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How to Play as Thermite in "Rainbow Six Siege"

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Thermite Overview

Jordan Trace a.k.a. Thermite is an attacking operator with the FBI who plays an integral part in attacking most objectives. Lore has it that he was previously a Marine who served two tours in Iraq.

Upon his return home, he went to college and earned a degree in chemistry which marked his start into becoming a breaching genius. He began working for the FBI SWAT where he gained the nickname ”Thermite.”

Thermite’s gadget, the exothermic charge, is able to breach through reinforced walls and hatches. Players refer to operators who can breach reinforced walls as "hard-breachers." This makes him key in attacking pushes on a reinforced objective. However, he only gets two of the charges, so it’s important that he makes them count.

"Thermite" Load-out

"Thermite" Load-out

Thermite’s Loadout

Thermite is equipped with the extremely strong 566xi assault rifle or the M1014 shotgun with a choice between the M45 Meusoc or 5.7 USG pistols as a secondary. He has the option to carry a claymore or stun grenades as a secondary gadget.

My personal recommendation/the loadout I use is the 556xi with an ACOG sight, straight grip, and flash-hider. I use the M45 as my secondary, and I like to carry a claymore as my secondary gadget.

The 556xi is extremely accurate and very powerful, allowing you to hold tight angles after you’ve breached the objective wall. The ACOG and fore-grip will help you aim from a distance and the flash-hider reduces small burst recoil making it easier to keep your shots on target.

Claymores work great with Thermite because they allow you to cover a possible enemy rotation if you are short-handed on teammates protecting you. Claymores are also great if you are playing bomb. You can completely cut off a hallway or doorway with a well-placed claymore.

Exothermic Charge

Exothermic Charge

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"Thermite" Descriptive Image

"Thermite" Descriptive Image

Should You Play as Thermite?

Thermite is the best hard-breacher in the game if you ask me. Between his superior weapon load-out and the size of the breach hole he makes, he has the ability to completely shift the outcome of a match depending on how the defenders are set up.

He can turn a strong defensive set-up into a weak one with one well-placed charge. Thermite is almost always useful no matter the map you are playing or the objective you are attacking.

Thermite is arguably never a wasted pick and a good operator to learn and play often. He’s fairly easy to learn how to use and his weapon makes him an easy fragger (kill getter).

Your Role as Thermite

I will start with the obvious: The basic role of Thermite is to open up the reinforced walls of the defending team’s objective giving your team better access and angles on the objective.

Breaking your role as Thermite down further, it is important that you play conservatively while using him. Don’t make risky plays until you have executed your team‘s attack plan and breached the access points needed.

If you die prior to beaching the designated points you will leave your team in a pickle and force them to divert from the original plan. As Thermite, you should be in the middle of the pack with teammates in front of and behind you. Think of it like you are the president until you get those walls open. When approaching the objective wall don’t press up without first droning it out and making sure the coast is clear because you are extremely vulnerable when placing the charge on the wall.

Play long/safe angles as you approach the designated wall and have teammates hold angles on possible rotation points (place the enemy may be) that you could get killed from while you place the charge. This will give you the best chance at getting the wall open and remaining alive after it has been breached and you retreat to your safe point. Keep in mind that the hole works both ways!

Be sure you and the rest of your team are in position and not exposed to the coming breach hole before you detonate the charge.

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