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How to Play "Call of Duty WW2": The Final Reich Zombies & Turn on Power

Survive the zombies of "Call of Duty" by following the tips below!

Survive the zombies of "Call of Duty" by following the tips below!

Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich Nazi Zombies

Since Call of Duty World at War (2008), Zombies has a been a very popular game mode. Almost every Call of Duty since then has implemented some type of Zombie mode. The new video game has a new map called The Final Reich. The gameplay is similar to the Black Ops series, but some features have either been added or removed. The game allows you to play different characters that are based on real-life people. Ving Rhames, who was in the popular zombie film Dawn of the Dead, is one of the characters that you can play. He voices his own character model.

Changes to Nazi Zombies

The main objective of Nazi Zombies is still to survive as many rounds as possible. You can purchase weapons, armor, and perks and use power-ups to aid your chances of surviving. However, the feature to barricade in Call of Duty WW2 has been removed. In previous games, players could repair windows and other objects to prevent the zombies from attacking you.

Jolt Points

Damaging and killing zombies gives the player jolt points. Jolt points can be used for many things like opening doors, buying weapons, using the mystery box, upgrading, etc. Headshots and melee kills give the player more points. A new feature that has been implemented is the ability to drop points on the ground. Dropping jolt points allows you to give other players points. They simply need to move over the icon on the ground to pick them up. The ability is indispensable because another player may need more points to buy a weapon or perk etc.

Opening Doors

It is necessary to open doors in Call of Duty WW2 zombies to access other areas of the map. Not opening a door will prevent zombies from attacking from that location, but you will not be able to access other areas. Doors require jolt points and do not need to be opened in a particular order. The Final Reich has quite a lot of areas. Spend your points wisely. Additionally, it's ideal if different players open doors each time, so nobody wastes all their points.


Just like previous zombie levels in Call of Duty, players can purchase perks that help them survive. There are a total of six perks on Final Reich. There's a self-revive that lets you revive yourself if you go down. A perk that allows you to sprint forever without getting tired. A melee damage modifier. A faster reload perk. An increased gun damage modifier. And lastly, a perk that deals shock damage to the zombies nearby when you reload your weapons.

Can you survive a war against Nazi zombies?

Can you survive a war against Nazi zombies?

Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies


The Black Ops games had something called "juggernog." It allowed the player to take more hits from zombies before going down. There is no perk in the new zombies that allows players to take more damage. However, armor can be purchased, which serves a similar purpose. There are multiple armor vendors throughout the Final Reich level. It costs 500 points the first time, but it will cost more each time you buy it again (up to 10,000 jolt points).

Players may be confused about how the armor works in Nazi Zombies. There are three armor symbols at the bottom left of the screen by your character's face. When your character loses all health, one armor will be taken away. Once you lose all three armor, you'll need to buy more again. Basically, you lose armor when all your health is gone. Sustaining damage when you have no health or armor will make you go down (requiring a revive from yourself or another player).


Sometimes zombies will randomly drop power-ups on the ground after they die. It could be a max ammo or bomb that destroys all the enemies. Be on the lookout for the power-up drops because they can help you reach higher rounds. Sometimes, however, it may be too dangerous to get them if large groups of enemies are surrounding them.

The Mystery Box

The mystery box makes a return in this version of Nazi Zombies. It's a box that will give you a random weapon. They spawn in a few locations on the map and will move to another area after players use them frequently. The mystery box costs jolt points to utilize. In some cases, it's cheaper to purchase a weapon out of the mystery box instead of purchasing a weapon off the wall. Unfortunately, it's risky, as the results are random.

Here is how to turn on the power (a critical step) in The Final Reich.

Here is how to turn on the power (a critical step) in The Final Reich.

How to Turn on the Power in Nazi Zombies: The Final Reich

Turning on the power is fundamental in nearly every zombie level. In The Final Reich, it's not quite as simple as turning on a switch. You must turn on three valves in the courtyard area to power up a generator.

When you first spawn, make enough points to open the door that leads to the courtyard area. Use the shovel to save ammo and make more points. Don't linger too long in the first area because it will get too difficult. Locate the generator in the courtyard that is next to a building. You'll see cables that lead to one of the three valves. Follow the cables and turn each valve.

One of the valves is adjacent to the generator. Make sure a zombie is not attacking you when you're turning a valve. If possible, have another player cover you. All three green lights will be activated on the generator once all the valves are turned.

Light the pilot light after the generator is powered up. The pilot light will cause a massive explosion that allows you to access the sewers below. Be cautious because zombies will attack from the sewers. They will be on fire.

Jump down into the sewers and follow the path until you see another generator. Activate the switch. Now, you have access to the bunker commander center and other areas of the map. Additionally, you'll be able to use perks and armor.

Good luck on Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies!

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