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How to Build the Staves in Origins: "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" Zombies

The Staff of Fire

The Staff of Fire

Origins Staff Guide for Black Ops II

There are four staves that can be built in Origins. These are highly effective weapons that make this difficult map easier to handle. Each staff has several parts that must be acquired before you can build the staff.

The staves by themselves are powerful, but they can become extremely powerful if you upgrade the staves.

What's Covered in This Guide

  • The Four Staves
  • Locations for the Record
  • Opening the Hidden Area
  • Building Your Staff
  • Other Useful Information

The Four Staves

There are four buildable staves in Origins. Each controls a separate element. Each staff is a powerful weapon that can help players achieve high rounds. But, building all four staves is also the first part of the Main Easter Egg.

This guide explains how to build the staves. If you need to find the individual parts for the staves then follow a link below. It will bring you to a guide that has pictures and videos to help illustrate exactly how to acquire each part.

Location 1

Location 1

Location 2

Location 2

Locations of the Record

In order to open the Hidden Area, you will need to first find the Black Record. It looks like a normal vinyl record, and can be found around the Excavation Site. There are three possible locations for this record.

Record Location 1

The first possible location is on a wall between the Excavation Site and the Church. Due to its location, it is easy to miss.

Record Location 2

The second possible location is on a box by the bottom of the Excavation Site stairs. It is between a motor and the sign for the Excavation Site.

Record Location 3

The third possible location is on top of the Excavation Site, inside of a wheel-barrel. You will need to purchase the barrier in order to reach the record.

Opening the Hidden Area

In order to open the hidden area, you will need to have the Black Record and the Gramophone. You should still have the Gramophone since you used it to get the Crystal for the staff. If you have not done this you can select one of the specific staff articles at the top of this guide to see how.

Take the stairway behind Pack-a-Punch to the "bottom" of the interior Excavation Site. I put bottom in quotes because we are about to go a little deeper. Place your Gramophone on the table across from the large circular object. It should start playing and the large circular object should move. A stairway will appear. Take it all the way to the bottom. You will find four stands that are used for building your staff. The colors of the stands coincide with the color of your staff parts.

Building the Staff of Fire

Building the Staff of Fire

Building a Staff

In order to build the staff, you will need to have all three staff fragments and the Crystal. If you do not have these pieces, then select one of the guides in the "Four Staves" section above to go to that article and see exactly how to acquire the parts.

Approach the stand that is the same color as the staff you are going to build and press your action button. You will go through the building sequence. Once completed, you can pick up your staff.

Other Useful Information

  • Building all four staves in one game will give you the "playing with power" achievement.
  • A player can only equip one staff at a time.
  • If a player bleeds out, their staff will return to the stand and another player can pick it up.
  • Building the four staves is the first part of the Easter Egg.
  • You can upgrade the staves to make them even better.


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