How to Unlock All Secret Characters in Call of Duty WW2: Nazi Zombies

Updated on November 16, 2017

6 Secret Characters in Call of Duty WW2: Nazi Zombies

Before starting a Nazi Zombie match in Call of Duty WW2, players can choose a character to play as. The 4 characters are real life actors or actresses. Below the list of characters are a bunch of question marks. The question marks are actually secret characters that players can unlock. There are currently 6 secret characters in total. They can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges. Many of the challenges are extremely difficult and time consuming, but some of them are more feasible.

In the future, more characters may be available when Call of Duty WW2 releases new map packs. The Black Ops series always released one zombie map with every DLC.

How to Unlock All Secret Playable Characters in Call of Duty WW2

B.A.T AGENT (Easiest to unlock)

  • Defeat 1 treasure zombie in Final Reich.
  • Defeat the boss called the Panzermorder one time.
  • Survive a total of 25 rounds in Final Reich
  • Unlock the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade station one time.
  • Create the special weapon called the Tesla Gun by on round 6 or before.

Many of the characters are hard to unlock, but the B.A.T AGENT is probably the easiest, as you're allowed to use perks, special abilities, and upgraded weapons. Also, there's no time limit.

The treasure zombie will spawn randomly on the later rounds. It drops jolt points. Instead of following and picking up all the points, kill it before it explodes. The boss called the Panzermorder will spawn after you complete the casual Easter egg. Follow the objectives in the Final Reich map and you'll get a chance to battle the boss. Unlock the Pack-A-Punch by going down the 3 disposal tube holes in Final Reich. Make sure to press the buttons in the sewers where the weapon upgrade station is.

The hardest part about unlocking the B.A.T Agent is assembling the Tesla Gun on or before round 6. However, it's much easier if you're in a full game of 4 players, as you'll have more points to spend to open up doors. Avoid buying what you don't need and conserve your points. Make more points by using the shovel and using double points if a zombie drops one. Give points to another player if they need it to open a door. By following all those tips, you'll have little trouble making the Tesla Gun on round 6 or earlier.

Mountaineer (Difficult to Unlock)

  • Survive 20 rounds without opening a single door on Final Reich.
  • Survive 20 rounds without getting injured and going down on Final Reich.
  • Survive 25 rounds on the Prologue zombie level.
  • Survive 25 rounds on the Prologue without going down once.
  • Don't open the secret room on the Prologue and survive at least 25 rounds.

The mountaineer will prove difficult to unlock for the majority of players in Call of Duty WW2. You have to survive in the spawn room without perks and strong weapons. It's best to wait until you're a higher rank so you can start with a rifle at the very start of a match. Play with 4 players because it will be next to impossible to survive 20 rounds on solo in Final Reich. Do the same thing for the Prologue level.

Survivalist (moderately difficult)

  • Survive 30 rounds without going down in Final Reich.
  • Survive 30 rounds without using Bitz (perks) in Final Reich.
  • Don't turn on the power on in Final Reich and survive 30 rounds.
  • Use only starting weapons in Final Reich and survive 30 rounds.
  • Only use the mystery box twice (or none) and survive 30 rounds in Final Reich.

Completing the challenges required to unlock the Survivalist in Call of Duty WW2 will be challenging, but not overly difficult. You can complete the challenges separately or all in one game. The best way to survive 30 rounds with just starting weapons is to spawn with the Luftwaffe or higher ranking weapons. You'll need to rank up. Eventually, upgrade your starting weapons. Use traps throughout the map, as you're not allowed to use other weapons. The well trap in the courtyard is very useful because it makes all the zombies explode nearby (saving you ammo).


  • Destroy the boss (Panzermorder) by round 12.
  • Destroy the boss without upgrading any weapons.
  • Destroy the boss using no Blitz (perks).
  • Defeat the boss without going down.
  • Don't use special, mods, or consumables and defeat the boss.

Unlocking the Assassin may sound like an insurmountable task, but it's relatively easy if you complete each challenge individually per match instead of attempting them all at once. For example, I used everything to defeat the boss, but because I did not go down, I was able to complete 1/5 hidden objectives. The game will tell you when you complete a hidden objective at the top of the screen.

B.A.T Elite (extremely difficult to unlock)

  • Save the Klaus by yourself on solo mode.
  • Save Klaus by round 16.
  • Save Klause in less than 75 minutes.
  • Save Klaus without going down.
  • Don't use specials, mods, or consumables and save Klaus.

You must complete the hardcore version of the Easter egg to save Klaus. That means defeating the boss as well. It's extremely difficult because there's many objectives you must complete while trying to survive against the zombies. It's next to impossible to successfully do all the challenges in one match. Familiarize yourself with the map and memorize the steps necessary to finish the hardcore Easter egg.

Fortunately, you're allowed to use upgraded weapons, the mystery box, and perks. I'd recommend watching Youtube videos and other strategy guides on how to complete the hardcore version of the Easter egg if you desire to unlock the Assassin.

Hunter Character (Difficulty unknown)

Unlocking the Hunter character is a bit unconventional & random. You must get all 5 parts from the treasure zombie. The treasure zombie drops points, but sometimes it will randomly drop a part. It will not drop a part if it self-explodes. You must shoot the treasure zombie.

Note that the treasure zombie does not always drop a part. You're going to need to play multiple matches in Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich if you desire to unlock the Assassin.


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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      When going for the challenges the conditions apply to all in lobby, no-one can go down, PaP,Blitz, etc. I did the challenges in a solo match and got them no problem.

    • profile image

      bruce kaase 

      20 months ago

      fyi the gun cant be upgraded

    • profile image

      BAT Agent 

      2 years ago

      Completed the Boss fight, killed the Panzermorder, got the Fireworks trophy but did not get the "Hidden Objective Complete". This was the last of the 5 challenges for me for this character. Why didn't I get the Hidden Objective? Is there a glitch? Do I have to complete the EE again? Do you have to complete the EE at or below a certain rank? (I was level 40 at the time).

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I would like to start this off by saying fuck you. I just finished 33 rounds without going in the down state once, with just a starting shotgun(upgraded which you state) and it didn't give me the motha fucking challange complete pop up. Thank you for misleading and could you please update your suggestion.

      I also didn't hit the box once, no completion pop up just fyi.

    • profile image


      2 years ago


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