How to Open Pack-a-Punch in Shadows of Evil - COD: BO3

Updated on April 29, 2017
The spirit will appear after finishing the sequence.
The spirit will appear after finishing the sequence. | Source

The Pack-a-Punch Machine allows the player to upgrade weapons to super weapons with special abilities, more attachments, and more ammo. This machine can be unlocked in Shadows of Evil by following a series of steps.

The Steps:

  1. Complete the Rituals
  2. Place the Gateworms
  3. Activate the Sequence

Each desk will have a Gateworm after completing the Rituals.
Each desk will have a Gateworm after completing the Rituals. | Source

Complete the Rituals

There are four rituals, one for each character in Shadows of Evil. The quick versions, the player must find five parts, open four rooms, and complete four rituals. There was too much information to include in this article, so see my article on Completing The Four Rituals for detailed information.

Place the Gateworms

After completing each ritual, a Gateworm will appear on the ritual table. Each player can only hold one gateworm at a time. Once all four rituals are complete, the symbols on the wall in the Subway Station (the room the rifts take you to).


  1. Approach the wall in the Subway Station, it will break away and reveal another room.
  2. Find one of the four bird baths and place your Gateworm in it by pressing your action key.
  3. Collect another Gateworm and repeat until all four have been placed.

Two of the bird baths are unreachable when you first open the Subway Station door. However, placing both the first and second Gateworm will cause a wall to appear on the right and left side of the room. This wall resembles a carpet and can be ran across similar to running across the walls in the multiplayer version of Black Ops 3.

Each Gateworm will also cause a beam of light to shine on the soon to be active Pack-a-Punch machine. After all four are placed the desk will become active.

Activate the Sequence

You can activate the final sequence of events by placing the Apothicon Rift Stone on the desk in the room that you just placed the Gateworms. When first entering the room the desk is centered in front of you.

After placing the stone, a song will start and spirits will begin spawning in. You must survive them in order to finish the sequence. The music will stop and a ghost looking spirit will appear in the middle of the room after completing this. Shortly after the spirit talks, a Margwa will appear.

The Steps:

  1. Approach the Desk
  2. Survive the Spirits
  3. Kill the Margwa

I don't know why we place the worms in the birdbaths, but it seems to work.
I don't know why we place the worms in the birdbaths, but it seems to work. | Source

Other Useful Information

  • These steps are much easier with a Zombie Shield on your back and Juggernog.
  • Many zombie maps made the players work to open Pack-a-Punch, for instance, in the Mob of the Dead we had to Build a Plane.


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