How to Build the Zombie Shield in Alcatraz: MOTD - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on April 13, 2016
The shield protects this players back.
The shield protects this players back. | Source

The Zombie Shield is a very useful Buildable that is available in Alcatraz, Mob of the Dead. It is similar to the Zombie Shield in Tranzit. It will protect your back from zombies and can be also used as a melee weapon in order to bounce zombies out of your path. In order to build the shield you will need to collect three parts. Each part has three possible locations. You will then need to build it on one of the three available building stations.

The Steps:

  1. Collect the parts
  2. Build the Shield
  3. Pick it up

The Parts:

  • Dolly
  • Grate
  • Clamp

I will first explain the possible locations of the three parts. There is a picture for each part and a green arrow pointing right towards them. Then I will describe the locations of the three available Building Stations. Finally I will describe how to collect the parts, build the shield, and equip it.

First Possible Location
First Possible Location | Source
Second Possible Location
Second Possible Location | Source
Third Possible Location
Third Possible Location | Source

Dolly for the Zombie Shield

The Dolly can be found on the Docks. It has three possible locations. All three locations are located on the side of the Docks that has the Mystery Box. The parts are between the gate that must be open with the Warden's Key and the Tower Trap.

Location 1

The first possible location is directly in front of that gate that holds a plane part. It is in the corner by a crate on the other side of one of the bottles that turn on the song in Alcatraz.

Location 2

The second possible location is also beside a crate. This crate is across from the first possible location. It is on the side of the crate that faces away from the Tower Trap.

Location 3

The third and last possible location is close to the Tower Trap. It is between a crate and the barrels that form a barrier in front of the Tower Trap.

First possible clamp location
First possible clamp location | Source
Second possible clamp location
Second possible clamp location | Source
Third possible clamp location
Third possible clamp location | Source

Clamp for the Zombie Shield

Next we will look at the clamp. It is a smaller part, which can make it difficult to find. All three possible locations are in the building on the Docks that has a wolf head. This is also the building that has the three electrical panels that power the electric gate in the Warden's Office.

Location 1

The first possible location is on a single shelf between the two doors that lead to the Citadel Tunnels. The part is sitting beside a skull.

Location 2

The second possible location in a corner on another shelf. This shelf has multiple levels unlike the shelf for part location 1. The shelf is on the same side of the room as the door that leads to The Docks.

Location 3

The third possible location for the clamp is not on a shelf like the other two. This time it is sitting on the floor between the two generators. It is beside the generator that is closer to the door that leads to the Docks.

First possible grate location
First possible grate location | Source
Second possible grate location
Second possible grate location | Source
Third possible grate location
Third possible grate location | Source

Grate for the Zombie Shield

The Grate looks like a section of the metal fencing that is used on this map. It can be found leaning against a wall in three separate locations on the bottom level of the Citadel Tunnels. This part can also be difficult to find because it blends in well with the background.

Location 1

The first possible location is in the passageway between the Citadel Tunnels and the building that has the clamp. As soon as you open the door look to your left. It will be propped up in the corner.

Location 2

The second possible location is in the passage way that leads to a dead end. The dead end is the area in which the rigging will land when collecting the parts for the plane. This passageway is at the bottom of the stairs. As soon as you enter the first archway, turn around and look to your right. If it is in this location it should be leaning against the wall.

Location 3

The final possible location for the grate is on the spiral stairway that leads to the Showers. There are several partial walls on the right hand side. It will be up against one of those walls on the side that faces the bottom of the steps.

Building Station 1 - The Docs
Building Station 1 - The Docs | Source
Building Station 3 - Cell Blocks
Building Station 3 - Cell Blocks | Source
Building Station 2 - The Cafeteria
Building Station 2 - The Cafeteria | Source

Shield Building Station Locations

There are three Building Stations throughout the map. This stations are easy to spot as they are a workbench with a blueprint hanging behind them. The Shield can be built in any of the three Building Stations. The Docks is the closer to the parts than the other Building Stations. However, I prefer to build the Shield in the Cafeteria so that I can pick it up without traveling to the Docks.

The Docs

Building Station on the Docks is in the same area as the wolf head. It is below the walkway that leads to Jugger-Nog. This is the closest Building Station to the actual parts, but might not be the best location to build your shield.

The Cafeteria

The Building Station in the Cafeteria is against the far wall next to a window. This window is used in a step for getting the Golden Spork. This is where I normally build the Zombie Shield. I run a train in this room, so it allows me to pick up a new shield quickly.

The Cell Blocks

There is a Building Station on the top level of the Cell Blocks. It is located between the Infirmary and the walkway that leads to the Gondola. Find it behind Electric Cheery. I consider this the worst location for the Shield, it is easy to get trapped if you stop in this area. Instead I normally build the Acid Gat Kit here, since I will only need to use it once.

A progress bar will appear on your screen.
A progress bar will appear on your screen. | Source

How to build the Zombie Shield

The first step of building the Zombie Shield is to collect the parts. In order to pick up a part, approach it and press the action button. An indicator should appear on your screen when the part is in range.

Unlike in Tranzit and Die Rise, you must pick up all of the parts before you can start to build the Shield. All players in the game will have access to the part as soon as one player picks it up. You can also carry multiple parts for both the Zombie Shield, and the Acid Gat Kit.

The next step is to build the shield. Select the Building Station you would like to choose and stand close to it. Press and hold your action button. A indicator should appear showing a progress bar and stating that you are building the shield.

After you finish building the shield you can pick it up by standing close to the Building Station and pressing your action button. Once the shield is built all players in the game can pick it up. You will not need to rebuild it in order to equip another shield when yours breaks.

What you need to know

  • The shield will break faster if you use it as a melee weapon
  • As the rounds progress the shield will break faster and be less effective as a melee weapon.
  • If a player goes down they do not drop any shield parts.
  • The shield works great combined with the upgraded Acid Gat. If you are backed into a corner shoot the Acid Gat at the crowd. Then pull out your shield and use it to block the Acid explosion.
  • You can put your shield on the ground in order to make a barrier or temporarily distract zombies.
  • The shield is very ineffective against Brutus.

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      • EdSaterstad profile image

        Edward D. Saterstad 4 years ago from PA

        I have the shield on through most of the game, and have never seen that happen. Are the doors closing on your shield? It would be a strange glitch.

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        acp 4 years ago

        Has anyone died while using the gondola and having the shield on? I keep dying immediately after getting on the Gondola with my shield.

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        BO2 MAN 4 years ago

        This is AWESOME

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        the Dolly is not in any of those moves all the doesn't stay in those 3 spots