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"Icarus" Furnace Guide

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Smelting in Icarus

Progressing to the more mid and high tier technology requires metals. More durable building materials, more advanced armor and weaponry, and even some types of food require smelting ore into ingots using furnaces. They are always one of the primary goals to work towards as soon as you practically can. However, there are multiple types of furnaces for different ores and multiple ways to use them. You'll need to know what furnaces are used for what so you can prioritize your resources effectively.

Different Furnace Types

As you progress, you'll need to use different furnaces types for different ores. These furnaces begin unlocking in tier 2 and include the following.

Tier 2: Stone Furnace

After learning it in the tier 2 tech tree, the stone furnace can be crafted in the crafting bench. Used to smelt iron and copper, this is the entry point to smelting and critical for getting iron ingots. Iron ingots are a key to moving through technology. They're used for more secure building such as stone, many types of workbenches, even for crafting bullets.

Tier 3: Concrete Furnace

Requiring tier 3, a machining bench, and a concrete mixer, this furnace is critical to reach but somewhat challenging. While iron gates a lot of mid tier technology, steel gates higher tier technology. Additionally, it's required to break into electronics, several new building materials, new types of armor, and even guns.

Tier 4: Electric Furnace

A part of tier 4, the electric furnace is necessary to smelt composites. This is essential for end game gear and equipment. However, this furnace requires electricity to run, so you'll have to attach it to a solar panel or biofuel generator.

How Smelting Works

Smelting is fairly straightforward, and features a few convenient differences in comparison to smelting in some other survival games.

Furnace have storage slots, and a single slot for fuel. Simply load the storage slots with any and all of the resources that a given furnace can smelt, drop in some fuel of your preferred type, and hit activate. You can typically use wood, sticks, fiber, or coal ore to run a furnace. Do take note that it will not deactivate on it's own, but it will smelt through everything it can automatically without having to switch things around. Smelted resources will end up in the furnace storage along with charcoal.

The furnace storage can take any item even if it cannot be smelted, so it's convenient for some extra storage. I particularly find it useful for storing ores that I cannot smelt yet so I don't need to find another home for them until I unlock higher tier furnaces.

Material List

Below you'll find a table showing what materials each furnace type can smelt, and what it produces. However, in some cases there are a few extra steps to make the materials that need to go into the furnace. Those materials include:

  • Steel bloom to make steel ingots. You must combine iron ore or iron ingots with coal ore to craft steel bloom in a mortar and pestle.
  • Carbon paste to make carbon fiber. This is more complicated, requiring silica ore, aluminimum ingot, organic resin, and epoxy to be combined in a mortar and pestle.

Otherwise, you simply acquire ore by mining it, often in a cave, and smelt it in the furnaces to get your materials.

Smelting Materials


Stone Furnace

Iron Ore

Iron Ingot

Stone Furnace

Copper Ore

Copper Ingot

Concrete Furnace

Gold Ore

Refined Gold

Concrete Furnace

Silica Ore


Concrete Furnace

Platinum Ore

Platinum Ingot

Concrete Furnace

Titanium Ore

Titanium Ingot

Concrete Furnace

Carbon Paste

Carbon Fiber

Concrete Furnace

Aluminium Ore

Aluminium Ingot

Concrete Furnace

Steel Bloom

Steel Ingot

Electric Furnace

Composite Paste


Concrete Furnace Materials

The concrete furnace unlocks a lot more materials, including steel, carbon fiber, and glass. It also is still able to smelt iron and copper as well.

The concrete furnace unlocks a lot more materials, including steel, carbon fiber, and glass. It also is still able to smelt iron and copper as well.

Final Thoughts

Smelting ore into ingots is essential to progress in Icarus. While finding caves in order to mine ore to do this can be challenging, the smelting process is actually fairly easy and convenient with very little tedium. The decision to make furnaces have storage and multiple fuel sources to consume was very smart on behalf of the developers and meaningfully improves the game experience.

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