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How to Get the Hurricane and Reaper Tesla Gun in "COD" Final Reich Zombies

How to upgrade Tesla Gun in "COD"

How to upgrade Tesla Gun in "COD"

Tesla Gun Upgrades in Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich Nazi Zombies

Players can assemble a special weapon called the Tesla Gun to fight zombies on the Final Reich level in Call of Duty WW2. The Tesla Gun by itself is moderately powerful, but the upgraded versions deal more damage to enemies. There are a total of 4 upgrades for the weapon. If you're playing with 4 players (including yourself), everyone can have an upgraded version of the Tesla Gun. In fact, everyone must have one for the easter egg mission.

Note that you must first assemble the Tesla Gun in the commander center before you can complete the steps to upgrade one of the four versions. Follow the steps in the game. You can press the PS4 touchpad to reveal your objectives in a Nazi Zombie match.

This article will explain how to get the "Hurricane" and "Reaper" upgraded versions of the Tesla Gun.

How to Get the Hurricane Tesla Gun

In order to get the Hurricane upgrade, you must first find a suicide bomber zombie. They are zombies that have a big tank on their back that explode when you're close to them. You must get one to follow you to the laboratory area of the Final Reich map. Don't get too close to them, or they'll explode! Create some distance, but not too much.

Take the suicide bomber zombie up the stairs past the electrical trap in the laboratory. The zombie must explode next to the wall locker so that the locker door will break. Inside the locker is a battery that you must pick up. Note that you're slower when holding a battery and cannot fire weapons.

To make things easier, you can find multiple suicide bomber zombies in the tunnels after opening the salt mine door that's in the command center. Otherwise, you'll find them spawning randomly during the games.

Place the battery inside the laboratory electrical trap. The next part can be tricky. You must activate the electrical trap when a pair of those powerful large zombies with the clubs are inside. They are the zombies that walk slowly but charge at you when you shoot them. You must destroy 3 pairs of those "boss" zombies to charge the battery. The battery will light up green, indicating that you can turn on the electrical trap. You'll be able to pick the battery up once it's charged.

Note it's very important that you complete the defense of the lightning rods objective for the Final Reich casual Easter egg. Otherwise, you won't be able to do the next step to get the Hurricane Tesla Gun.

Locate the machine in the laboratory. Place the battery in the holder on the right side. You'll need to defend the area from zombies for about a minute. Because it's a small claustrophobic area, make sure you use grenades, upgraded weapons, and the Jack in the Box to increase your chances of surviving. The Jack in the Box is particularly good because it will stop the zombies from attacking the machine where the battery is for a short time.

Getting It to Work

After defending the machine in the laboratory from enemies, you'll be able to pick up the Tesla Gun part upgrade. Take it and return it to the command center. Place the Tesla Gun part into the weapon upgrade contraption. It will create the Hurricane! The weapon fires some kind of purple floating ball of death that explodes when making contact with enemies.

How to Get the Reaper Upgrade

The Reaper upgrade for the Tesla Gun may prove to be more tricky than the Hurricane. You must acquire yet another battery and charge it. However, the process is more difficult.

Proceed to the sewer area in Final Reich. Go to the area where the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade station is. Locate a wall locker. You must get one of those slow-moving boss zombies with the clubs to break the locker open to reveal another battery.

Find one of those boss zombies and shoot it while you're standing next to the locker. The enemy will be enraged and will charge at you. Let it hit you to ensure it breaks the locker. You might want to make sure you're at full health with full armor. Also, to be safe, have another player nearby to revive you just in case you go down.

Take the battery from the locker and place it in the holder behind you. It's very close to the Pack-A-Punch upgrade station.

Getting It to Work

Once again, you must charge the battery. However, this time, you must destroy multiple pairs of suicide bomber zombies with the saw trap when they are near the battery. It can be extremely tricky because they must be killed with the saw trap while in the vicinity of the battery. Otherwise, the battery will not retain a charge.

Once you are successful, take the battery from the holder and proceed to the morgue area of Final Reich. Place the battery in the holder to the right of the Tesla Gun crafting machine.

Defend the area from zombies just like you did before. After a minute, the crafting machine will reveal the Reaper Tesla Gun part.

Take the part back to the commander center weapon station. It will create the Reaper. The Reaper is interesting because it will electrocute a zombie, then that zombie will attack other enemies and explode!

Having Trouble on Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich?

If you're having trouble upgrading, then try and complete the steps in the earlier rounds when the zombies are weaker. If possible, complete objectives before round 20 in Call of Duty WW2: The Final Reich. Additionally, play with a full game of 4 players. It's a lot easier to complete many of the objectives in the level when other players can watch your back and revive you.

Also, equip the mod Mule Kick and the mod that gives you double grenades & double Jack in the Boxes. The sticky grenades are generally superior to the regular grenades because they attach to enemies. Mule Kick lets you purchase an additional weapon for an entire match (dying won't remove it).

Mods must be equipped before starting a Nazi Zombie match in Call of Duty WW2. They cannot be equipped during the match. Good luck!

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