How to Upgrade Weapons in "The Shadowed Throne" Call of Duty Zombie Map

Updated on April 12, 2018

The new Call of Duty WWII maps are now available on PS4. The DLC is called the War Machine map pack. It contains several new multiplayer maps and one new Nazi Zombie map called "The Shadowed Throne." Xbox One users will have access to the new content in several weeks.

Upgrading weapons in The Shadowed Throne zombie map is relatively easy. You must first build a weapon called the Wunderbuss. The Wunderbuss is a special weapon that can shoot a laser at the zombies. This article will explain the necessary steps required to build the Wunderbuss and unlock the weapon upgrade machine.

The Shadowed Throne: Upgrading Weapons

What you need to do:

  • Find one battery.
  • Tune the radio to the proper frequency.
  • Shoot flares in the air.
  • Destroy the zombie that is shot by the Zeppelin with the shovel.
  • Build the Wunderbuss in the apartment area.
  • Unlock the elevator where the upgrade station is located.

Before starting The Shadowed Throne, a cutscene will play showing the main characters descending down from the Zeppelin. You can skip the cutscene if you wish. It's better to complete the objectives as early as possible. One of the steps require you to read a map. The other step involves tuning a radio to the correct frequency. Both steps will leave you vulnerable to attack from zombies, therefore, you should do those steps before wave 10.

Use the pistol and shovel during the first few waves. You'll need points to open up two doors that lead outside to Berlin. Eliminating a zombie with the shovel gives you 130 points instead of the usual 60! Focus on saving as many points as possible. Don't open the door to the apartments yet. Open the other two doors that lead outside once you have enough points.

There's a MP40 outside. Buy it once it becomes too difficult to defeat zombies with the pistol or shovel. It's good for making points.

Look for the radio outside in the corner. You need to tune it to the correct frequency, but you'll need to find the numbers. Take a look at the top of the radio. You'll see letters and numbers. It's random each game. Write those letters and numbers down or remember them, as you'll need to use them inside the church.

Your next objective is to open up the church building. Go through the theater building to access another open area in The Shadowed Throne. There's a BAR weapon near the church if you need it.

Once you have 1500 points, open one of the church doors. It does not matter which one, as all the other doors will open afterward.

You'll see a map and a chart on the church walls. Inspect the map to find a pin drop on one of the countries (It will be random every game).

Then look at the chart on the left and locate the country name. Find the letters and numbers that match with what you seen on top of the radio earlier. For example, it could be ZX - 0. Remember the radio frequency numbers.

Return to the radio and tune the left and right side. Use the left and right analog sticks to tune the radio to the proper frequency. Make sure no zombies are near because you'll be very vulnerable. Have another player defend you or activate camouflage if you're playing solo.

A green light will indicate that you tuned the radio correctly. Then the character will speak to someone on the radio.

Shooting Flares in The Shadowed Throne

Go to the crash area outside. It's near the museum. Locate the ammo crate outside. Shoot the lock with a weapon to open it. Then melee the crate to shoot flares into the sky.

The zeppelin above will shoot a zombie with a Geistbolt. You must kill the zombie with the shovel to acquire the Geistbolt. Be careful because the electrified zombie will run fast and do more damage than normal. Additionally, more of the electrified zombies will continue to attack because the zeppelin shoots them.

All you need now is the battery to build the Wunderbuss. As far to my knowledge, there are three areas that the battery will spawn. One spawn location is in the theater. Two spawn locations are in the museum area of The Shadowed Throne.

The battery could be laying on a table on the second floor of the theater, beside the M1918 weapon. If you don't see it, then head to the museum. It will either be next to the armor vender on the first floor or next to the perk machine on the second floor.

Building the Wunderbuss

Once you have the battery and the Geistbolt, return to the starting area and open up the apartments. Use the battery to access the locked room, then put the parts down to build the Wunderbuss.

The Wunderbuss has two functions: it shoots a laser and fires a bolt. The right trigger will fire a laser at zombies. The left trigger shoots a bolt inside a zombie's body that allows you to acquire ammo for the weapon.

Panel Locations

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Shadowed Throne

Now that you have the Wunderbuss, you can use it to unlock the closed elevator where the weapon upgrade machine is. First, locate the gate in the spawn area (see screenshots above). On the other side is a panel. Throw a grenade to open up the panel. Once it's open, shoot the panel with the Wunderbuss to power it up.

Then go to the adjacent room where the elevator is. Another panel is on one of the walls. Throw a grenade to expose the panel, then shoot it with the Wunderbuss.

The elevator will open. You'll now be able to upgrade (Pack-a-Punch) your weapons in Call of Duty WWII: The Shadowed Throne. Unfortunately, the Wunderbuss can not be put upgraded this way. Personally, I'd recommend upgrading the MP40 because it's easily accessible in the area outside. It's also relatively powerful and a a great way to make jolt points.

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