Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide

Updated on November 6, 2018
Heores & Generals Beginner's Guide
Heores & Generals Beginner's Guide

H&G Beginner's Guide

As you may already know, Heroes and Generals is a free-to-play (micro-transactions available) MMO First-Person Shooter based on WWII warfare. You can choose between 3 factions: the United states, Germany, and the Soviet Union, but you are not limited to play with one faction as long as you play Staged Battles. If you want to participate in war battles, you will have to choose one, but at the end of that war you will be able to change your faction again. Heroes & Generals is considered to be a really hard game to master by many players. It also requires a long and painful process of acquiring the weapons, vehicles, and soldiers you want to play with. This beginner's guide aims to make the game experience more enjoyable for new players with some basic tips and tricks.

But before we get into the main subject of this guide, I'd like to answer an important question you may be wondering about...

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Is Heroes & Generals Pay to Win?

Is Heroes & Generals Pay to Win?
Is Heroes & Generals Pay to Win?
Heroes and Generals Gold (Cash Currency)
Heroes and Generals Gold (Cash Currency)

It depends on your perspective but the easy answer is yes, it could be considered as a Pay to win game, in fact it is, but is not actually that bad as you might think and let me explain why, there are micro-transactions that allow players to buy almost everything in game; Soldiers, weapons, vehicles, upgrades, etc but before they can buy this stuff, they will have to unlock them first as any other free player in the game, for instance, in order to unlock you first vehicle, you will have to get enough experience transporting other players with civilian vehicles, (trucks, bicycles, etc) and this is a requirement for both free and pay players. The real advante for pay players is that they are less limited by the credits (free in-game currency), so they will easily buy more weapons or vehicles to try in the game. You as a free player, will have to work harder and manage your resources with caution, and this guide might help you with this.

Also, trust me, it is completly possible to have a blast in this game while not spending money. I haven't spent a single cent and after my first 3 months playing (casually not hardcore) I already had 4 soldiers in US faction, 2 moded weapons to the max, almost every tank, some planes and vehicles, all for free, enough gear to compete with any pay player.

Heroes & Generals Tips and Tricks for New Players
Heroes & Generals Tips and Tricks for New Players

So, let's begin with the starter guide, but keep in mind that the first solider you will be able to play in game in every faction for free, is Infantry, so most of these tips will be focused on this class as you will be forced to play only with this class for a while, until you get enough credits to buy another soldier through the academy.

1. Make a Class Choice

Heroes and Generals Classes
Heroes and Generals Classes

As a free player, this will be a major concern, considering you will be limited by the credits (free currency) you earn in combat. It will require a considerable amount of time before you buy your second soldier. So, it is better to focus in your favorite class; Infantry, Paratrooper, Recon, Tank Crew or Pilot.

Tip; Keep your First soldier as Infantry.
Tip; Keep your First soldier as Infantry.

2. Keep your First soldier as Infantry

Ranking up your Infantry Soldier unlocks career posibilities for him, this means you will be able to change his class. I don't recomend you to do this, specially with your first soldier, and the reason is, It doesn't matter how class you chose to focus on. Infantry is probably the most important class to win battles, as it's the most versitile class and the best for capturing points, hence, you will need to have at least one infantry men with decent equipment.

In fact, before you buy another class, I suggest you to rank up your infantry soldier at least to 8-10 and get him a good moded weapon, If Infantry is not your thing or you don't want to spend too much credits on it, I also suggest you to stay with your starter weapon (M1 Garand, Gewehr 43 or SVT-40 depending on your faction) since you can mod it to 2 hits kill and with a nice 2.2x scope, once you got this, war gets easier, my Moded M1G usually allows me to kill two or even three times more enemies than my own deaths.

3. Capture Control Points

Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide; Capture Control Points
Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide; Capture Control Points

As Infantry, your main objective should always be to capture control points. The biggest mistake of most new players, that usually ends the battle in defeat, is going to chase kills instead of Capture control points. Kills give you experience and credits, yes, but! Capturing a control point gives you way more experience and credits, as winning the battle. The game gives better rewards for players that focus on objectives.

4. Defend Control Points

Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide; Defend Control Points
Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide; Defend Control Points

It may sound trivial, but it's actually another common mistake that usually ends the battle in defeat for your team. After capturing a point, people tend to rush to the next objective, and completely abandon the one they just captured. what usually happens here is, while most of your team is trying to capture the next objective (or chasing kills) an enemy squad or even one soldier sneaks to the control point your team left undefended and capture it, locking the control point your teammates were trying to get.

5. Use Transport Vehicles

Heroes & Generals Tips; Use Transport Vehicles
Heroes & Generals Tips; Use Transport Vehicles
H&G Bicycle Ride
H&G Bicycle Ride

The first map you will be able to play is actually pretty small, walking is not that bad, but once you rank your soldier enough, you unlock new game modes with bigger maps, walking is definitely not the best option to reach your objective as they are very far form each other. Use vehicles to get there fast!, civialian trucks and bicycles are usually available at some capture points, If you don't find one, get a ride. Im pretty sure some of your teammates will have military vehicles. To ask for a ride press "F" (default key) to whistle. Is a good idea to have at least one vehicle of your own, and if you decide to buy one, don't forget to give a ride to your teammates.

6. Think Before You Buy

Heroes & Generals Guide; Think Before You Buy
Heroes & Generals Guide; Think Before You Buy
Heroes & Generals Ribbon
Heroes & Generals Ribbon

Don't rush to buy everything you unlock, as I said before, free players can't do so due to the lack of resources, check the ribbons to see what do you actually have to buy to unlock the weapon or vehicle you really want. Combat Ribbons tells you what actions you need to do in order to earn points in that ribbon, and get the rewards on it. Actions requiered may vary from one ribbon to another; Kill enemies, capture points, use an specific weapon or vehicle, destroy vehicles, etc.

7. Stop Throwing Grenades!

Heroes & Generals Tips; use grenades with precaution.
Heroes & Generals Tips; use grenades with precaution.
H&G tips; Grenades are Expensive!
H&G tips; Grenades are Expensive!

Don't get me wrong, grenades are awesome!, a very effective tool to get rid of enemy infantry inside buildings or behind cover, you will get a lot of kills with grenades for sure, sometimes double or if you are lucky enough, triple kills. Grenades are so useful that you can easily get addicted to throw them, the main problems is, they are expensive, it cost about 9200 credits to refill them completely. So, unless you chose to focus on infantry class and you are not interested in buying another soldier, use grenades with precaution. Remember, this guide aims to help you manage your credits as a free player, not getting a lot of kills. When I want to save credits for something, I prefer to unequip grenades so Im not tempted to use them.

8. Take Cover!

Keep your head down!, this should be common sense, but apperently is not. Rushing to the open battlefield is yet another new player mistake, be smart, pay attention to the gunfire sounds and hide behind trees, bushes or shadows, get inside buildings and trenches and be patient, wait for the enemy. Also, unlike other first person shooters, in Heroes and generals, crouch and prone actually helps you avoid enemy fire, and keep your weapons steady, so do it when you have to.

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