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How to Complete the Easter Egg in "Black Ops 3" Zombies Chronicles Moon Level

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Unlike the zombie map Ascension, the Moon map is slightly more complex and requires more steps to complete in order to acquire the trophy/achievement award. Moon was originally released on Call of Duty Black Ops in 2011. It has been remastered for the Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Note that you cannot complete the Moon Easter egg on Solo. You must play online with other players. Fortunately, you can complete the Easter egg with a minimum of two players, but one player must be the Richtofen fictional character. Additionally, you need the Wave Gun, Gersch Device, and QED weapons that are randomly found from the mystery box.


Moon Easter Egg Overview

Here is an overview of the steps you need to complete for those who don't want specific details:

  1. Turn on the power on Moon.
  2. Play the computer color game that is below the spawn room on Moon.
  3. Acquire the Hacker Device that is in the laboratory rooms.
  4. Hack the four lit up green rectangular boxes with the Hacker Device and press the four buttons on the wall.
  5. Wait for tunnel 6 to get destroyed by the excavator, then use hacker on the control panel in the spawn room to remove the excavator.
  6. Find the big round ball and follow it through the tunnels until it reaches the room with the big pyramid.
  7. Kill 25 zombies next to the pyramid to absorb their souls.
  8. Go back to the Earth spawn and throw a grenade near the shelves, which are located in a corner to the right of the telepad.
  9. Throw the Gersch Device at the broken panels to make them teleport on the telepad. Teleport to the Moon with the broken panels.
  10. Throw a QED at the panels, which will be near the quick revive perk machine.
  11. Find the S-shaped hose on Moon & bring it to the computer in the Moon spawn room.
  12. Richtofen must use the computer in the Moon Spawn and get the Golden Rod.
  13. Return to the pyramid and kill zombies to fill up the four soul boxes.
  14. Play the computer color game again (more challenging now).
  15. Throw a QED in front of Samantha (where the pyramid used to be).
  16. Throw a Gersch Device at the ball that will be behind the four computers (the "Samantha Says" computer game).

How to Solve the Moon Easter Egg

Before starting a match, all players should equip the "Liquid Immolation" gobblegum, as it will make it easier to acquire the Wave Gun, Gersch Device, and the QED (Quantum Entanglement Device). Also, the "Round Robbin" gobblegum can be useful (but not necessary) because it can end a zombie round instantly. It rewards every player with 1600 points.

The Power Switch

As with any Black Ops 3 Zombie level, you must first turn on the power for Moon. Collect enough points until you can head through either tunnel 6 or 11. It does not matter which direction you head, as both tunnels will take you to the power room where the large pyramid is.

Samantha Says Computer Color Game

Return to the area below the spawn on Moon. Go below the stairs and look for four computers. You (or another player) must complete the computer color game called "Samantha Says." From left to right, the colors are as follows: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. The computers will flash a color. Press the computer(s) that corresponds to that color to complete the games.

Hacker Device

Find the hacking device that is inside one of the laboratory rooms below the stairs where the Deadshot perk machine is. It should be in a corner on one of the tables. You (or whichever player has the hacker) must hack four green lit up rectangular boxes and then activate the four buttons on the wall. Cover the player who is hacking, as they are defenseless when hacking and could be attacked by zombies.


Step-by-Step Moon Easter Egg Guide

Wait for the excavator to damage tunnel 6. It may take a while before this occurs. The Round Robbin gobblegum is useful to use for this step, as it ends the current zombie round. If you don't have one, then keep killing zombies until you see or hear the excavator damage tunnel 6. Once tunnel 6 is depressurized by the excavator, use the hacker on the control panel (flashing green) in the Moon spawn room.

Find the Spherical Ball in Tunnel 6

Search for the large ball in tunnel 6. Knife it and follow it through the tunnels. Eventually, it will lead you outside and get stuck on top of a satellite dish on top of the Moon facility. Shoot the ball off the satellite dish with the Wave Gun. The Wave Gun must be on the assembled mode. Afterwards, the ball will fly towards tunnel 11. Keep following the ball and knife (or shoot) it if it becomes stuck. The ball will become stuck inside the panel in front of the pyramid.

Kill 25 Zombies in Pyramid Room

A zombie will rise out of the floor. You must kill 25 zombies to fill the jar up with souls in the pyramid room. Afterwards, hit the switch nearby. You'll get a 90-second death machine power up, and Samantha will rise out of the pyramid (looking like a ghost).

Return to Earth (ASAP)

A player needs to throw a grenade in the side area where the shelves are near the telepad. A few panels will fall on the floor. Throw a Gersch device to suck the panels up. They will teleport on the telepad. Return to Moon with the panels and then throw a QED device on the panels (they will plug into the computer).

Acquire the S-Shaped Hose

A player (or you) needs to find the S-Shaped Hose. Look in the labs. Check the walls and the corners of every room. Check each floor. It's possible that the hose can spawn outside on top of the Moon near the construction materials. The person that finds it must plug the hose into the computer that's in the Moon Spawn room.


Richtofen must use the computer in the Moon spawn room. He must interact with the computer for several minutes until the "GOLDEN ROD" appears next to the computer. It can be dangerous for the player who is playing as Richtofen. Make sure to keep zombies away from him. If you're the one who is Richtofen, ask other players to kill the zombies that attack you. It might be best to complete this step when there's only one zombie left.

Kill 100 Zombies in the Pyramid Room

There will be four soul boxes around where the pyramid was. Each box needs to be filled with 25 zombie souls, therefore, a total of 100 zombies need to be killed. Make sure you're killing the zombies near the boxes. Otherwise, the boxes will not consume their souls. After all the zombies have been killed, Richtofen needs to place the golden rod inside the panel in front of the pyramid. Every player will now get all the perks!

Samantha Says Computer Game (Again)

You're not quite done yet. A player must return back to the four computers. Play the Samantha Says game again (which is more difficult the second time). After three successful completions of the games, you'll notice that the ball has been knocked aside in front of the panel where the pyramid was.

Throw a QED device at the ball to make it teleport back to the four computer panels back below the spawn. Finally, throw a Gersch device at the ball. The ball will then be transported to the rockets behind you.

Congrats! You have completed the Black Ops 3 Zombies: Moon Easter egg.

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Mark on May 28, 2019:

Sure would enjoy it if its a bit more explanatory like this

Gage on November 26, 2018:

In BO3 you can do the moon easter egg solo though.

elijah on December 31, 2017:

good but exact locations if u can

James on September 06, 2017:

Good guide, although you're wrong about minimal players.

You can complete the EE on solo, as many of us have