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How to Upgrade the Tesla Gun in "COD WW2" Final Reich Zombies

Learn how to get the upgrades for this powerful weapon

Learn how to get the upgrades for this powerful weapon

Tesla Gun WW2 The Final Reich

The Final Reich map has two Easter egg missions that players can complete. It is not necessary to complete the hardcore Easter egg in Call of Duty WW2 zombies, but you must complete a part of the casual Easter egg mission if you want to upgrade the Tesla Gun. This article will explain the steps necessary to upgrade the Tesla Gun but will not go into specific details on how to build the weapon, as that is a prerequisite.

Before starting a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi zombie game, equip the mod called "mule kick" because it allows you to carry three weapons. Note that you must be at least level 5 to customize your classes.

You must acquire the "Brenner head" which is required to upgrade the Tesla Gun. You receive it by destroying a flamethrower zombie that appears after getting both Tesla Gun parts.

Prerequisite Steps

  • Turn on the power to the bunker.
  • Restore power to other areas of the map by utilizing both switches in the laboratory and the morgue.
  • Kill zombies near the transfer device to get the Tesla Gun parts that are needed to assemble the weapon.

Flamethrower Zombie

Before assembling the Tesla Gun, a Brenner zombie will attack you. It will try to use its flamethrower to burn you. You must destroy this enemy so it will drop its head on the ground. Keep your distance by sprinting away. It's best to use upgraded weapons and the perk that increases your speed and allows you to sprint without getting tired.

Assemble the Tesla Gun, but do not pick up the Brenner head, as you'll have to complete part of the casual Easter egg first. Just remember where the Brenner head is.

The Right Hand of God and Power Grid Boxes

Go to the salt mines area on the Final Reich level. Locate the right hand of god device in the underground room where the ancient statue is. Press square on it, then return it to the commander center. Locate the power grid box. It's at the top of the stairs behind where you assembled the Tesla Gun.

From left to right, you're going to see four colors. You need to remember what the colors are and activate the electrical boxes. The electrical boxes must be set to the correct color that matches the power grid box in the command center. For example, if #1 is red, then set the first electrical box to red. The colors will be random, though.

The first electrical box is conveniently located next to the power grid. The second one is in the sewers, where you upgrade weapons. The third one is in the tunnel before you go outside of the sewers. Finally, the last electrical box is past the pub beside the gate that opens up the tower area.


Defending the Lightning Rods in Call of Duty WW2 Final Reich

You must crank the lever in the tower outside area. Your objective is to defend the lightning rod. Zombies will relentlessly attack for about a minute. Use the Tesla Gun on the stronger zombies because they will be stunned. I recommend making sure all your weapons are upgraded. Additionally, having all players defend the lightning rod will make it easier to defend.

After defending the lightning rod, you'll need to defend two lightning rods from zombies at the same time. It's a bit more difficult, but it's easier if at least one player is defending a lightning rod. Crank the levers on each side of the tower to initiate the two lightning rods.

Brenner Head

Now you're ready to complete the steps necessary to upgrade the Tesla Gun. Pick up the Brenner head wherever you left it after destroying the flamethrower zombie. Go to the courtyard area past the SVT-40. You'll need to shine the Brenner head on a statue. The statue is located above a bench in the area where the explosive S-mine trap is. There's also a wall weapon nearby. After shining the Brenner head on the statue, it will explode and reveal a battery. Shoot the battery with the Tesla Gun to knock it on the floor. Pick up the battery and place it in the battery holder that's next to you.

Get a horde of zombies near the battery holder and activate the explosive S-mine trap. Be careful not to get killed by the trap yourself. The batter should be charged up if you destroyed enough zombies. Take the battery to the laboratory where you originally got one of the Tesla Gun parts.

Location of the statue

Location of the statue

Upgrading the Tesla Gun in the Final Reich

The final step is to place the battery inside the opening that is next to the machine in the laboratory. When you're ready to do some defense, start the power transfer by pressing square on the battery.

Because the room is so small, it's best if you have the Jack in the Box item to avoid being killed by the zombies. You can randomly acquire the Jack in the Box from the mystery box. It distracts the zombies after throwing it, then explodes after several seconds.

Eventually, the device that originally got you one of the Tesla parts will start spinning up because it's being powered by the battery. After about 20–30 seconds, it will reveal another Tesla part that you need.

Pick the Tesla part up and return to the commander center where the upgrade weapon station is. Place the new part in the upgrade weapon station to assemble "The Midnight." It's the upgraded version of the Tesla gun. It fires an ethereal green swirling fog that annihilates all enemies in your path (apart from the boss zombies that take a few extra hits).

Congrats, you've upgraded the Tesla gun in Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich Nazi Zombies! The special weapon will help you reach a higher round and attain a higher score!

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