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How to Build and Upgrade the Ripsaw on "Call of Duty: The Darkest Shore Nazi Zombies"

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Call of Duty WW2: The Darkest Shore Wonder Weapon

With every new Nazi Zombie level comes a new special weapon which is often referred to as the "wonder weapon." Sometimes you can get the special weapon out of the mystery box; other times you must find the necessary parts to build it. The new Call of Duty WW2 zombie level, The Darkest Shore, has a weapon called the "ripsaw." You cannot find it in the mystery box, because you must find the parts needed to create it, then build it at a workbench.


  • The ripsaw does not take place of your primary weapon slots. It's a weapon that you equip by pressing right on the D-PAD.
  • Technically, you could carry a total of four weapons if you already have the pack mule (also called mule kick) mod that lets you carry three weapons.
  • The ripsaw is basically an auxiliary weapon. It does take the place of your shovel melee weapon, though.
  • Initially, it serves as a melee weapon but upgrading it allows you to fire the saw blades at zombies.
  • The ripsaw blades have a "ricochet" effect, allowing you to cut through multiple zombies at once! You'll have a limited amount of ammo (about 15 blades).

Turn on Power for Darkest Shore

Before you can find all the parts for the ripsaw weapon, you must first turn on the power. The power switch is located in the U-Boat Pens. To get there, open the door behind you on the beach (spawn). Head through the tunnels and past the armor vendor, outside to the cliffs. Traverse the cliffs and descend down until you reach a bunker.

Head inside the bunker and open up the door with Jolt Points. You'll see a workbench and a power switch on the wall by the entrance to the U-Boat Pen. Turn on the power switch so other areas of The Darkest Shore become accessible.

Where to Find Ripsaw Parts on Darkest Shore


  • Near the elevator where the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade is. Look for a corpse in the bunker 3 area that is up against the wall at the top of the stairs. A saw blade will be on top of a decapitated zombie.
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  • On a table next to the armor vendor inside the artillery bunker (32 number).
  • Inside the artillery bunker, on a table in a small room where you turn on the second power switch.
  • On the west side of the artillery bunker, on a table by the entrance.

Below are photos of the spawn locations of the ripsaw parts. As far as my knowledge, there are only three sawhandle locations, but there could be another sawblade location.

Building and Upgrading the Ripsaw

Once you have the sawblade and sawhandle, return to the workbench in the U-Boat Pens. Craft the weapon. It replaces your shovel. You can do a quick melee attack or hold down the left trigger and hit the right trigger to do a killing animation.

In order to upgrade the ripsaw, you must rip out a spine of a zombie that has a red fuse. Do the special attack with the ripsaw and press the square button to rip out a zombie's spine. If there's a red fuse inside the spine, you've done it. If not, kill zombies with a special attack until you do.

Place the red fuse on the table. Now, you must kill zombies nearby the workbench to power up the fuse. You need to kill around 20-30 zombies in the vicinity of the table. There will be an arc of electricity that emits out of the zombies' heads when you destroy them by the workbench.

Tips on How to Survive Darkest Shore

  • The area by the workbench is relatively claustrophobic, especially if you're in the higher rounds. If you're having trouble killing the zombies to fuel the fuse, head inside the U-Boat pen and let the zombies follow you behind so you have breathing room.
  • Don't kill all the zombies. Let some of them follow behind you, then return to the workbench and unload on them to fuel up the red fuse.
  • Use the Jack in the Boxes (if you have them) to distract the zombies. It will make it easier to charge the fuse without taking damage or going down.
  • Once you've destroyed enough enemies, you can upgrade the ripsaw at the workbench. Now you'll be able to shoot sawblades at enemies. It costs 2500 Jolt Points, so it's not free.
  • The ripsaw kills zombies quickly, but unfortunately, it does not deal much damage to the larger enemies that have giant clubs as weapons. Additionally, the way you perform the melee attack changes when the ripsaw is upgraded.
  • If you want the animation where you rip out spines of enemies, then you must sprint at a zombie and press the melee button.

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