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How to Make the Lightning Staff on Origins in "Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles"

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Black Ops III Origins Staffs

Origins is a zombie level available for the Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles DLC. Originally, Origins was released on Black Ops II as the final map for the game. The map has been remastered, and players can now use gobblegums. For the most part, the level is the same as its previous incarnation.

Four powerful staffs can be created on Origins. There is a lightning staff, a fire staff, a wind staff, and an ice staff. All are quite powerful and can be upgraded by following certain steps (pack-a-punch won't upgrade them). This article will explain how to build and acquire the lightning staff. It's also called the purple staff because that's the color it is in the menu.

How to Build the Purple Lightning Staff

Here is a summary of what you'll need to do to build the lightning staff:

  • You must ride the tank on Origins to get the three parts for the lightning staff.
  • You need the gramophone item so you can teleport.
  • You need the purple record, which spawns in three random locations.
  • Pick up the gemstone in the large mysterious room that you teleport to via the lightning tunnel.
  • Return to the excavation site to receive the lightning staff.

Black Ops III Origins Tips and Tricks

In order to make it easier to acquire the lightning staff, ensure that you do it in the earlier rounds when there are fewer zombies attacking. Save one or two zombies at the end of the round to make it easier to complete the steps required to get the staff. Don't shoot them to delay the round.

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Additionally, the "shopping free" gobblegum is good to use because it enables you to open up all the doors for free. It's best to use this in the first few rounds. It's possible to open up nearly every door using the shopping free gobblegum on Origins if you sprint. Other gobblegums that may prove useful are "wallpower" or "crate power."

Remember to turn on all the power generators so you can access the pack-a-punch upgrade machine and purchase the perks on Origins.

Riding the Tank

The tank is located in the church area. You must ride the tank so you have access to the three lightning purple staff parts. You must jump off the tank to grab the parts.

  1. The first part is located past generator station 4 on the right-hand side. You'll see a staircase with a standing platform. Jump off the tank onto the platform and follow the path. There will be a floating purple part nearby.
  2. The second part is past generator station number 2 on the left-hand side of the tank. It's in the excavation area in the center of the level. You'll see a platform. Jump on it, follow the path, and pick up the purple part in the small cave area.
  3. The last part is located at the church. It's on the right side of the tank. Jump off the tank onto the path that takes you inside the church that contains the final purple part for the lightning staff.

Black Ops III Origins Purple Record

The purple record is required to build the lightning staff on Black Ops III Origins. Although it's only one item, there are three random spawn locations. The first is in the wind tunnel that is in the generator 4 area where the juggernog perk is located. The record may be at the bottom of the entrance to the wind tunnel. The next location the record may be is on a wagon by the mud. It's right before you reach the fourth generator where juggernog is. The last possible spawn location for the purple record is on the table at the fourth generator. It's between the juggernog perk machine and the random perk machine.

Once you have the three parts and the purple record, you'll need to use the gramophone in the lightning cave. The lightning cave is beside generator 5. Go into the cave and place the gramophone on the table. A portal will open up in the tunnel. Once you're inside the mysterious room, locate the glowing purple. A gem will appear. Take it and return to the excavation site in the center of the map.

Go down the spiral staircases. At the very bottom, you'll see the holders for all the staffs. Locate the purple holder and take the lightning staff. Congrats, you have built one of the four powerful staffs on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Origins. Zombies can be destroyed easily with this staff and even easier if you upgrade it. Also, the robots can be destroyed with the lightning staff in few shots usually. It's a great zombie-slaying weapon! Hopefully, it will help you survive to longer rounds on the Black Ops III Origins map.

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