How to Complete the Rituals in Shadows of Evil in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3"

Updated on March 31, 2020
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

There are four Rituals that must be completed to open Pack-a-Punch.
There are four Rituals that must be completed to open Pack-a-Punch. | Source

In Shadows of Evil, players must complete four rituals in order to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine and start the Easter Egg. This guide will first give a general overview of the process. Then it will describe how to find each part and open each area. Finally, it will give the steps for completing the rituals.

In This Guide

  • General Overview
  • Finding The Parts
  • Unlocking The Ritual Rooms
  • Completing The Rituals

In multiplayer, each player only gets one Beast Mode per turn.
In multiplayer, each player only gets one Beast Mode per turn. | Source

General Overview

There are a total of four rituals that can be done in any order. Each ritual has three steps, however, you do not need to complete one ritual in order to start another. For example, you can have already collected a part and opened the ritual area, but can still collect a part for another ritual before completing the first.

Some players may choose to collect all the parts and open all the areas before starting the rituals, while others may choose to do one at a time. This often depends on the player's ability to purchase doors and utilize the limited number of Beast Modes per round.

Steps to Complete a Ritual

  1. Collect The Needed Part
  2. Open The Ritual Room
  3. Start The Ritual

The Spirits will appear when parts are picked up.
The Spirits will appear when parts are picked up. | Source

Finding the Parts

Each ritual will need a specific part in order to be activated. However, all four rituals will also need the Summoning Key in order to begin. One Summoning Key is used for all four rituals. The sections below will describe how to find each part and will include a video to demonstrate the process.

  • Every part is housed inside a crate, which must be smashed in order to unlock the part.
  • Each Part will need to be unlocked while in Beast Mode, but can only be picked up in human form.
  • With the exception of the Summoning Key, each part will spawn two spirits when it is picked up.

The Parts

  • Summoning Key
  • Golden Fountain Pen
  • Championship Belt
  • Hair Piece
  • Badge

Summoning Key

The Summoning Key can be found in the starting area. It is in a crate in the back of a truck. The player will need to enter Beast Mode in order to break the crate. This is done by using the melee attack in Beast Mode. There is a blue orb near the truck that can be used to enter Beast Mode.

Golden Fountain Pen

The Golden Fountain Pen is found in the central area, right outside the first door that can be opened from the starting location. This pen is in a crate that is suspended in the air by a crane. In order to break the crate, the player must enter Beast Mode and shoot electricity at an electrical box that is located at the base of the crane.

Championship Belt

The Championship Belt can be found in the Waterfront District, in the area with the Mystery Box spawn location. The belt is inside a crate that is on a ledge that can only be reached by using the grapple function while in Beast Mode. After grappling to the ledge, the crate can be smashed by using the Beast Mode Melee attack. It will fall to the ground below, where it can be safely picked up in human form.

Hair Piece

The Hair Piece is located in the Footlight District. Like the Championship Belt, it can be found inside a crate on a ledge. The ledge can be accessed from the platform that holds one of the three possible locations for Juggernog. There is a ramp on the corner of the platform. While in Beast Mode, run and jump off the ramp and onto the Ledge. Use your melee attack in Beast Mode, and the crate will fall to the ground and break.


The Badge can be found in the Canal District. It is trapped in a grate down in the canal. Unlike the other parts, there is a two-step process in order to unlock this part. Both steps can be completed in the same Beast Mode. The steps can be completed in any order, but must both be done before the part can be picked up.

The player must shoot the electrical box that is also in the canal. It can only be seen in Beast Mode, but is marked with a red symbol that is visible in human form. This electrical box will lift the gate that is blocking the crate. Next, the player must break the crate with the Beast Mode Melee attack.

Unlocking the Ritual Rooms

There are four ritual rooms, which can only be unlocked using Beast Mode. Each room has a creepy looking desk that will hold the parts when it is time to start the rituals. You do not need to already have the part in order to unlock the room.

The sections below will describe how to unlock the rooms and will include a video demonstrating this task. The rooms will be labeled with the part that is needed to start the ritual.

Golden Fountain Pen Ritual Room

The blocked entrance for Golden Fountain Pen Ritual Room can be seen on Easy Street. In order to unlock this area, the player will first need to enter Beast Mode. Then find the eagle head grapple point that is up on a fire escape above the end of Easy Street.

  1. Grapple up to the fire escape.
  2. Follow the stairs and enter the Library.
  3. Go through the Library and out to the walkway.
  4. Follow the walkway back down some stairs, where you will find an electrical box.
  5. Shock the box to lower the stairs.

Championship Belt Ritual Room

The Championship Belt Ritual Room is a Gym that can be found on the far side of the Waterfront District. It is much easier to find an open than the Library.

  1. Open the Gate that is past the Waterfront Rift area.
  2. Instead of taking the stairs to the train, veer off to the left.
  3. There is a blue orb against the back of the gym, near the building station. Use it to enter Beast Mode.
  4. Go around to the front of the gym and smash the doors with your Beast Mode Melee attack.

The Badge Ritual Room

The Badge Ritual Room is located in the Canal District inside a brothel. It can be found in the same area as the building station and the train stairs.

  1. Enter Beast Mode and grapple to the top of the building.
  2. Enter the building and go down to the bottom floor.
  3. Zap the electrical box to lower the stairs.

The Hair Piece Ritual Room

The Hair Piece Ritual Room is located in the Footlight District, inside a casino. Instead of stairs, a gate blocks the entrance into the casino.

  1. Go into Beast Mode outside the Casino.
  2. Grapple to the top of the Casino.
  3. Zap the Electrical Box.

Completing the Rituals

Starting the ritual for each area is similar. While holding the Summoning Key and the correct part, enter the Ritual Room.

  1. Approach the creepy looking desk and press and hold your action button, this will drop the Summoning Key.
  2. Press and hold your action button again, this will drop the specific part.
  3. Wait while the spirits go through their process.

This process takes a specific amount of time for each Ritual Room. During the process, spirits will appear and attempt to attack you. Killing the spirits only causes more to spawn, so it is ideal to run them in a train until this process ends. After it has ended a Gateworm will appear on the desk.

Note: After the second and fourth ritual a Margwa will appear.

Other Useful Information

  • You will receive points after completing each ritual.
  • All four rituals must be complete in to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • The rituals are the first step in the Easter Egg.


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