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Groesten Haus Zombies How to Unlock Pack a Punch on "Call of Duty WWII"

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In this guide, I will teach you how to unlock the Pack A Punch box on Groesten Haus on Call of Duty WWII. I will also include pictures and tips to try and help you complete this as painlessly as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

If any of this is confusing, I will be attaching a video at the bottom that will also show you each of the steps to unlocking the Pack a Punch box. This video will show step by step the processes that you need in order to complete all five steps.

Step 1: Unlocking the Mystery Box

This first initial step is unlocking the mystery box. In order to do this, there are 10 lanterns that you must shoot / damage. Each time you damage a lantern a purple flame will appear inside meaning that you have finished that lantern. Once you have done all 10 lanterns a door on the second floor of the map will open up. There are 4 lanterns on the first floor, four lanterns on the second floor, and 2 lanterns outside.

Once you have the mystery box open, I would suggest using the box to acquire a new weapon as the next 4 steps will take you a few rounds to complete, and having a more powerful weapon will be extremely useful.

Step 2: Getting the Jack in the Box

Step 2 involves you needing to use the mystery box. After step 1 has been completed one must hit the mystery box enough times to receive the Jack in the Box. This essentially is like the monkeys from past Call of Duty games where once thrown all zombies will chase after the thrown item for a period of time before the Jack in the Box blows up. These are perfect for tight situations, but in this case is only step 2 in unlocking the Pack a Punch machine.

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Step 3: Landing the Jack in the Box on the pillar

The next step involves your newly acquired Jack in the Box. Once you have received them from the mystery box, you must throw them onto a pillar which is holding a playing card. Once the jack in the box lands in the position as seen in the picture below, he will destroy the card, and you will be able to walk over and grab it. This completes the third step of unlocking the Pack a Punch.

Please note that when throwing the Jack in the Box you must land it perfectly on the pillar as seen in the picture below. If you fail you may need to try again, or wait until you get an ammo re-supply to attempt it again.


Step 4: Save 10,000 Jolts

Step 4 is that you must save up 10,000 Jolts. Normally 10,000 would buy you 2 upgrades via the Pack a Punch, but in this case needs to be saved in order to unlock the Pack a Punch machine. Please note that you will lose these 10,000 credits upon completion of this step, therefore if you need to purchase other items in the mean time, it may be wise to do so before you give all these credits away.

Step 5: Unlocking Pack a Punch

Step 5 is fairly simple. Once you have collected 10,000 Jolts and have completed all of the previous steps, you must find the piano which is outside the mystery box room. You will see a card on the left-hand side by the keys. If you walk over and hit your activation key (whichever key you use to unlock doors / buy items) you will see your jolts decrease by 10,000. At this point, you have now unlocked Pack a Punch, and any weapon purchased out of the box moving forward for 1,000 Jolts will come automatically Pack a Punched. This is obviously very crucial as later rounds come at you, as the zombies will continue to get stronger, and therefore you will need to have stronger weapons.


The Pack a Punch is extremely useful when playing zombies. This will allow you to make it significantly further, and will allow you to easily survive higher rounds. If you do have any questions please feel free to comment below.

© 2017 John Reid-Roberts

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