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How to Make the Wind Staff in "Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles": Origins Remastered

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The Wind Staff

Surviving against the zombie hordes continues to get more challenging in the higher rounds in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles. Origins is a very challenging map compared to the Black Ops 1 levels. Building the wind staff will make it easier to survive and kill the zombies. Additionally, you need the staff to complete the easter egg. The wind staff is just one of the elemental staffs that can be created on Origins. There are a total of four elemental staffs.

How to Make the Wind Staff

  • Acquire the yellow Wind Record.
  • Find all three staff parts that are located in the feet of the giant robots.
  • Get the Black Disc & Gramophone.
  • Pick up Elemental Crystal by teleporting to the secret room.
  • Create the Wind Staff below the spiral stairs by using the parts.

Wind Record

You'll need the wind record if you want to build the wind staff. The wind record is yellow and spawns in three locations randomly. The spawn locations will be in the generator 5 area where the lightning cave is.

One of the possible spawn locations is in the lightning cave itself on the table. The second spot is outside the lightning cave, by the three crates (or boxes). The wind record might be sitting on top of one of the crates. The last location for the wind record is right beside generator 5.

Check the ledge next to the stamina up perk to see if the wind record is there.

Staff Parts for Wind Staff

Acquiring the parts for the wind staff can be a bit dangerous & tricky compared to the other elemental staffs. You need to go to the areas of the map on Origins where the giant robots step. One of the feet of each of the three giant robots will be glowing yellow. You have to shoot the glowing foot before it steps on you. It's dangerous, though, because if you're under the wrong foot or miss, then the robot will crush you, making your character go down (you will need to be revived.)

After you shoot a glowing robot foot, you'll be inside the robot and can pick up a wind staff part. You must go inside the foot of each giant robot to get all the wind staff parts.

It's best if you find all the wind staff parts before round 10 before the game gets too difficult. Having a bunch of zombies around, particularly in the higher rounds can make it difficult to complete this step. Sometimes it's optimal to avoid shooting the last 1-2 zombies to delay the rounds so you don't get attacked while trying to acquire all the wind staff parts.


Black Disc and Gramophone

The spiral stairs underneath the excavation site in the center of the map needs to be opened with the black disc and gramophone. You need to open the spiral stairs because that's where you'll place the parts to create the wind staff.

The black disc can be found at the entrance to the excavation site nearby the MP40 weapon. It can also be found behind the excavation site on a ledge by some crates (before the path to the church). The last possible spawn location for the black disc is on top of the excavation site inside a wheel barrel.

The gramophone is underground at the excavation site. It should be near a wall. Place the gramophone on the table with the black record to open up the spiral stairs (the area below is where all the elemental staffs are created).

Elemental Crystal for Wind Staff

Once you have all the parts, the gramophone, and the record; you'll need to head to the wind staff tunnel. The wind staff tunnel is located in the generator area where the juggernog perk is. It's one of the areas where the giant robots walkthrough.

Head down into the depths of the tunnel and place the gramophone on the table. A teleporter will open up in front of you. Go through it and you'll be transported to a large mysterious room. Head to the pedestal that has the yellow crystal that you need for the wind staff. Pick up the crystal.

Lastly, return to the excavation site and head down the spiral stairs where the four elemental staffs can be created. Place all the parts in the wind staff one. Congrats! You have now created a powerful zombie-killing weapon! It can kill zombies much faster than any other weapon. The staff can also be upgraded.