any originality. This fast-paced shoot 'em up looks and plays similar to the Left 4 Dead series, with the same aesthetics and gameplay. Don't, however, write this game off without giving it a shot.

Dig deeper and you'll find that GTFO has much more to offer than your average run-n-gun shooter. Co-op shooters are dime a dozen, with most of them rehashing the Left 4 Dead formula. GTFO, however, introduces puzzles to the mix while you're blasting off monsters. Who doesn't love solving puzzles when a zombie is about to chew your face off?

Thankfully, there seems to be an added emphasis on communication. In other games, you can afford to be aloof, doing your own thing, and still, get away with it. Not here. If the teammates don't know what they're doing, it's almost impossible to get the job done. Stealth, for instance, works only when you are aware of everyone's positions, including the enemies - something that's possible only with clear continuous chatter.

There is something for everyone - even for those with horrendous aims. You just need to find a suitable role for yourself to support the team. After all, victory here requires much more than running and gunning.

Go on. Give this early access game a shot. Far from a full-fledged release, GTFO is already turning out to be a solid co-op shooter.


6. Planetside 2

Launched back in 2012, Planetside 2 is one of the oldest entries into this list, but this massive online shooter still packs quite a punch where it matters. This sequel to 2003’s Planetside not only stays true to its roots but also significantly improves upon the original.

Join one of the three available factions, get access to the faction-specific weapons, and fight alongside your team to victory.

It’s such a shame that we don’t often see the ambitious concept of this massively multiplayer shooter mimicked often. Part of the reason why developers and publishers don’t want to take their chances with this genre is that it’s too risky.

Though I can’t say for sure how the new players will fare at this game. There is no preventing a level 100 from absolutely decimating a newbie. If you’re new to the game, be prepared to die often, at least until you rank up and acquire good guns. Give this free-to-play shooter a shot and see if it’s worth your time.

Planetside 2 vs. Rainbow Six Seige

Before diving into the world of Planetside 2, you should remember that it's not a tactical shooter by any means. Seige requires slow, precise gameplay with pinpoint accuracy while Planetside 2 is a place for some fast-paced mayhem!


7. Ghost Recon Wildlands

It seems that authentic Ghost Recon shooters are a thing of the past now. Wildlands doesn't have anything in common with the Ghost Recon franchise, except for the name. The franchise's signature tactical gameplay is replaced by an open-world Far Cry-Esque shooter where you clear out enemy camps one after the other.

Ubisoft of late has seemed to embrace the open-world genre, with almost all of their games falling into this category these days. It was only a matter of time before they did the same with the Ghost Recon franchise.

After playing this game for around 100 hours or so, I'm now convinced that the Ghost Recon franchise going open world was not a bad idea after all. Come to think of it, a co-op-focused shooter like this would not have been fun if it weren't for its vast open-world - a playground for all sorts of creative ways to eliminate the cartel you're up against.

Despite having its fair share of flaws, Wildlands is definitely worth your time. Those looking for a game like Rainbow Six Siege might like what Wildlands' open-world madness brings to the table.


8. Counter-Strike Global Ofensive

Developed and published by Valve, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular first-person shooters on the planet. Just like Siege, the game is immensely popular despite being over 5 years old. Thanks to a constant stream of updates and fixes, Global Offensive has managed to stay relevant over the course of years. Though part of its popularity stems from it being a free-to-play shooter, one can’t deny that it’s a quality shooter with no frills.

Originated from the 1999’s shooter, Counter-Strike comes revamped with new maps, skins, and gears. Easy to get into but hard to master, Global Offensive can easily eat up hundreds of hours, maybe more, if you want to get even remotely good at playing this competitive shooter.

Though it’s playable offline, it should only be used as a means to practice for the real deal - the multiplayer. In fact, it’s advisable that you play against bots in each of its maps to get a fundamental map sense. It’s a game where you’ll be sneaking around the corners, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Those coming hot on heels of casual shooters will find its different pacing a little bit troubling at first. It’s difficult to curb your instinct of chasing kills when you see an enemy across the map, but these changes need to be made to be able to enjoy this game.

Seige vs. CSGO

Unlike Seige, CSGO is a relatively simpler game to get into. You don't have to get accustomed to different characters' playstyles here. Don't, however, mistake Global Offensive for a brain-dead multiplayer shooter. It might take months before you get the hang of its subtle gameplay mechanics. If you wanna get down and dirty without all the gimmicks, CSGO is the way to go (pun intended).


9. Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the very few competitive games where your KD ratio doesn't matter much. Instead of racking up kills, one should be focused on playing a given role in the team and helping the team achieve the goal.

Centralized around teamwork, Overwatch demands a lot from its players. Just like most of the games mentioned here, teamwork is key to win the rounds. Not only you have to be quick on your feet all the time, but you need to be able to help put your team as well.

Though the game plays a bit like Team Fortress, Overwatch is subtler with its approach. All of its disparate characters, for instance, feel and play different from each other. They shine, not only because of their different styles and gears but because of their distinct personalities as well - something you'll love about the game after you've put in some hours into it.

It's a miracle how every character feels so wonderfully balanced. The more powerful a character is in one particular area, the more their weakness will seep through in other areas. There's no safety net to cling to.

Did I miss out on any good tactical shooters like Rainbow Six Seige? Let me know in the comments section.


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