How to Play as Jager in "Rainbow Six Siege"

Updated on October 14, 2019
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Jager – "Rainbow Six Siege"
Jager – "Rainbow Six Siege"

Jager Overview

Marius Streicher a.k.a. Jager, is a defending operator for the GSG9 who plays a big role on defense. Jager was raised and trained to be a mechanic for the Bundespolizei, a German aviation group. During his time with the group he began developing defensive weapon systems, of which one prototype stood out, the Active Defense System (ADS). The ADS is a defensive system that detonates grenades and other explosives in air, protecting individuals in its proximity. This system is a direct counter to many of the attacking operators' weapons and gadgets (like Fuze for example). Along with his gadget and training, Jager is equipped with a high-end defensive weapon that is designed to shred the enemy team upon their entry (or even before they enter depending on how risky you are).

Jager has the highest pick-rate over any other defensive operator by over 5%, that is a lot!

Jager's Loadout
Jager's Loadout

Jager's Loadout

Jager is a three speed, one armor who is equipped with the extremely powerful 416-C Carbine as his primary weapon. This rifle is one of the most accurate and powerful weapons among all of the defending operators. The 416-C's great range and power competes directly with the attacking operators' assault rifles. Jager also has the option to choose the M870 as his primary however, choosing the shotgun over the 416-C is not recommended. Jager's primary gadget is the Active Defense System (ADS) of which you start with three. Along with the 416-C, Jager is equipped with the P12 handgun and your choice between a deployable shield or barbed wire as the secondary gadget.

Jager Chillin'
Jager Chillin'

Your Role as Jager

As Jager, at the start of the round, you must identify the points of the objective that are vulnerable to grenades and other explosive devices and place your ADS in those locations. The ADSs can be destroyed by bullets, so it is important that you place them in places that are tucked away and not easily reached in a gunfight. Once you have helped your team set-up their defensive positioning, your role through the attacking round is to roam and play the flank.

Because Jager is so fast, he can maneuver the map quicker than most of the other operators on attack and defense. It is important to identify where the attacking team will be entering the building so you can meet them and either cut them off or slow them down. Your goal is to slow and disorient the enemy's push. Think about it, if they know you are roaming, they have to check for you at every corner and watch every flank which takes a lot of time! This can also give your teammates an opportunity to kill an enemy who is hunting for you and vulnerable to the objective! As the round progresses you want to slowly make your way back to the objective so you can defend against the attacking team's final push. When playing and roaming with Jager you have to be mindful of who the attacking operators are. If the enemy team has a Jackel, you must develop a plan of action if he were to scan your footsteps. If the attacking team does have a Jackel, it is also wise to play more conservative and make less movements which will reduce the amount of possible footsteps for Jackel to track.

Without Jager, the defending team is exposed to a large majority of the attacking team's operator gadgets and weapons. Keep this in mind on both attack and defense, it could be used as an advantage.

Should You Play as Jager?

When deciding if you should start playing as Jager more, it is important that you understand what playing style you are best at. If you are playing as Jager, be prepared for fast-paced game-play and frequent gunfights. Your objective is to pick off the straggling attackers and try to catch the others off guard. The overall goal is to slow down the enemy's push making it tough for them to get to the objective. In order to be successful at this, your aim must be flawless and you must be stealthy, as well as, tricky so you are not predictable to the enemy team.

Jager Introduction

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