How to Unlock Week 1 Characters on "Black Ops 4" Blackout Mode

Updated on October 25, 2018

Blackout is a huge battle royal game mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Many other video games are adopting their own battle royal mode because of games like Fortnight and PUBG. The Blackout mode features a monumental map that has smaller levels like Asylum, Nuketown, Firing Range, and many other areas that you can parachute to or travel to. The battle royal mode holds up to 100 players, but many players will be dispersed all over the map. Many players will die shortly after parachuting, particularly ones who fail to get a weapon right away.

Many characters can be unlocked on Black Ops 4 Blackout. You can get characters that are featured from zombies, multiplayer, and Blackout itself. Not all of the characters are available yet, though. Additionally, some characters must be unlocked by reaching a higher level (or tier). It may take a few dozen hours to unlock the tier ones because you must earn a lot of Merits. Merits are experience points that are earned by getting kills, wins, or top 10, etc.

In Blackout, you can play solo, duo, or quads. While you may not have a teammate in solo, you only need to reach top 15 to earn Merits. Recent updates have changed the Merit point system slightly. You'll earn even more points for being number one now. Lastly, you'll still earn Merits on duo or quads if your squad mates win the game after you've died.

Week 1 Blackout Characters (Recon)

You can unlock the Shadow Man character on Blackout by purchasing the Black Ops 4 season pass. Currently, there is no other way to unlock him. The season pass will give you access to future levels. It will also unlock the Classified zombie map. Shadow Man is nothing particularly special. He simply has a unique appearance compared to the generic soldiers.

Many of the characters are unlocked by finding specific items that activate special missions. Future characters that become available may be unlocked by other means.


  • End the match with 15 healing items in inventory.
  • Place Top 30 in solo, Top 15 in duos, or Top 7 in quads.
  • Finish Blackout with the Poker Chips in inventory.

You'll find the Poker Chips by looting buildings, bathrooms, sheds, or other miscellaneous areas on Blackout. The Crash character is not that difficult to unlock, as you don't have to win number one. The 15 healing items can be bandages, trauma kits, or a basic first aid kit. If you're having trouble getting healing items, ask a squad mate to drop some to give to you.


  • Avoid collapse damage.
  • Finish Top 30 in solo, Top 15 in duos, or Top 7 in quads.
  • Finish the game with I Ching Coins in inventory.

Once you find the I Ching Coins, use your map to locate the circle. The collapse is the large wall that slowly gets smaller on Blackout. Taking just a small amount of damage from the collapse will result in failing the mission for the Recon character. If possible, find a hiding spot within the circle. Sometimes you'll get lucky and parachute inside the circle.


  • Deploy 2 Razor Wires.
  • Deploy a Barricade.
  • Place in Top 30 in solo, Top 15 in duos, or Top 30 in quads.
  • Finish the game with Note from Torque in inventory.

You can find the Note from Torque by looting the Supply Drop crates that the large airplanes drop. You can actually shoot the airplanes to make the Supply Drop crates drop faster, but it may give your position away. The Note from Torque is not a common find, but it's not that rare either. Make sure to use the Razor Wires and a Barricade right away.


  • Find 3 destroyed armored plating.
  • Finish a match with 3 destroyed armored plating.

The best way to unlock Ajax is by killing other players and looting their stuff for destroyed armored plating. The armor may be useless to wear, but you need to have it when a match ends to unlock Ajax. He is perhaps a easier character to unlock, particularly if you're good at eliminating other players who are wearing armor.


  • "You see that Hind?"
  • "You cant kill me."

The game gives you two mysterious hints when you find Wood's Bandana. You need to find a helicopter and fly it. Then you must win a Black Ops 4 Blackout match by getting first place. Woods is a much more difficult character to unlock.


  • Kill an enemy with a shotgun.
  • Kill an enemy with a melee attack.
  • Finish a blackout match with Locket in inventory.

Getting a shotgun kill for the Menendez character mission is relatively easy, but a melee kill is much more difficult, particularly when other players can fight you with guns. You might want to use the Brawler perk because it increases your melee damage. Additionally, the perk provides you with more health with each successful melee hit.


  • Kill enemies with fire damage.
  • End a Blackout match with the Burned Doll item in inventory.

You can unlock the Firebreak character by using a Molotov or the specialist's weapon. To find the Burned Doll that activates the mission, loot Supply Drops and crates on the map.

Battery Specialist Character

  • Find the War Machine grenade launcher.
  • Eliminate enemies with the War Machine.
  • Finish Top 15 or better.

Eventually, more character missions will become available on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout. Updates will be implemented in the video game at a later date. Some players have speculated that unlocking Firebreak and the Battery character is extremely rare. There could be some glitches that will hopefully be patched. Lastly, there's a possibility that some character missions are not yet available on the PC version of Black Ops 4 Blackout.

The best way to unlock the tier characters is by simply ranking up more. You'll need either a lot of kills, wins, or must simply place higher on solo, duos, or quads. You don't get merits for simply playing a lot. It's possible to go through several matches and receive no merits.

If you're interesting in killing other players, you'll want to parachute in the heavily populated areas on the map as soon as possible to find a weapon. But if you're more interested in winning or being Top 10, then you might want to play more conservative. Hide, find more loot, and parachute to the less populated regions on the map to increase your survival odds in the beginning.

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    • poppyr profile image


      20 months ago from Enoshima, Japan

      Awesome article! This will definitely help people trying to unlock all the characters. I always want to collect everything there is to collect in games even if it's a pain in the neck.


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