Building the Hangman's Noose in Buried (Easter Egg)

Updated on July 6, 2015

The Maxis Easter Egg is one of two main Easter Eggs in Buried, Resolution 1275. The first step of the Maxis Easter Egg is to build the Hangman's Noose. There are four parts for the Hangman's Noose. Two of these parts can also be used on the Guillotine for the Richtofen Easter Egg.

We will discuss the four parts in this guide. You should build parts before beginning the other steps.

The Parts:

  • An antenna
  • A battery
  • A bulb
  • A spool of wire

The Steps:

  • Pick up a part
  • Add the part using your action button
  • Repeat until all four parts are added

Adding Parts to the Hangman's Noose

In those days they went right from the courthouse to the noose.
In those days they went right from the courthouse to the noose. | Source

The Hangman's Noose is built, but needs parts to operate in the manner that Maxis would like it to. You can find the Hangman's Noose beside the Courthouse. It is on the right-hand side of the door if you are facing the building.

To add a part to the noose, approach the part, and wait for the screen indicator asking you to "add a part." This indicator does not always appear easily; try looking at the base of the device instead of up at the noose. Press your action button to attach the part.

The Antenna

It is hanging from the other side of the barn pole.
It is hanging from the other side of the barn pole. | Source

The antenna is a long metal antenna, of a type that you might expect to be on top of a house 100 years ago. It can be found in a stable on the bottom level of the Barn. It is by the Tunnel entrance and is sometimes hard to see.

The Battery

The battery looks like a car battery with a black housing and a red top. It can be found in the Church. You will need to have the Giant smash through the barricade in order to enter the Church.

The battery is in the back of the Church behind the altar. When entering the Church you will see the altar on the right-hand side of Vulture-Aid. The battery will be mostly hidden by the altar, you will have to walk behind the altar in order to find it.


The Bulb

The bulb looks more like a glass display case or a big snow globe. Once attached, it actually adds multiple bulbs. It can be found above the cell in the Sheriff's Office.

To access this room, jump across from the structure that has the Building Station on the second floor. Instead of going down the hole, walk to the end of the hallway. Turn left and then another immediate left. The bulb will be sitting on top of a box on the right-hand side.


The Wire


The Wire is a black spool of red wire. It can be found in the Gunsmith building sitting on the floor in a corner. If you are coming up the ramp from the Bank, you will see the spool on your right-hand side after you jump up into the Gunsmith building.

What You Need To Know

  • The only purpose of this equipment is to complete the Mined Games Easter Egg. It has no other function.
  • Once you place parts on this equipment it cannot be used for the Guillotine.

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