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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": How to Get the Plane Parts in Alcatraz: MOTD

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If you want to upgrade a weapon, you must get off Alcatraz by taking a makeshift plane. In order to build the plane, you must first gather all of the parts. In order to gather the parts, you will first need to get the Warden's Key. There are five parts that must be acquired:

Mob of the Dead Plane Parts

  • Tanks
  • Rigging
  • Engine
  • Uniforms
  • Control Valve
The gate is on the right hand side of this picture.

The gate is on the right hand side of this picture.

Zap the power meter.

Zap the power meter.

The Tanks.

The Tanks.


The tanks are located in the back corner of the Docks. The part is behind two gates. The first gate can be opened with your Wardens Key. In order to get the second part, you will need to activate the power to that gate. The steps are slightly different in Solo and Multiplayer.


  1. Open the first gate using the Wardens Key.
  2. Enter Afterlife.
  3. Shoot electricity at the power meter.
  4. Revive yourself.
  5. Pick up the part.


  1. Open the first gate using the Wardens Key.
  2. One player should enter Afterlife while another stands between the first and second gate.
  3. The player in Afterlife shoots electricity at the Voltmeter. This will result in the second gate opening and the first gate closing.
  4. The player not in Afterlife should then pick up the part and stand in the area between the first and second gate.
  5. The player in Afterlife should again shoot electricity at the Volt Meter. This will open the first gate and shut the second gate.
  6. The player in Afterlife should then revive themselves.

Note: If this step is done incorrectly in Multiplayer Mode the first gate will close blocking the part and possibly trapping a player inside. The Wardens Key will no longer open this gate. A player will need to enter Afterlife and levitate over the gate in order to again shoot the voltmeter.


The Rigging is located on the spiral stairway in the Citadel Tunnels. It is in a cage at the top of the Spiral Stairs, but does not have an access point. In order to get this part, you need to first lower the cage by using the Combination Switch at the bottom of the Spiral Stairway. This will lower the cage to the dead-end at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels. This can be done the same in Solo or Multiplayer Mode.

Steps to Get the Part

  1. Open the gate that is covering the Combo Switch using the Wardens Key. If you do not do this first you will not be able to complete the other steps.
  2. Go to the top of the Spiral Stairway and enter Afterlife mode by pressing your action button while looking at the electrical box.
  3. Travel to the bottom of the Spiral Stairway. During this travel, you will see three illuminated numbers written on the wall on the left-hand side. Remember these numbers. You can not see these numbers unless you are in Afterlife.
  4. Approach the Combo Switch. There will be three parts to the switch and each will have a number above it. At this time all three numbers should be at zero.
  5. Shoot the sections of the Combo Switch with your electricity. Each shot will cause the number to go up by an increment of one. You will continue to shoot the switch until the numbers match the numbers that were on the wall. They must be in the same order of the numbers.
  6. Once this is completed a sound will indicate that the cage is dropping. A timer will start counting down on the Combo Switch. The cage will go back to the top if a player has not opened the gate and taken the part before the timer reaches zero.
  7. Go back up to the top of the steps and revive yourself.
  8. Travel back down the steps and into the dead-end at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels. You should see a gate with a glowing part inside.
  9. Open the gate.
  10. Pick up the part.
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Note: In Multiplayer Mode a second player can be waiting at the dead end for the part to drop. This will save time and decrease the chance that you miss the deadline.


The Engine is located in the Wardens Office. In order to access the Wardens Office, you will first have to Open the Warden's door. There is a second door inside the Wardens Office. This door is electrified and will cause damage to any player that touches it. In order to open the door, you will first need to secure power in the room between the Docks and the Citadel Tunnels. The entrance for this room is by the Building Station on the Docks. The two actions can often be accomplished while completing other tasks. This part has the same steps in both Solo and Multiplayer Mode.

Open the Wardens Door

  1. Go to the entrance of the Warden's Office and enter Afterlife by pressing your action button while close to the electrical box.
  2. Go through the same portal that you would have used if the Warden's Key was in this location.
  3. Take a right. You will see a second portal on your left.
  4. Go through that portal and down the steps. There will be a power meter to your left.
  5. Shoot electricity at the power meter.
  6. Revive yourself.

Note: This task can be completed at the same time as you are lowering the Warden's Key if the key is in this area.

Shut Down the Electricity to the Other Door

  1. While inside the room between the Docks and the Citadel Tunnels enter Afterlife by using the electrical box.
  2. Find and overload the three electrical panels by shooting them with electricity. The first is by the gate leading to the Citadel Tunnels, the second is on the far side of the room facing the portal, and the third is inside the portal to your left.
  3. Revive yourself

Note: This task can be done while on the Docks getting the tanks.

After You Have Completed These Steps You Can

  1. Open the gate using the Wardens Key.
  2. Pick up the part that is on top of the table.


The Uniforms can be located in a washing machine behind a gate in the Showers. Before you can take the part you must power the washing machine and begin the cycle. Beware, once the cycle starts you will be trapped in the Showers and will need to fight off a horde of zombies. The steps are the same in Solo and Multiplayer Mode.

The Steps

  1. Open the door to the Washing Machine by using your Wardens Key.
  2. Enter Afterlife by using the electrical box on the other side of the Showers.
  3. Power the washing machine by shooting electricity at the voltmeter that is directly across from the washing machine.
  4. Revive yourself.
  5. Go back to the washing machine and press your action button while close to it. This will trigger the washing cycle. During the washing cycle, the two doors leading out of the Showers will be engulfed in flames, preventing anyone from entering or exiting.
  6. Survive the hoard of zombies.
  7. When the cycle is finished remove the uniforms from the washing machine by getting close to it and pressing your action button.

Note: In Multiplayer Mode it can help to have other players ready to help you defend. They need to enter the Showers before you start the washing cycle.


Control Valve

The Control Valve is located in the Infirmary beside the entrance to the Roof. This part is the easiest to acquire. All you need to do is open the door of the glass case using your Wardens Key. Once it is open you can pick up the part.

What You Need to Know

  • In Solo, you can hold all the parts and will keep them even if you go down.
  • In Multiplayer Mode each player can only hold one part. If they go down they will drop their part.
  • If a player leaves the game while holding a part, it will go back to its original location.
  • The Brutus can appear at any time. Be ready by having plenty of ammo when completing difficult tasks such as getting the Uniform.
  • This can be considered the first step in completing the Easter Egg since flying the plane to the Bridge is required.

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