How to Upgrade Weapons on Black Ops 4 IX Zombies

Updated on October 11, 2018

The previous Black Ops video games released with only one or two zombie maps. Black Ops 4, however, has three levels to play at launch! There is also a fourth zombie map for those who get the Digital Deluxe Enchanced Edition or the Pro Edition from Gamestop. One of the maps is a roman gladiator themed map called IX. It's actually a relatively small map when compared to other maps. It's a good beginner map for players who are new or have just started playing the game. Voyage of Despair is a zombie map that is much more challenging. Players should get their feet wet with the IX zombie map first, then try the other levels.

Just like previous Black Ops maps, points are earned by killing and damaging zombies. More points are rewarded for headshots and melee kills. Some weapons are better for making points than others. Experiment until you find what works optimally.

This article will explain what you need to do to upgrade weapons on Black Ops 4 IX Zombies. The Pack a Punch machine allows you upgrade weapons multiple times. The first upgrade will increase the damage and change the name of the weapon. Further upgrades will not enhance damage, but modifications will be imbued to your weapon, possibly making them more useful.

How to Upgrade Weapons on Black Ops 4 IX

Required Steps:

  • Activate the 4 gongs that are in the alter rooms.
  • Defeat the 4 special zombies that drop their heads when defeated.
  • Place the heads on the spikes that are located in the temple room where the Pack a Punch is.
  • Make enough points to upgrade your weapons and open up all doors.

Black Ops 4 IX Alter Rooms

After the game begins, you'll be able to access two alter rooms. There are a total of four alter rooms on the IX map. Each of the alter rooms has a gong that you must activate by pressing the square button on PS4 or x button on Xbox One. After banging the gong, a special enemy will attack. The mini boss will be random each game. Sometimes it will be a tiger zombie or a fierce gladiator warrior.

You must defeat all four special zombies and collect their heads. You'll need their heads to activate the weapon upgrade machine known as the Pack a Punch.

The first alter room is called the Ra Alter Room, named after ancient Gods. While you can activate the gong early in the game, it's best to survive a few rounds in the arena, as you'll have more points. Wait until you have enough points to purchase a weapon. Try and eliminate zombies with headshots and melee attacks. It will likely be too difficult to survive when the gladiators or tigers are roaming the map at the very beginning.

After defeating the Ra Alter Room mini boss, head to the Danu, Zeus, and Odin areas. You might want to team up with a friend to defeat the special zombies that are summoned after banging the gongs.

Once you have defeated all the special zombies and picked up their heads, go to the temple area. The temple area is in the underground section of IX, past the flooded crypt. The top left part of your screen will indicate what area of the map you're currently in. Always check that if you or other players need to know.

The temple area has the Pack a Punch machine in the center. Place the four heads on the spikes that are sticking out of the ground. Once all of the heads are in place, the Pack a Punch machine will fully emerge, allowing you to upgrade weapons on Black Ops 4 IX Zombies. There will be a large explosion that reveals the weapon machine in all its glory.

It will cost 5000 points to upgrade a weapon. You'll be able to upgrade a weapon a second time by spending 2500 points. Note, however, you cannot continuously upgrade a weapon with more damage. They can be upgraded a second time, but will not receive a damage boost, only special modifications.

Spending a few thousand points will allow you to refill your upgraded ammo, but it must be a wall weapon. Otherwise, you'll need to find a max ammo power up that will randomly drop from zombies.

Surviving Higher Rounds in Black Op 4 IX Zombies

If you're looking to survive against the undead, then upgrading your weapons as soon as possible is your best bet. Zombies become bullet sponges in the higher rounds. Weapons that are upgraded will not only deal more damage, but will also have a larger ammunition reserve.

Additionally, make sure to purchase the perks around the IX map. They are now alters instead of the classic machines. The "Stone Cold Stronghold" is reminiscent of the juggernog perk that was featured in older Call of Duty Black Ops maps. However, instead of merely increasing health, it creates a shield around you that increases your armor and weapon damage. You'll still have armor when you step outside of the shield circle.

Utilizing the perks will make it easier to unlock the Pack a Punch machine that enables weapon upgrading.


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      15 months ago

      I know this post is older but the part with second time pack a punch a weapon is false... u can pap a gun for 5000 points and upgrade it 5times more to get more damage if you could read :D


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