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How to Get the Tesla Gun in "Call of Duty WW2" Nazi Zombies

Learn how to create the tesla gun in "Call of Duty WW2."

Learn how to create the tesla gun in "Call of Duty WW2."

What Is the Tesla Gun?

The map called "The Final Reich" in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies has a special weapon called the Tesla Gun. It electrifies zombies and can destroy many of them at once. The weapon cannot be bought off the wall with jolt points, and the mystery box doesn't contain it either. Players must follow a series of steps to create the Tesla Gun. Fortunately, every player can use the weapon at once. Many special weapons on previous zombie maps only allow one player to use them.

There are a total of six steps you must complete to get the Tesla Gun in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies. Ideally, the steps should be completed as soon as possible, as the game gets very difficult on higher rounds. Some of the steps involve being in claustrophobic areas where many zombies can surround you. Whenever possible, complete the steps in the earlier rounds on the Final Reich.

This article will outline the steps necessary to create the Tesla Gun. Then it will go into more detail.

Steps to Aquire It

  1. The generator must be fueled in the courtyard by turning the three valves.
  2. The sewers must be cleared of zombies. Then the main generator must be activated.
  3. The power must be rerouted for the command center. One switch is in the morgue, and the other is in the laboratory on the opposite side.
  4. Players must kill zombies under the transfer device in the salt mines area.
  5. Tesla Gun parts must be collected after the transfer device is powered up in both the morgue and the laboratory.
  6. Pick up the Tesla Gun that's located in the commander center on the second floor.

The First Generator (Step 1)

In order to access the bunker where the commander center is (and other areas), you must first power up the generator in the courtyard. Find the three valves and turn them. Simply follow the cables to locate the valves. All of them are nearby.

Don't linger in the spawn area too long. Open the gate as soon as possible. Use the shovel or pistol to get some jolt points. Zombies will attack you when you turn the valves. Therefore, it's best to power up the generator in the early rounds.

Once the three green lights are on the generator, you can gain access to the sewers.

Clearing the Sewers (Step 2)

Turn on the pilot light that's near the generator that you powered. A huge explosion will occur that opens up the sewers below. Before heading down, kill the zombies that are on fire.

Proceed down into the sewers and follow the path that's heading up. You'll see another generator. Turn it on to enable access to the bunker where the command center is.


Reroute the Power for the Command Center (Step 3)

Power must be rerouted for the commander center. There are two doors that can be opened in the commander center using jolt points. One leads to the morgue, and the other leads to the laboratory. The center door that leads to the salt mines will be locked until the power is rerouted. One switch is in the morgue, and the other switch is in the laboratory.

Make sure to turn the crank in the commander center before finding the switches. Rack up some points so that you have enough to open the doors. An M1 Garand can be purchased off the wall if you need a weapon.

Players can separate to each area to activate the switches faster. You have a limited amount of time. Once both switches are on, you will now have access to the salt mines below. The salt mine door must be opened with jolt points.

Transfer Device in the Salt Mines (Step 4)

Head down into the salt mine tunnels. You will find a room with a few machines and a large ancient-looking statue in the back. Turn on the transfer device. You must kill a certain number of zombies within the red circle. Make use of your special abilities to survive down here, as the zombies can easily surround you if you're not careful. Make sure you have sufficient ammo as well. After the area lights up orange, go back upstairs.

Collect the Tesla Gun Parts in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies (Step 5)

This particular step is more difficult than the previous steps. You must activate the button in the commander center. The transfer device on the ceiling will start moving. It will either head right to the laboratory or left to the morgue.

Follow the transfer device. Kill zombies within the red circle below the transfer device. It will stop multiple times. You need to get a Tesla part in both the morgue area and the laboratory. The transfer device will start working in each area after you kill a sufficient amount of enemies. Pick up the Tesla part after the machine does its work.

Assemble the Tesla Gun in the Commander Center (Step 6)

Once you have each part, assemble the Tesla Gun in the commander center. It's at the top of the stairs. Congrats, you now have the special weapon in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies The Final Reich!

Each player will be able to use the special weapon. It can destroy both regular zombies and the more powerful ones.

Because the Tesla Gun does not have much ammo, it's better reserved for shooting large waves of zombies. Otherwise, you will run out of ammo. The weapon shocks and stuns the weaker enemies.

A good area to run in the higher rounds is in the commander center & the courtyard outside. The area offers a lot of space to sprint. Make sure to purchase the perk that allows you to sprint forever. It's inside the sewers.

When there's a large wave of enemies behind you, turn around and shoot the Tesla Gun. It should destroy multiple weaker zombies. The large zombies can sustain more damage, but the Tesla Gun can destroy them with repeated hits.

Good luck!

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