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"Call of Duty WW2": How to Win While Attacking in Operation Neptune War Mode

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War Mode: Operation Neptune

Winning a match as the attacking team on Operation Neptune for Call of Duty WW2 will require teamwork. It's important that you play the objective to win. Simply killing the enemy Axis team will not ensure a victory. However, covering teammates who are going for the objective can be helpful.

Operation Neptune is the Allied invasion of the Normandy beach in France. Curious to know what it's like to play as an Allied soldier that's storming the beaches while fighting the Axis? Now you get the chance!

There are 3 main objectives on Call of Duty WW2 Operation Neptune:

  • Capture the cliff bunkers.
  • Destroy the communications equipment.
  • Destroy the artillery guns.

Failing to complete an objective within a certain time period will result in a loss. Completing an objective successfully will allow the Allied forces (your team) to move onward to the next objective. You must complete all 3 objectives to win.

Your kill/death ratio will not be affected when playing war mode levels. That was likely implemented to give players an incentive to complete objectives instead of focusing on surviving and getting kills. Additionally, scorestreaks cannot be utilized, therefore, do not enable basic training perks that affect a scorestreak.


Capture the Cliff Bunkers in War Mod: Operation Neptune

In order to capture the cliff bunkers, you must either flank left, right, or go straight up the middle. But first you must run up the beach and avoid getting shot by the enemy Axis team. The enemy Axis team has two mounted machine guns on the left bunker. The right bunker has three mounted machine guns, but they have more protection.

You can choose to either snipe with the mountain division class or attack one of the bunkers using another division class. If you're going to snipe, equip either the "Scoped" or "Undercover" basic training perks. Scoped makes it easier to snipe enemies that are up in the bunkers because the scope sways less. Undercover will make you more stealthy because your name tag will not appear when enemies target you. You could blend in with the Allied soldiers on the beach who are not real players. Almost perfect camouflage!

When sniping, hide behind cover to decrease the chance of being spotted or shot by the enemy team on the mounted machine guns. Some of the enemy players may be sniping as well. Watch out! There's a cover spot on the right side of the beach with a small hole in it that allows you to snipe from an extremely safe position.

Sometimes it's better not to play as a sniper, particularly when not all your teammates are going for the objectives. You'll want to use the armored division or airborne division class. Use a light machine gun with an extended magazine or a submachine gun with a silencer so you are more sneaky.

Move up the beach and sprint behind cover to avoid enemy fire. Go prone sometimes to minimize yourself from fire.

Blowing up Barriers in Call of Duty WW2 Operation Neptune

It's paramount that you play the objectives on Call of Duty WW2 and complete other tasks instead of exclusively going for kills. Blowing up barriers helps you and your teammates advance. You'll get several hundred points for planting bombs on a barrier and blowing them up. Just make sure you're not near the explosion or you'll die. I believe it's currently 250 points for blowing up a barrier, but the game may be updated with changes in the future.

Important tip: After planting a bomb on a barbed wire or a barricaded brick wall, you can shoot the bomb to make it explode faster. You might take the enemy team by surprise and advance your team quicker.

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Additionally, if an Axis enemy rebuilds a barrier, you can actually blow it up again to get more points. Ironically, sometimes it's good if the enemy rebuilds barriers, as you'll get more opportunities to reach a high score.

The rocket launchers can blow up barriers in two hits, eliminating the need to plant an explosive. Equip the basic training perk called "launched." Not only will you have a rocket as a secondary weapon, but you'll be able to gather ammo from enemies who are not killed by explosives.

There are barbed wires on each side of the beach. You must plant an explosive device to advance. Afterwards, you'll be able to attack the right or left bunker.

You can build a ladder on the right or left side. Alternatively, you could blow up the barriers in the center and proceed through the trenches to access the enemy bunkers. Building ladders gives points.


Flanking the Axis in Call of Duty WW2: War Mode

Each individual game will vary on Call of Duty WW2, but in general, going up the ladder on bunker B (right side) and flanking the enemy team is easier. You can come up behind players and take them by surprise. Many of them will be on the mounted machine guns, but some may be aware of your presence.

Make use of frag grenades when enemies know you're coming inside the bunkers. Equip the basic training perk "concussed" to carry an extra lethal.

Eventually, a care package will drop a flamethrower. You can use it to clear enemies from the bunkers and take over the objectives. Even upon death, you'll still have it inventory until you run out of ammo.

Objective 2: Destroy the Communications

Once you capture the cliff bunkers, your next objective is to destroy the comms equipment. It's usually more difficult to complete this objective because all 10 pieces of equipment must be destroyed. They are inside a building that you must infiltrate.

There are multiple ways to infiltrate the comms room. You can flank the left side by either going past the barbed wire or going through the small building. You can flank the right by destroying the barrier or enter the comms room directly by blowing up a wall barrier.

Note that you don't need to blow up a barbed wire. You can actually walk through them, but you'll be slower.

Methods to Destroy 10 Comms

Shotguns are powerful at close range in Call of Duty WW2, but they are terrible for destroying the comms equipment. Use a light machine gun or another fully automatic weapon instead.

Best ways to Destroy Comms Equipment:

  • Throw multiple frag grenades.
  • Shoot them with a light machine gun that has an extended magazine.
  • Use a rocket launcher.
  • Shoot through the barrier hole to the entrance to the comms room, as some of the comms equipment is visible.

There's a ladder that you can drop down in to gain access to the comms room. It's likely enemy players will be defending the room, though. You can either look for the equipment to destroy or shoot enemies that are defending the room. The comms equipment glows red and will no longer glow red once they've sustained enough damage.

The incendiary shotgun is great for eliminating Axis, as the rooms are claustrophobic. Submachine guns like the pipe gun or MP-40 are useful as well because they are accurate at close range.

Sniping is not as useful for completing the second objective in Operation Neptune unless enemy players are shooting from the second floor of the communications room.

Final Objective: Destroy the Artillery

After you destroy all 10 comms equipment, your team can advance to the last objective. You must plant bombs on the two artillery guns multiple times. Then you must defend them from being defused by the enemy team.

At this point, you should be rushing, as it's the final objective and planting the bombs is fundamental. Use grenades to clear out enemy players that are defending the artillery guns. Plant the bombs when the coast is clear.

You can pretty much use any weapon for the last objective, but in my opinion, fully automatic weapons with a high rate of fire that carry a lot of ammo will be ideal. It's difficult to complete objectives as the attacking team when you're using a weapon that must be reloaded frequently. Weapons with less ammo are better for Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

The BAR is accurate and powerful in Call of Duty WW2, but it only has 20 rounds per magazine. Use extended magazines on it and carry a secondary weapon in case you need to reload or run out of ammo.

After you destroy the Artillery, you'll win the match as the attacking team on Operation Neptune. As long as you play the objectives and work as a team, you'll be able to win war mode matches in Call of Duty WW2 more frequently.

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