"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": How to Build the Trampo Steam in Die Rise

Updated on February 24, 2020
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."


The Trampo Steam is often called the Trampoline in Die Rise. It is used to travel quickly, guard entrances, and fend off the creatures. This is often the first objective when starting a Public Match. There are four parts for the Trampo Steam, and each part has two possible locations. Each part has a possible location in the room in which you started a game and a second possible location in the next room.

Steps for Building the Trampo Steam

  1. Locate and pick up a part
  2. Attach it to the Building Station
  3. Repeat until all 4 parts are built
  4. Pick up the Trampo Steam


  1. Flag
  2. Motor
  3. Bladder
  4. Screen

First I will describe each possible part location. There is a picture for each location with a green arrow pointing towards the part. Then I will identify the Building Station. Finally, I explain how to build the Trampo Steam.


The Flag for the Trampo Steam

There are two possible locations for the Fag. This part has a skinny pole with an orange flag on top in the shape of a triangle. It can be difficult to see unless you know where to look.

Location 1

The first possible location for the flag can be found in the same room in which you originally start the game. It is leaning against a chair, to the right of the door that leads to a room containing the Quick Revive elevator.

Location 2

If it is not in the first room then you will find it in the room that has the Quick Revive elevator. It is leaning on a railing directly across from Quick Revive.


The Motor for the Trampo Steam

Similar to the Flag, there are two possible locations for the Motor. Both possible locations are on the top floor of the Spawn Building. The part is a small white cylinder-shaped object. It can be difficult to see due to its small size.

Location 1

First, look at the desk in the room that you start the game in. If it is in this room it will be at the center of the desk. This part is relatively easy to spot when it this location.

Location 2

When not in the first spot it can be found in the attached room. To get to the part walk through the door that is between the two dragon statues. When you pass the door stay to the left and then take a right towards the opening that leads to the SVU room.


The Bladder for the Trampo Steam

The Bladder is a larger red object that is easier to spot than the other parts, but can slightly blend in with the background due to its color.

Location 1

Like the other parts, the first possible location is in the same room that the players start the game. It is located on the steps that lead up to the top window.

Location 2

If it is not on the steps then it will be in the next room. Go strait as you pass the doorway and look down to the left. it will be sitting on the ground against the wall.


The Screen for the Trampo Steam

The Screen looks like a wooden frame with a screen attached to it. It is the easiest part to find.

Location 1

The first possible location for this part is in the room that the game starts. It can be found leaning against the wall, to the left of the door.

Location 2

If it is not leaning against this wall then it will be in the next room. When you go through the door go strait and look towards the left. The screen will be leaning against the wall on the left-hand side.


The Building Station

Unlike Alcatraz, there is only one Building Station for the Buildables in Die Rise. The Building Station looks like a workbench with a blueprint hanging behind it. It can be found on the bottom floor of the Spawn Building by the entrance of the Quick Revive elevator.


Building the Trampo Steam

In order to build the Trampo Steam, you must pick up a part and then stand close to the Building Station. An indicator should appear on your screen telling you that you can attach a part. Press the action button to attach the part.

What You Need to Know

  • Each player can hold only one part at a time.
  • The player that has the part must attach it.
  • If you try to pick up a second part you will drop the part you are carrying.
  • You can move parts by continuing to pick them up, take a step, and then pick up the dropped part.


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