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How to Level up Fast in "Black Ops Cold War Zombies"

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Players must level up in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies if they want to access all the weapon loadouts and items that can be created at a Crafting Table like the Chopper Gunner. Your rank in Zombies is not separate from the multiplayer like it was in older Black Ops games. Die Maschine is not a monumental level, however, it contains many outdoor sections that provide you with a lot of space to run from zombies.

Leveling up fast is better in solo because you'll accumulate all the points and experience points. Solo mode can be challenging since other players are not there to cover your back, but it's not too bad once you're familiar with the Die Maschine map.

Best Weapons for Points

  • Combat Knife
  • Ray Gun
  • Gallo SA-12
  • D.I.E. Shockwave

Ranking up Fast in Cold War Zombies

The Combat Knife is surprisingly good for leveling up in Black Ops Cold War Zombies because it can instantly kill an enemy (except Megaton) until at least round 10. You get more points for melee kills. With a Double Points power-up, you'll accumulate even more!

Save all your points for the Gallo SA-12 and for all the barricades on Die Maschine. The Gallo SA-12 is an extremely powerful shotgun that is located at the Crash Site. Don't bother wasting points on weaker guns. Make points with the Combat Knife and the Gallo SA-12 until you can turn on the power and build the Pack-A-Punch.

To make the Gallo SA-12 more powerful, upgrade it three times at the Pack-A-Punch. The final upgrade costs 30,000 points. Once you have enough salvage, use the Arsenal (armor dummy) in the Particle Accelerator room to make it a legendary tier 5 shotgun! The shotgun will help you level up very fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The gun is still effective after round 40.


Finding a Ray Gun

It's possible to acquire a free Ray Gun while in the Dark Aether. Shoot or melee the purple crystals. They'll usually give salvage or other resources, but sometimes a Ray Gun will appear. The second way of getting a Ray Gun is by completing the Coffin Dance Easter Egg. The crate sometimes drops epic or legendary rares. It will always give you a free Jugger-nog, though.

Obtaining a Ray Gun out of the Mystery Box is a matter of luck. Since it's considered an ultra-rare, it may take a while before it appears. Each Mystery Box use costs 950 points unless a Fire Sale power-up is utilized.

The Ray Gun makes it extremely easy to level up fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The gun can annihilate an entire horde of enemies in a matter of seconds! It also has a high rate of fire and quick reload. And if you run out of ammo, just find an ammo crate on Die Maschine.


Level up Fast in the Yard

The Yard is the spawn area. It's an excellent area to survive to a high round and level up fast. Once you have a Pack-A-Punched Ray Gun and a Gallo SA-12 shotgun, surviving against the hordes of zombies becomes significantly easier. The D.I.E. Shockwave can destroy a large group of enemies, but getting ammo for it becomes an issue after round 30, as the energy-sucking feature is weaker.

At the start of each round on Die Maschine, run around until you have a large number of zombies following from behind. Players often call this a "zombie train." Once most of the enemies have spawned and you're a safe distance, unload on them with your weapons, then continue to run around until more spawn. Make sure that you have all perks and upgraded armor. Don't stand anywhere for too long, as you will get overrun or stuck.

Fortunately, the Crafting Table is in the Yard and an ammo crate is just inside the Nacht der Untoten bunker. Using the Crafting Table can be difficult in Black Ops Cold War when all the enemies are attacking you, so either use it between rounds or activate Aether Shroud. If you upgrade Aether Shroud with Aetherium Crystals, it prevents zombies from attacking you for 8 seconds.


If you're a high enough level, craft the Chopper Gunner scorestreak. The Chopper Gunner is indispensable when you're in a predicament. The Megaton can be defeated easily if you're using it. The Mystery Box may randomly give you a Chopper Gunner, but it's ultra-rare.

Create some Stim Shots and Cymbal Monkeys as well. Cymbal Monkeys are useful when you need to repurchase a perk or armor, revive a downed player, or create a distraction. Once thrown, the Cymbal Monkey will attract all the zombies for a short period before exploding.

In very high rounds, more zombies will be sprinting. To avoid them, sprint more often and use the Stamin-Up perk. Throw a Tomahawk at them when they catch you off guard.

Evert so often, an enemy will drop a Self-Revive. Make sure to pick it up from the ground. It's a purple pack.

The Yard is one of the best areas to level up fast in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Just make sure you manage your resources efficiently and create space between you and the enemies. Having the Ray Gun is ideal and the armor is essential. Exfil from the Die Maschine map to obtain maximum XP.