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How to Upgrade The Staff of Wind in Origins - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on April 13, 2016
Make a windstorm that sucks in and kills zombies for ten seconds.
Make a windstorm that sucks in and kills zombies for ten seconds. | Source

The Staff of Wind is a powerful weapon, but has less ammo than the other staves. When it is upgraded to Boreas' Fury, it doubles its ammo reserve and magazine size, but still has much less than the other upgraded staves. However, its charged effect causes a wind storm that lasts ten seconds and sucks zombies into it, killing them. This powerful weapon can makes killing zombies look easy.

There are a total of seven steps for upgrading the Staff of Wind. This guide covers steps three and four, since they are the only steps that are specific to this staff. The other five steps are explained in the Guide for Upgrading the Staves in Origins.

In This Guide:

  • The Crazy Place Step
  • Moving the Smoke
  • Location of the Smoking Objects
  • The Next Step

The Crazy Place Step

Before you start this step you need to build all four staves and equip the Staff of Wind.

Every staff has a step in the Crazy Place, which is the room where you acquired your crystal for the staff. You can enter this area through any of the element mines by creating a portal. Once inside this area look for the color yellow, it will lead you to the wind area.

There is a large circular puzzle above the wind area. It consists of three circular columns that rotate when shot with the Staff of Wind. These columns create four separate lines of symbols. In order to complete this step the symbols must be in the correct order.

The order has been the same every time I have upgraded the Staff of Wind. Use the picture below as a guide for setting up the symbols. If they order changes I will include a more in depth guide on how to determine the order.

Concentrate on one line of symbols, once they are correct the rest will be lined up properly.
Concentrate on one line of symbols, once they are correct the rest will be lined up properly. | Source

Moving The Smoke

After completing the previous step three objects will appear on the map. They look like small concrete garbage cans with a round top, and have smoke rolling out of them.

In this step you need to shoot these objects with the Staff of Wind. As you shoot it the direction of the smoke will change. In order to complete this step the smoke must change so that it is going towards the Excavation Site.

Location 1
Location 1 | Source
Location 2
Location 2 | Source
Stand by Stamina Up to get a better angle on the second location.
Stand by Stamina Up to get a better angle on the second location. | Source
Location 3
Location 3 | Source

Locations of The Smoking Objects

The three smoking objects are placed around the Excavation Site, making a triangle. Some of these can be difficult because of the angle needed to get the smoke in the right direction. These have been in the same place every time I have upgraded the Staff of Wind. Their locations are described below, and illustrated with pictures on the right.

Location 1

The first location is in Generator Station 4, in the fenced in area across from the generator. This is the easiest to direct, since you can stand directly behind it.

Location 2

The second location is at Generator Station 5. It is in the area between the two walkways that lead to this station. It can be difficult to direct the wind properly, and impossible if you try from the side. Walk back to the generator and stand beside Stamina Up, facing the wall. There is a hole that will allow you to see and shoot this object.

Location 3

I suggest doing this location last, since it can be difficult to determine if it is correct. The object is in the graveyard between the Church and the Excavation Site. You can stand close to the Giant Robots footprint in order to get the correct angle. If you do this one last you will hear a sound and Samantha talking to let you know that it is correct.

The Next Step

After completing these steps you can skip to Step 5 in the Guide to Upgrading the Staves in Origins. This guide covers the last three steps since they are the same for each of the staves.

The guide mentioned above also gives information on upgrading the Staff of Ice, upgrading the Staff of Fire, and upgrading the Staff of Lightning.


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      advice 2 months ago

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      Can you do this on easy? or is it locked cause its an easter egg?

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      Person 3 years ago

      Finnaly, a guide that actually shows the solution to the puzzle, i don't care if its not explained all i need to know is shoot until it looks like that.