Great High Round Training Spot Strategy on "Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies

Updated on October 22, 2018

Blood of the Dead is a zombie level that has a lot of cramped and confined areas. The entire map is somewhat convoluted until you get used to it. It can be monumentally difficult to survive in certain areas, particularly in the higher rounds when zombies and the Hellhound enemies are stronger. For example, the catwalk and prison cell areas are dangerous places to be.

Training spots are places on zombie level that allow you to group up enemies and survive longer. In general, it is difficult to merely stand in one area and defend. Additionally, certain areas of a map are too small to escape from zombies without becoming surrounded on all sides.

Ironically, one of the best training spots to create zombie trains is in the New Industries Building on Blood of the Dead. It's the first area where the dog head protrudes from the wall. The mystery box occasionally spawns in the room as well.

New Industries is a great training spot, if not the best, because you can run loops around the room and use traps. It's not the largest room, but it's definitely possible to group up zombies and survive to the high rounds on Blood of the Dead. But before trying the strategy, you should equip the proper perks and weapons, otherwise, it will be easy to die.

Recommended Weapons and Equipment

  • The Blundergat shotgun that can be upgraded to the Acid Gat, then upgraded again into the Vitriolic Withering or Magmagat.
  • Use the Zombie Shield that must be built with three items on a work bench.
  • Monkey Bombs that can be thrown to distract and blow up zombies.
  • Equip the Overkill minigun before starting a Black ops 4 Blood of the Dead match.
  • Use the wall weapon that is in the New Industries building.
  • Equip the Anti-Entrapment Elixir because it prevents damage from activated traps.
  • Use the "Brain Rot" Pack-a-Punch upgrade on a weapon.

Recommended Perks

  • Stamin-up
  • Quick Revive
  • Dying Wish

The fourth perk is not as important. Stamin-up is extremely useful in Black Ops 4 Zombies when you're in a training spot. You'll run much faster from zombies and the annoying Hellhounds that are fast and agile.

Quick revive may not seem useful on solo, but its actually good because it regenerates lost health faster. In the previous Black Ops video games, it only offered faster revive when rescuing downed players.

Placing Dying Wish as your fourth perk will modify it. When you have all four perks, Dying Wish will give you full health after going into berserk mode instead of just a little health. All perks placed in the fourth spot will have a bonus ability, but you always need all four perks simultaneously to use that additional ability.

The Blundergat in Black Ops 4 Mob of the Dead

The Blundergat is absolutely fundamental if you want to reach higher rounds, especially when using the training spot in the New Industries building. Make sure to turn the Blundergat into the Acid Gat by finding the three parts on Blood of the Dead.

Once you've obtained the Acid Gat, upgrade it to the Vitriolic Withering via the Pack-a-Punch. Additionally, both the Acid Gat or Vitriolic Withering can be upgraded into the most powerful version, the Magmagat.

You can find the Blundergat in the mystery box. Alternatively, you can complete the little Easter egg to get a free one.

A Free Monkey Bomb in Blood of the Dead

Normally, you must use the mystery box to obtain a Monkey Bomb, but it's possible to get a free one. In order to do so, you must first get your special weapon, like the Overkill minigun, to level 2 or higher. The bottom of the screen will indicate what level the R1 and L1 special weapon level is.

Once you've got a level 2 special weapon, go to the C-D Steet in the prison. It's past the C-Block hallways. Look for the "Broadway" signs that hang above. You'll see a monkey just outside of the map on a banister.

Get kills with your special weapon near the monkey in C-D Street. You'll know you're doing it correctly when the blue zombie souls float through the air.

After defeating enough zombies, shoot the wooden monkey with a regular weapon. The monkey will be transported to the spawn room called Richtofen's laboratory. You can pick up the Monkey Bomb off the table. It's free!

Wooden Monkey Location
Wooden Monkey Location

Black Ops 4 New Industries Training Spot

Once you've got the Acid Gat upgraded, multiple perks, a Zombie Shield equipped, and Monkey Bombs, you'll have much better odds of surviving in the New Industries room. Technically, you can use the New Industries training spot anytime, but it will be more difficult, particularly when you're on a higher round without perks etc.

Activate the trap in the New Industries room to kill some of the zombies. Use the Anti-Entrapment Elixir to become invincible to the traps in the room.

Continue to run loops in the room too create zombie trains. Shoot the Vitriolic Withering or Magmagat Wonder Weapon to distract and cause severe damage to the zombies.

Your secondary weapon, ideally the wall weapon nearby, should be Pack-a-Punched with the Brain Rot modification. Brain Rot causes a zombie to go rogue and attack other enemies. Brain Rot activates randomly after shooting the zombies.

When the Brutus Warden attacks, use the Overkill minigun on him. Shoot him in the head because he is a strong enemy. You might want to throw a Monkey Bomb when the boss enemy attacks to prevent the zombies from attacking you at the same time. Alternatively, you could shoot the upgraded Acid Gat shotgun to distract the zombies, then activate your Overkill minigun to fight the Brutus Warden.

High Rounds on Blood of the Dead

It is possible to get to round 50 or higher by simply running around the New Industries building. The rounds will go faster on solo. You can play with other players, but make sure they are not in the room with you, as the strategy will not work properly.

The real key to the strategy is making sure you have ammo in the Vitriolic Withering or Magmagat. You can acquire max ammos after winning the Hellhound rounds or you can drop a max ammo with a rare Elixir.

Using the traps and your secondary weapon will help you conserve ammo in your primary weapon. Additionally, make sure to acquire your perks again if you lose them. Quick Revive and Stamin-Up are fundamental for increasing your chances of surviving to the high rounds on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead.


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