How to Build the Plane on Alcatraz: Mob of the Dead - COD: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on April 14, 2016

In order to upgrade a weapon in Alcatraz you will need to travel to the Golden Gate Bridge. To do this you must first build a makeshift plane on the Roof of the prison. There are many steps involved in building the plane. Completing the steps will take you to every area of the map. In order to simplify these steps I created separate articles to explain how to get the Wardens Key and how to get the parts for the plane. The steps are slightly different for Solo and Multiplayer Mode. First I will list the steps for each, and then I will explain how to open the Roof and build the plane.

Solo Steps for Building The Plane

In a solo game you have the ability to hold all of the parts to the plane. So it is not necessary to open the Roof until you have collected all of the parts.

The Steps:

  1. Get the Wardens Key.
  2. Pick up the plane parts.
  3. Open the Roof.
  4. Put the parts on the Plane.
  5. Take the Plane to the Bridge.

Multiplayer Steps For Building The Plane

In Multiplayer Mode each player can only hold one part at a time. If a player goes down they will drop their part. You have the choice to either open the Roof first or have each player grab a part and then open the Roof. However, you will need to make another trip to get parts as there are five parts and a maximum of four players.

The Steps:

  1. Get the Warden's Key.
  2. Each player should pick up one plane part.
  3. Open the Roof.
  4. Build the parts on the plane.
  5. Pick up any additional parts.
  6. Build the additional parts on the plane.
  7. Take the plane to the Bridge.

Infirmary - The electrical box is to your right. To get to the portal take a right at the end of the room.
Infirmary - The electrical box is to your right. To get to the portal take a right at the end of the room. | Source
Levitate to the roof, and then press your levitate button again to pull yourself up.
Levitate to the roof, and then press your levitate button again to pull yourself up. | Source
Zap the voltmeter to open the roof door.
Zap the voltmeter to open the roof door. | Source

How to Open The Roof

The door to the Roof can not be bought. In order to open the door a player will need to enter Afterlife. The electrical box is located in the same room as the plane part and where you would feed the wolf to get Hell's Retriever. When in Afterlife the portal will appear in the long hallway that looks like a bathroom entry way.

The Steps:

  1. Enter Afterlife in the Infirmary by using the electrical box.
  2. Go into the portal in the bathroom entry hall.
  3. You will need to levitate once inside the portal. You will get close to the Roof. Press the levitate button again to grab the edge and pull yourself up.
  4. You will then need to shoot electricity at the power meter that is against the wall that leads back to the Infirmary.
  5. When the door opens you can travel back down this open door to your body in order to revive yourself.

Note: You can also activate Deadshot Daiquiri on the way to your body.


How to Build The Plane

The hardest part of building the plane is getting the plane parts. The actual building of the plane is easy.

The Steps:

  1. Walk onto the pallets at the back of the plane.
  2. Press your action button and hold it down.
  3. You will build the part on the plane.
  4. When finished an indicator will appear in the top left corner of your screen showing the part with a check mark over it.

Note: You can check the inventory at any time by pressing select. It will also show you which player is holding a part.

Crash onto the bridge.
Crash onto the bridge. | Source
Pack-A-Punch is located on the bridge.
Pack-A-Punch is located on the bridge. | Source
Be ready for the Security Guard.
Be ready for the Security Guard. | Source
Nobody escapes alive.
Nobody escapes alive. | Source

Take The Plane to The Bridge

Once all the parts are added the plane is ready for take off. Any player can start the take-off sequence by standing on the pallets and pressing the action button. They will then board the plane. However, once this process starts it can not be stopped. In a multiplayer game you should first make sure the other players are ready for takeoff. All players should stand on the pallets and be ready to push their action button.

On The Bridge:

  • There will be a short period of time with no zombies. Take this time to upgrade weapons.
  • A Security Guard will shortly appear, along with a group of zombies.
  • After the Security Guard is dead electric chairs will appear on the Bridge.
  • To leave the Bridge stand close to an electric chair and press your action button. You will go back to the original spawn room and be in Afterlife. Revive yourself.
  • If you stay on the Bridge longer than one round be prepared for additional guards. A guard is added each round until there is five.

Collect the fuel cans to go back to the bridge.
Collect the fuel cans to go back to the bridge. | Source

What You Need to Know

  • When you return from the Bridge the plane will be out of fuel. You must collect gas cans in order to refuel the plane.
  • The gas cans are located in the area in which the parts were previously located.
  • You must complete a round while all players are back in the prison in order for the gas cans to appear.
  • If a player holds a part or a can then you will not be able to finish the plane. Some players do this so that they can choose when it is time to take off. Hitting that player with the Acid or Fan Trap will cause them to drop their part. They will also go down and likely rage quit, but at least you can go to the Bridge.
  • You must fly to the Bridge at least one time in order to get The Golden Spork and The Upgraded Hell's Retriever.
  • You must fly to the Bridge three times to finish the Easter Egg.

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