How to Play Battlefield One Multiplayer Properly

Updated on August 7, 2017

The Main Rules

The Battlefield series is very different to most shooters (especially on consoles). It relies on teamwork to produce large scale, spectacular battles. There are essentially two main rules that if you follow will bring you and your team success on the battlefield.

1 - Join and cooperate with a squad. Battlefield has a delicately balanced class system, with different classes provided different combat roles, and only a group of soldiers will achieve long term success. At the start of a match you can select a squad of teammates to join. If you are the squad leader make sure to give orders by spotting (right bumper on consoles) objectives. As a squad you should then try to achieve this objective by sticking together and working as a team.

2 - PTFO (play the ahem objective). This is where many new players will struggle when adapting to Battlefield. Most modern FPS games are solely focused on running around a small map, racking up kills and striving for a high KD ratio. If you enjoy this and don't want to adapt your style that's fine but please stick to playing the mode designed for it, team deathmatch. Otherwise, you will have some kind of overall team objective such as: capturing flags in conquest or operations, planting or defusing bombs in rush and capturing a pigeon in war pigeons. It is crucial that the whole team pushes towards this objective (in whichever manner they deem tactically appropriate) because only half of a team playing for objectives and the other half messing around will not only result in quick deaths for the headless chickens but also a quick defeat for their team. So, please try and play for the objective.


The assault class primary weapons are submachine guns and shotguns. Typically this limits the class to short range encounters. The assault class plays probably the most important role in Battlefield One, vehicle destruction. True to real life WW1, tanks are a game changing weapon that are almost invulnerable to regular infantry. The assault class is the only class with specialist anti-vehicle weaponry: anti-tank grenades, anti-tank mines, dynamite and the AT rocket gun. Therefore, it is an assault players duty to try and take out vehicles (especially tanks).

Taking out a tank with the AT rocket gun.
Taking out a tank with the AT rocket gun.


Semi automatic rifles are the only primary weapons available to medics. These rifles are some of the most potent in the game when used properly. Stick to medium range to dominate your opponents. A medics main role is quite self explanatory, healing teammates. This role is performed through two gadgets, health packs and a syringe. Throw out your health packs regularly to heal both yourself and teammates. The syringe can be used to revive dead teammates. A medic who revives teammates is not only loved by his team but a major nuisance to the opposition. A quick note about reviving for all players: please don't rush into skipping the death screen before respawning, not only does this not actually speed up your wait but it makes medics jobs harder than it should be as they chase disappearing bodies.


Support players are given light machine guns to take down enemies. These weapons aren't as quick to kill as others but they have copious amounts of ammo to compensate. The support class is there to "support" teammates not only with heavy weaponry but also by resupplying ammo and repairing vehicles. A good support will throw out ammo pouches regularly to keep his team supplied. The repair tool can be equipped as a gadget, this will repair friendly vehicles (plus stationary emplacements) and slowly damage enemy vehicles. The fun part of playing support comes from the ability to lay down serious firepower. The LMG can be used to suppress enemies and a mortar is available as a gadget, which is useful for raining down mayhem on enemies from a safe distance.

Sand dunes make for convenient cover when deploying the mortar.
Sand dunes make for convenient cover when deploying the mortar.


Finally, we come to the last main class and in many cases the most misused. For some reason new players tend to gravitate towards playing as scouts. The only weapons to use here are sniper rifles and their role is simply to provide long range covering fire. There are two main sins that scouts commit in my opinion.

Firstly, the usual problem of snipers camping. Yes a sniper should be stationary more often than any of the other classes but pushing up with your team and taking more risks may also bring more kills and larger impact on the game. Secondly, too many people sniping. If there are already a large number of snipers on your team think about whether you should spawn in as a another one. The tactical situation may allow it e.g. defending a fort from enemy waves. However, if you are meant to be capturing a fort then men are needed to push for the flags and snipers will be of limited use. There is no shame in not being able to quickly play sniper effectively because it takes time to get used to positioning on a large map and the long range bullet drop of Battlefield's rifles but when used effectively this class is a deadly and satisfying experience.

Special Classes

Spawning in a tank, plane or on a horse will give you the tanker, pilot or cavalry class respectively. Both the tanker and pilot are underpowered when out of their vehicles as they only have pistols but they do have repair tools and the tanker has anti-tank grenades if needed. The cavalry class is equipped with a rifle and also has slightly more health than a regular soldier, making him a potent option on or off his horse. Cavalry also carries health packs and ammo pouches giving a small support role as well.

Included in the game are three special class kits that will spawn during a game for a player to pick up: the sentry, tank hunter and flamethrower. Not much needs to be said for these classes apart from enjoy using their beastly weaponry and extended health if you're lucky enough to pick up the kit. Note that your health will not regenerate so sticking close to a friendly medic is highly recommended.

What class do you prefer playing as?

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