How to Approach the Train Without Being Detected in the Call of Duty: WWII Campaign

Updated on November 28, 2017
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Call of Duty: WWII is the latest in Activision's highly successful first-person shooting Call of Duty series. As well as providing an intense online multiplayer experience, the game also includes an exciting campaign where you, Private Daniels, survive D-Day, carry out missions, and of course, shoot Nazis.

As well as a standard "kill everyone in sight" style game, the campaign also includes spy missions, driving cars and tanks, and stealth to survive and succeed.


One of the missions involves you having to capture and take down the panzerzug, an enormous military train carrying explosives that is planned to attack Paris. This level is unique because you and a small team have to sneak your way across enemy territory to try and reach the train before you're spotted and the panzerzug can escape.

Here's how to sneak by without being detected for as long as is possible in the game.

First Stage

First of all, make sure your character, Daniels, is crouched by pressing O (for Playstation 4) or C (for PC). Approach the sniper, the first man you can see, and press R3 (for Playstation 4) or Q or V (for PC) to melee attack; in this case, because you're undetected and behind him, Daniels will stealthily kill the sniper with a knife.

Immediately after that, head slightly to the right where there's a gap in the bushes. A truck will pull up almost right after you kill the sniper. When the truck stops, kill the driver with your silenced weapon. Do not miss. Because it's an unmoving target, you shouldn't have any problems hitting him.

Others from your team will immediately take care of the guards talking to the driver, so there's no need to worry about them.


After that, you'll be ordered to follow Crawley to the house. Continue crouching as you sneak over. Either jump through the window after Crawley or go through the door, it doesn't matter which.

After that, stay in the shadows on the left. An enemy will appear and stand with his back facing you. After Crawley says "Shh!" sneak and stealth kill the guard.

There are two more guards standing outside, and you can shoot them if you wish but you'll have to be really quick so that killing the first one doesn't alert the second you can also just ignore them and turn left to the next room, where you'll spot Vivienne taking care of another guard.

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Vivienne will whisper, "The sniper's all yours, Daniels." Head over to him (crouching) and take him out. Then head to the right where you'll see a ledge to drop down.

This part is a little trickier. Stay to the left and follow the path. A soldier will be standing there; be very careful to stealth kill him when no one else is looking in your direction, otherwise you'll be spotted. After he's down, wait on the left side of the truck until all but one soldiers have moved away from the makeshift fire.

The soldiers won't see you as you scurry across and kill the soldier standing alone. After that, quickly crawl under the hole you can see on the wall at your left.

There are several ways you can do the next part. You can let the soldiers half-spot you (indicated by the white symbol becoming half full) and letting them come and investigate so you can sneak behind them and stealth kill them. Another way is to shoot them, but you have to make sure that they don't spot you and you kill them with the first shot.

You can also get away with only killing the soldier who's standing in the doorway and crawling very slowly to the window inside. After you've entered the house, Vivienne will appear killing another guard, and the party will be spotted.

This isn't the only way to complete this mission, however; see the below video for alternative routes you can take.

The Battle

It isn't possible to stay hidden after that, and the battle will begin. Dispose of any soldiers you missed earlier and then join the battle at the front of the last house. Dogs will come and attack you so dispose of them quickly with a melee attack or a few point-blank shots.

As always, beware of enemy grenades. An advantage of this battle means that the soldiers don't have any snipers left, but there are a lot of guards here so be careful. An ally will get hit; drag him behind the wall to the left immediately to save him.

When there are only a few soldiers left in the area, dash over to the house. There are some soldiers inside waiting for you (one behind the desk on the left, another behind some makeshift defence blocks straight ahead) so take them out. A grenade works well. Then go through the door and jump in the car, where you'll follow the path to complete the mission.

Reasons to Stay Hidden as Long as Possible

Since you inevitably get spotted, some players may ask what's the point in being stealthy. Here are some advantages to staying hidden until the end.

  • You can save on ammo
  • You can save on health and med kits
  • Your enemies have less time to prepare for your advance
  • Staying undetected gives you insight into what you can get away with (without being seen) for future missions

Although this mission can be frustrating, it's a lot of fun and if you enjoy stealth games, it's an exciting add-on to the usual shoot-and-kill themes in the game. Good luck, and stop that panzerzug before it reaches Paris!

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      Poppy 7 weeks ago from Tokyo, Japan

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      Very helpful tips, this is certainly one of those missions which are frustrating but very thrilling.