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How to Build the Shield and Upgrade Weapons in "Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies

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A Level Remade for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies

Mob of the Dead was a zombie map available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The map has been remade for the Black Ops 4 video game. It is now officially called Blood of the Dead. While it will bear some resemblance of the original, the map has better graphics with new gameplay mechanics and level design. Additionally, you'll be using different types of weapons to fight the zombie invested prison. The Blood of the Dead zombie map is designed to look like the famous Alcatraz prison.

Blood of the Dead is larger than the Black Ops 4 IX zombie map. It is also more complex and sophisticated in some regards. The map features a lot of dark, dank corridors. After a few zombie rounds, demon dogs (also called hellhounds) will attack the players. Players will be rewarded with a max ammo after defeating the hellhounds. Players who played the original map will be familiar with the demon dogs that pop out of the prison walls.

The map is mostly comprised of prison cells, outside areas, a catwalk, a rooftop, and other miscellaneous areas associated with prisons like the warden office. It has a horror themed vibe because of its dark corridors, lighting, and prison themed aesthetics.

In order to access all of what Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies has to offer, you must activate the power switches on the level. Focus on saving your points in the beginning. Open up the doors throughout the prison. You can buy a wall weapon or take your chances with the mystery box. The ray gun can be obtained through the mystery box.


How to Upgrade Weapons on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead

Required Steps:

  • Open up all the doors with points.
  • Turn on all of the power switches on the level.
  • Defeat the special "Brutus" zombie to get the key.
  • Find the 3 shield parts that spawn in several locations.
  • Collect zombie souls with the key.
  • Activate the Pack a Punch weapon upgrade machine with the powered up key on the rooftops.
  • Save up 5000 points and upgrade your weapons at the rooftop (location changes).

The only way to upgrade your weapons on Blood of the Dead is by building the zombie shield. There are three parts for the shield: the prison cell door, the Afterlife Essence, and the key. Each of the parts will spawn in several locations. It's random each game, but there are a limited number of locations. You can memorize them.

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The prison cell door will be around the citadel tunnels. It may spawn just outside of the citadel tunnel entrance by a window. If it is not there, then run up the stairs of the citadel tunnels. The prison cell door will either be on the stairs or at the top, laying next to a cage.

After turning on the second power switch, a special zombie will spawn. The zombie is called "Brutus." Defeat Brutus to obtain the key part. The enemy will drop the key part on the ground.

In order to get the Afterlife Essence, you'll need to find the Afterlife boxes that are glowing blue. The Afterlife boxes are normally just red. One of the locations of the boxes is inside the prison cafeteria. The second is near the warden office, right below the Michigan sign. The last location is just outside D-Block, the original spawn room from Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead. Look for a wall that says "Not dead not alive." Behind that wall is one of the Afterlife boxes.

Afterlife Box Glowing

Afterlife Box Glowing

Draining Zombie Souls in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead

Once you have built the shield, you must drain the essence from five zombies with the key. You are basically consuming their souls with the key. Hold down the right trigger to utilize the key. You must aim the key at random zombies to drain their essence from them in order charge the key. Once the key is full with souls, it will glisten blue. The powered up key allows you to unlock different things on the level.

The Pack a Punch machine is on the rooftops. Find the gauge meter on the rooftop and use the powered up key. Hold down the left trigger to aim with the shield, then press the right trigger twice to click the key into the shield and use it.

Afterlife souls will then create the Pack a Punch machine! You can now upgrade your weapons in Blood of the Dead Zombies! Note, the Pack a Punch machine moves to another location after you (or other players) upgrade weapons multiple times. It's not time sensitive. The Pack a Punch will remain on the rooftops if you don't use it often.

Go to the power house room if the Pack a Punch machine relocates. You'll be able to upgrade your weapons there. The power house is the area where the first power switch is.

Upgrading your weapons will significantly increase your chance of surviving to the higher rounds in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead. The number of enemies increases with each round. Additionally, enemies gain more health. Using upgraded weapons will even the odds until death by zombies becomes inevitable.


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