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How to Level up Very Fast on "Black Ops 4" Zombies: Best Strategy Ever

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Leveling up on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies is fun, but it can be time-consuming. You primarily gain experience points (XP) by opening doors, killing zombies or other enemies, and getting headshots or melee kills. As you level up, you'll reach a higher rank. Higher ranks unlock perks, weapons, and equipment. Using a weapon you've unlocked allows you to acquire camouflage, sights, and attachments. Once you reach the highest rank, you have the option to prestige on Black Ops 4 zombies. Prestige will reset your rank, but you'll have the option of permanently unlocking a perk, weapon, or something else at a early level.

The amount of XP you earn is the same across all the difficulties. If you're simply looking to level up fast, play on the lowest difficulty. It's possible that Treyarch could change the XP system in an update, though.

I discovered an extremely effective way for leveling up fast on Black Ops 4 zombies. There are several ways to level up fast, but the method I employed involved bots. However, the strategy should work if you play with one real player and two bots as well.

For those unaware, bots are characters with artificial intelligence that take place of real players. Before starting a match on Black Ops 4 zombies, you have the option of adding 1–3 bot players. Bots will shoot at zombies, buy weapons, and do everything a real player will do except communicate with you obviously. Surprisingly, they are extremely adept at killing zombies. Unfortunately, you cannot give them orders. They might open doors that you don't want open. Or they could kill the last remaining enemy in a round. Bots are not good to use if you want to complete an Easter egg.

The Sally Port Camping Spot

The Sally Port Camping Spot

What Gives High XP on Black Ops 4 Zombies?

  • Leveling up weapons
  • Melee kills with a knife or similar weapon
  • Destroying Hellhound enemies
  • Getting headshots on zombies
  • Opening up doors and barricades with points
  • Completing (secret) Dark Ops Challenges

Blood of the Dead: Sally Port Farming XP

There are numerous high round strategies on the Blood of the Dead level. The strategy that worked extremely well for me involved camping inside the Sally Port area with three bot players. I managed to reach round 50 on easy difficulty, but I quit on purpose because the game went on too long. It was ridiculously easy to reach a high round and level up fast. I actually stopped shooting zombies and the bot players protected me because they're monumentally overpowered. The bots are highly accurate and apparently do more damage. They'll follow you and revive you.

Before starting Blood of the Dead, make sure to equip the Deadshot Dealer because you'll get more headshots that give more XP. The Bandit Bandoleer and Mule Kick perk are very good to use, but not absolutely necessary. Stone Cold Stronghold will help tremendously because the strategy involves defending one area without moving much. Additionally, make sure to have the difficulty on easy because you'll still level up fast and get XP.

Camping in the Sally Port area is very effective when you stand in the corner beside the "Vapr-XKG" assault rifle. The Sally Port is right before you enter the Warden's Office. You'll be able to shoot zombies that attack from both directions without worrying about getting attacked from behind!

With Pack-a-Punched weapons, Stone Cold Stronghold, and Deadshot Dealer; you're unstoppable when defending the Sally Port. Zombies will attack from the Warden's Office and the prison itself. The bots will defend you while you acquire a massive amount of XP for your rank and weapons!

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While the bots are accurate, you should help them destroy the mini-boss zombies. Sometimes multiple Warden enemies will attack, making it a bit more chaotic. Additionally, there will be a ton of Hellhound enemies that attack during the special rounds. The bots seem to be better at killing zombies than Hellhounds. Fortunately, you'll get a max ammo after each special round.

Make sure you're getting as many headshots as possible to maximize XP. Use the knife when an instant kill power-up is activated. Don't wander off too far from the Sally Port area, as the bots will not be able to protect you as well if you leave the room. You can activate the trap, but it should not be necessary.

You can survive in the Sally Port for a very long time, at least on the easy difficulty with 2-3 bot players. It should work well on classic difficulty as well, but you won't get more XP on higher difficulties unless Treyarch updates the game.

Quite frankly, I am amazed how well the Sally Port strategy worked on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies. While Voyage of Despair is an interesting level, it does not does seem to be as good for leveling up quickly compared to Blood of the Dead. Voyage of Despair has too many dangerous spawning areas for zombies that make it astronomically difficult to stay in one area for too long.


Level Up Fast on Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alternative Strategies

If you dislike having bots, you can actually camp inside the China Alley area on solo Blood of the Dead. But you must not open the gate in the China Alley tunnel because zombies will be able to attack from behind. Additionally, you'll need Pack-a-Punched weapons and the appropriate perks to survive in the China Alley. Deadshot Dealer and Stone Cold Stronghold are fundamental perks. The biggest problem about the China Alley on solo is reload time. It's easy to get overrun inside the tunnel if you're not shooting very consistently. You'll want to have Monkey Bombs and the minigun weapon as a backup. The strategy will not even work with bots because they automatically open up the doors.


Another decent area to level up on Black Ops 4 fast is the rooftops. You can run loops around the enemies if you're comfortable enough. It's not the best spot because there are some obstacles in the way on the roof, but it could potentially work. There is no place to purchase ammunition on the rooftops. The Pack-a-Punch will be there after you build it (until it teleports to another location).

Warden's House (top of stairs)

Some players have had success defending the top of the stairs in the Warden's House. Zombies will come through one window, but all the remaining ones will run up the stairs. The strategy will only work properly when playing with bots. Defending the stairs by yourself will be next to impossible in the higher rounds.

Switching Weapons

To maximize the amount of XP you receive in Black Ops 4 zombies, make sure to use the mystery box to obtain different weapons. The Sally Port has a wall weapon that can be used as a backup if you're camping in that location. The upgraded ammo for Vap-XKG is expensive, but you'll rack up a ton of points to afford it. I made over 200,000 points in my game effortlessly.

Although you can obtain all the weapons from the mystery box, you can't upgrade them until you're a higher rank. In my opinion, it's kind of stupid that you cannot level up all weapons at lower ranks. Make sure you're using weapons that can receive XP, otherwise, you won't level up as fast.

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