How to get Hell's Retriever in Alcatraz: Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

Hell's Retriever is commonly referred to as the Flaming Tomahawk. This is one of the most useful weapons in Alcatraz. It has unlimited ammo, can be charged, and can be used to pick up items. It is not difficult to acquire, but takes some time and planning. In order to unlock this weapon you must feed three wolfs, which are located in different areas on the map.


Feed The Wolf

  • There are three wolf locations.
  • Each Wolf must be fully fed.
  • The wolf locations are marked with a red outline of a wolf on the wall.
  • When the first Zombie is killed in the immediate area of the outline a wolf head will protrude from the wall.
  • The wolf will devour the zombie you killed.
  • It must finish the first zombie before it will take another zombie.
  • If you kill a zombie before it finishes its current meal it will not pick up the zombie body from the floor.
  • You can tell if a zombie will be accepted, it will start to float towards the wolf as it is falling to the floor.
  • This can take between one and three rounds depending on how many kills it consumes.
  • When it is finished eating it will go back into the wall and the wolf outline will now be glowing.

Wolf Locations

There are three Wolf Locations. These locations are scattered throughout the map and will require doors to be opened.

The Wolves Can be found:

  • Cell Blocks - In the Center on the Second Floor, close to the room that you start the game.
  • Docks - By the Building Station.
  • Infirmary - Next to the Roof entrance.

The Cell Blocks


The Docks


The Infirmary


Hell's Retriever Location

After you feed the final wolf you will be able to pick up Hell's Retriever. It is located in the Citadel Tunnels between the top of the steps and the Showers. It is marked by three wolf heads. Before the wolves are fed there will be a solid wall blocking this entrance. However, after you feed the wolves a hole will appear. The Tomahawk will be floating in a red beam of light.

You can pick up this weapon by pushing the action button. When you have picked it up your character will spin it around and then it will be added to your inventory.


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        I am excited to see them - When you get the whole of weaponry up, it will create an extensive guide and should be very useful!

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        Thank you for your feedback. I am working on making tutorials for all of the items in Alcatraz.

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