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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": Key Locations of Buried

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

The Giant is one of the exciting new features introduced in Buried. In order to let the Giant out of the jail cell, you will first need to locate the key. The key is relatively easy to identify because of its bright green glowing skull.

In every game, the key first appears right outside the jail cell on a hook. However, if the Giant is sent back to his cage during the game for any reason, he will close the door behind him and it will lock. The key will then randomly appear in one of four locations.

If the Giant receives enough damage from players he will run back to the cell. This can be caused by guns, explosives, and other equipment. Melee weapons will cause the Giant to run faster, but will not send him back to his cage.

Possible Locations of the Key

  • The Jail Cell
  • The Bank
  • The Saloon
  • The Courthouse

The Jail Cell

At the beginning of each game, the Key will be in the Jail Cell. It can also randomly appear there if the Giant locks himself back inside. The Jail Cell is located in the Sheriff's Office, which is in the corner of the town area across from the Barn.

The Key is hanging on a hook beside the Jail Cell.


The Bank

Another possible location for the key is inside the Bank. The key randomly appears in the same room that has the teller stations that can be used to deposit or withdraw points.

The Bank is located in the center of the town area, beside the General Store. In order to access this particular room of the Bank, you will need to drop down from above. Once in the correct room, head toward the employee side of the teller area. The key will be hanging on the left-hand side at the entrance into the employees' side.


The Saloon

It's hardest to find the key when it's in the Saloon. The Saloon itself is behind the Candy Store and beside the Gunsmith. Go up the steps after you enter through the main doors of the Saloon. Take a right into the second small room that leads to a balcony. The Key will be on your right-hand side as you pass through that room.


The Courthouse

The final possible location for the Key is in the Courthouse. The Courthouse is located across from the Candy Store and beside the Church. As soon as you walk through the main doors of the Courthouse, you should see the key hanging from the bench directly in front of you.

Other Useful Tips

  • If you beat the Giant back to the Cell, he will not close the door until you leave. If you feed him Booze or Candy you can get him back out without finding the Key.
  • Picking up the Key will cause you to drop Booze, Candy, or the Chalk for drawing Wall Weapons.

More Information on the Giant, Candy, Booze, and Chalk

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