ZombiU Walkthrough: CCTV Junction Box Locations

Updated on January 10, 2013

ZombiU is not a kind game to its players.

If you're not running away from zombies in the streets, you're stumbling through vast, dark mazes in largely-abandoned buildings, hoping things won't jump out at you. Most of the time you're doing this without the benefit of a map, because the only way to get a map in ZombiU is to scan CCTV junction boxes. If you don't know where they are, your radar screen is going to be much more daunting than it should.

This article will cover the locations of all sixteen junction boxes in ZombiU. Finding them with increase your chances of survival - though perhaps not as much as you'd like.

Finding CCTV boxes without help

Want to hunt down these elusive boxes on your own? Here are a few tips for finding them:

- Look everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Every room, every hallway, every wall.

- Look high. Most CCTV boxes require you to search vertically as much as horizontally.

- Watch for glowing lights. The light is a sure sign that you've found a CCTV box.

- Scan constantly once rooms are clear. As soon as an area is secure, switch your Prepper Pad over to scanning and have a look around. CCTV boxes will stand out plain as day... and so will other things you may otherwise have missed.

Box #1: Brick Lane Markets

Your first CCTV box is a compulsory find, as Prepper won't give you other missions until you track it down. It's located on Hanbury Green and Market Street, high on one of the buildings on the left side of the street.

Box #2: Brick Lane Markets

The second compulsory CCTV box is in the small basement of the supermarket. Watch out for the spawning zombie on your way back up the stairs.

Box #3: Victoria Memorial

Not far from the front gates to Buckingham Palace (which, sadly, you can't use to get in) is a small control room where you'll be rushed by a few zombies who start by breaking through the door opposite the entrance. Once you've dusted them off, check the room for the box.

Box #4: Victoria Memorial

Proceed through the sewers under Buckingham Palace until you find a large, lit area containing a chain link fence and a series of catwalks leading further downward. The box is on the walls in this area, close to the fence.

Box #5: Buckingham Palace

Proceed through the palace until you find the office containing the book the doctor wants. Look back at the door and you'll see the CCTV box on the wall.

Box #6: Buckingham Palace

On your way back to the doctor you can enter the ventilation system, and along the way you'll find a small room with a keypad lock not far from the kitchen. The next box is near the keypad.

Box #7: Brick Lane Flats

Before you enter the flats proper you'll find yourself in a sizeable warehouse full of zombies. Proceed through here and up to the top level, then check the wall opposite the office for ducts. They'll lead you to a locked room containing the next box.

Box #8: Brick Lane Flats

The end of your Brick Lane Flats adventure will take you to Ron Freedman's apartment on the top floor. Check the pillar in the storage area of the apartment on your way out for the CCTV box. Make sure you get this before entering the garbage chute or you'll have a long climb back up to find it again.

Box #9: Victoria Memorial

Head into the swampy area and check the storm drains near the back. The box is on one of the walls. You can get this box earlier in the game, if you wish, on your first trip to Victoria Memorial.

Box #10: Tower Pier

Shortly before you enter Traitor's Gate (the front of the Tower of London) you'll wind up on a small stretch of beach. Look back towards the piers you just came from to see the box high on one of the walls.

Box #11: Tower of London

When you first enter the underground section of the Tower of London you'll see a light at the end of one of the corridors, partially obscured by a silhouette of a zombie. Go right from here and through a gap in the wall to find another hallway containing the box.

Box #12: Spitalfields Green

After you clear Quaker Park, check the top-left fence in the area. There's a door you can't get past without scan-hacking, which you won't have. The box is on the wall behind this door.

Box #13: Spitalfields Green

Make your way to the Petrol Station and look out of the alleyway onto the main street. Check the building to the right of the Station, up high, to see the box on one of the buildings.

Box #14: Baconfields

Immediately after you emerge into Baconfields, get in close to the right wall and follow the building to a small rise topped by containers. The box is behind the container nearest the wall.

Box #15: Baconfields

Once you're inside the Nursery, head downstairs and crawl into an air vent behind the stairs. This will lead you to a barred room with the box.

Box #16: St. George's Church

As you're making your way through the Catacombs you'll come to a split in the path. Beside this split is a small room containing a few zombies. The box is on one of the walls.

Can't find one of them? Ask, and I will try to help.

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    6 years ago

    Very few gamers can rise to the challenge of this game. Unless you go though survivor after survivor that is, then anyone can do that.


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