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How to Collect the Crystal Skulls in Alcatraz: MOTD - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

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Collect all 5 Crystal Skulls for a free Blundergat.

Collect all 5 Crystal Skulls for a free Blundergat.

There are five skulls located in various areas of the map in Alcatraz. These skulls have been referred to as Crystal Skulls and Energy Skulls. If you collect them all, a free Blundergat will be all yours. You can see these skulls in Afterlife after you have obtained Hell's Retriever. However, you can not pick them up in Afterlife; instead, you will need to use your Hell's Retriever. The skulls are spread out throughout the map. First I will discuss their exact location and then how to pick them up.

General Mob of the Dead Skull Locations:

  • The Cell Blocks
  • The Wardens Office
  • The Roof
  • The Docks
  • The Gondola

Cell Blocks

The first Crystal Skull is sitting on a toilet in a cell. It is across from the first door that needed to be bought in the Library. It is also close to the steps that lead to the center of the Cell Blocks.


Wardens Office

The second skull is visible from the Wardens Office. It is on top of a telephone pole outside of the window that is next to Speed Cola.



The third skull is on the Roof. You will need to look over the side on the back left hand side of the roof. You will see it sitting on the corner of the building with a street light below it.


The Docks

The forth skull can be found on The Docks. Stand in the area where the box is located and look towards the second pier which is not playable. The skull will be on top of one of the middle poles.


The Gondola

The skull on the Gondola is the hardest to collect. You will need to get it while the Gondola is in motion. It is on top of a street light. If you are taking the Gondola from the Docks to the cell blocks then the street light will be in the first row second to the left.

Note: You can also collect this skull on the Docks. You will need to stand in the corner closest to the skull in the area that has Jugger-Nog.

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Collecting the Crystal Skulls

In order to collect the Crystal Skulls, you will first need to open Hell's Retriever. You will not be able to see the Skulls without this weapon, and you will not have the ability to pick them up if they were there.

If you have Hell's Retriever, you can see the skulls while in Afterlife. If you shoot electricity at a skull, then it will be temporarily illuminated so that they will be visible to players not in Afterlife. As soon as you stop shooting electricity at them, they will no longer be visible. By working as a team, one player can illuminate the skull in Afterlife while the other throws their Hell's Retriever at it.

The skulls are in the same place every game. You do not need to see them in order to collect them. If you are familiar with their location, then you can simply throw Hell's Retriever at the place where you think it is. If you are correct, the skull will be impaled by Hell's Retriever and will come back to you on it. The skull will become visible as soon as Hell's Retriever strikes it. Because it is visible, you will be able to see the skull coming back, and will know that you have successfully collected it.

When you have properly collected all five skulls, you will hear laughing similar to the laughing you heard in previous maps when the box was moving.


The Blundergat

After you have collected all five skulls, you should go to the Wardens Office. There is a table in the center of the room that has Speed Cola. That table will burst into flames, and a Blundergat will appear. This will not take long, but you should have time to travel to the Wardens Office before it starts. Any player can pick up the Blundergat. So, you will want to hurry to this room before another player takes it. In order to pick it up, move close to the table and press your action button.

Only one player can receive the Blundergat from the box. However, two players can have a Blundergat if a player already has one before this task is completed. This is the honest way to get more than one Blundergat in a game.

What You Should Know

  • Charge the Hell's Retriever in order to throw it further.
  • The Blundergat can be upgraded to the Acid Gat.
  • The Blundergat is needed for obtaining the Golden Spork.
  • Plan before working as a group to get the skulls. You will want to know who is going to pick it up before you finish collecting them.
  • It is considered improper to pick up the Blundergat if another player collected the skulls. This could result in that player triggering a trap for you or rage quitting.


james hicks on February 05, 2020:

thanks, it worked really well

LitallicaGaming on June 16, 2016:

I have done this before but i did find out something. You have to get at least one blue skull from the prison before you can pick up one from the docks/juggernog.

And thank you for this article because me and my friend were mystery boxing and i got the blundergat and we thought both of us could get it from the box.

this guy lies. he's from america on November 07, 2015:

these are all lies i tried it and there isnt a skull on the toilet and none of the skulls are blue

Anon on October 09, 2013:

You must be on Original difficulty to obtain any of the skulls. This guide is inaccurate.

Jake on April 29, 2013:

(360, unconfirmed on other consoles) You can get the skull by the gondola while not on it. Simply go over by jug to the corner between the window and the gate.

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