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How to Build the Turbine in Buried - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on April 14, 2016
The Turbine is powering the Subsurface Resonator.
The Turbine is powering the Subsurface Resonator. | Source

The Wind Turbine has resurfaced in Buried. It appears that its main purpose is to power the Subsurface Resonator, but there are some uses that are not yet found. The Turbine was last seen in the original Black Ops 2 Zombie map, Tranzit: Green Run. It works as a portable power source that allows players to power traps, open specific doors, and power items without turning on the maps power.

You will need to find and attach three parts in order to use the Turbine. The General Store has all three parts. There are not any designated Building Stations, you can pick any station as long as all three parts are placed at the same station.

The Steps:

1. Stand in the vicinity of the part and press your action button when the onscreen indicator appears.

2. Stand close and face a Building Station. An onscreen indicator should appear, press and hold your action button.

3. Repeat these steps for all 3 parts..

The Parts:

  • The Mannequin
  • The Fan
  • The Tail

The front entrance to the General Store.
The front entrance to the General Store. | Source
The back entrance to the General Store.
The back entrance to the General Store. | Source

The General Store

Buried is the first map to have all the Building Station parts at the same location. The General Store is in the Center of the town. The Bank is attached to the General Store and the Gunsmith is directly behind it. You can enter from a front or back door. The Front Entrance is across from the starting location of the Mystery Box. The back entrance is behind the bank across from the Gunsmith.

The majority of the parts on the map are located in the two floors of the General Store. Two of the parts for the Turbine are on the first floor, while the third is on the second floor.

The bottom floor consists of three areas:

  • The Main Area - the majority of the first floor. This area starts at the front door and ends at the hallway.
  • The Hallway - The area that starts at the back door and stops at the office and Main area..
  • The Office - The sole separate room on the first floor.


The mannequin looks like the type you would see in a clothing store, without a head. It is located in the small office on the first floor. As soon as you open the door it will be standing up in the far right corner.

This area is dark, so the fan is hard to see. I brightened the picture, but it is still barely visible.
This area is dark, so the fan is hard to see. I brightened the picture, but it is still barely visible. | Source

The Fan

The fan is a small round metal fan. I did not notice it the first couple of times I played because it hid well in the shadows. It is on the second floor in a small room. As soon as you get to the top of the steps turn left on the walkway. Take your first right into the small room. It is inside the top of the desk to your right.

The tail is on the third shelf of the small bookcase.
The tail is on the third shelf of the small bookcase. | Source

The Tail

The tail is one of the smaller pieces. It looks like the tail of a model airplane. It can be found on the first floor in the main room. As soon as you enter the front door go to the left, behind the large shelf in the middle of the room. There is a small bookshelf with the tail on the third shelf closest to the front door.

Missing A Part?

If you can't find a part it is likely:

  • Another player has the part.

  • Someone went down while holding the part. This would cause the player to drop the part in the general location in which they went down.

  • A player was holding the part, but then swapped parts. The part they were holding would fall to the ground.

How to find the part:

  1. The easiest way to find a missing part is to ask the other players if they have or had the missing part.
  2. If they say no or do not answer then search the General Store carefully. Since all of the Building Station parts are in the General Store it is the only location that a player could have swapped parts.
  3. Finally, check on the ground where players have gone down. It is always possible that a player had the part and did not realize it.

Note: I have found the parts in the same location eight games in a row and never any other location. I will continue to check the locations, and will edit this article if I every find them in a different location and am sure they were not moved by another player.


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