M.P.D. (Moon Pyramid Device) in "Call of Duty: Zombies"

Updated on March 3, 2020
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

The M.P.D. found on the Moon.
The M.P.D. found on the Moon. | Source

The M.P.D. is a pyramid-shaped device that can be found on the moon. Due to its shape and location, it was named the Moon Pyramid Device, or M.P.D. for short. It plays a crucial role in the Zombie Story and a key element in the power struggle between Edward Richtofen and Ludvig Maxis.

In This Guide:

  • Origins of the M.P.D.
  • Ability of the M.P.D.
  • The M.P.D. Story
  • Theories about the M.P.D.
  • Other Useful Information

Origins of the M.P.D.

The Moon Pyramid Device was found on the Moon in an underground cavern. Its exact locations are not known, or at least has not been fully revealed. However, there are some clues as to the origins of this device.

First, Edward Richtofen claimed to have found several Vril Artifacts at the site of the M.P.D., and they had a language written on them. He further claimed to be able to decode some of the languages on those artifacts. The Vril Society believed that superior people inhabited the center of the earth and used Vril Energy.

Secondly, it was found in an area of the Moon that would be difficult to reach, let alone build the device. Countries did not have the known technology to be able to pull off such a feat. This makes it unlikely that it was projected or conducted by any one government.

Finally. it was built, but does not appear to have been used to the full potential of its power before it was re-discovered by Edward Richtofen. Was this because the builder of the device was unable to finish the project, they decided not to use it, or it was meant to be used at a later date?

The Theories section below will gives some possible theories as to the origins of this device.

Ability of the M.P.D.

The full ability of the Moon Pyramid device is not known. However, we do know some of the abilities of the device. We also know some of the abilities that the device is thought to have. First, we will look at the known abilities of the device.

Samantha Maxis entered the device after it was powered by Dr. Group and Dr. Schuster. Once inside the device she had limited power over the zombies and other 'magic' such as the Mystery Box, Power-Ups, and Telepathy. Using this Telepathy, Samantha influenced Yuri Zavoyski into trapping Gersch using his own device.

There are also abilities that this device is thought to have. Some of these abilities were discussed during an Edward Richtofen speech found in a hidden Radio on the Moon. On the fifth hidden radio message, he claimed that it was a direct connection to another dimension. It is also suspected to control Vril Energy and the Aether.

The M.P.D. Story

Dr. Edward Richtofen discovered the Moon Pyramid Device when he and Dr. Schuster were experimenting with the M.T.D. (Matter Transference Device or Teleporter). Dr. Richtofen volunteered to be the first live human test subject. When he used the device he expected to re-appear at the mainframe, but instead, he found himself in a cavern on the Moon that contained the M.P.D. He returned back to his lab in Der Riese 20 days after he teleported to this location.

Dr. Richtofen started to hear voices when he first touched the device. These voices led to him having some understanding of the device. As soon as he returned he got the support of several other Group 935 scientists and started building a station around the device. Griffin station was pieced together from parts that were sent there with the M.T.D., and put together by the scientists that were working with him.

Dr. Group and Dr. Schuster were tasked with finding out how the M.T.D. device worked. While experimenting with the device they killed a rat. This caused the capacitor to illuminate and the tank to begin to fill. They reported this to Dr. Richtofen and he began sending live humans to the scientists on Griffin station. They killed these humans near the device in order to fill the tanks.

Once the tanks were full, Dr. Richtofen decided to 'take care of' Ludvig and Samantha Maxis. He trapped them in a room with a Hellhound, but they were able to activate the M.T.D. device and teleport. First Samantha ended up on Griffin Station. While running from members of Group 935 she ran into the M.P.D. and was trapped in there.

Ludvig Maxis was found and the Group 935 scientist tried to get him to persuade Samantha Maxis to leave the device. However, he instead instructed her to 'kill them all', them all being Group 935.

Edward Richtofen wanted to have control of the Aether and needed to control the M.P.D. in order to do so. He put in place a plan called Richthofen's Grand Scheme, which is the main Easter Egg on the Moon. He managed to take control of the M.P.D. by switching places with Samantha, trapping her in his body. He did this by using the Vril Generator and Focusing Stone.

This gave Richtofen limited control over the zombies. He was also able to telepathically influence others to help him gain complete control over the Aether by powering towers in Green Run, Die Rise, and Buried. During this time Maxis also tried to take control by influencing survivors by communicating with them through electronic devices.

The next part of the M.P.D. story depends on which side of the Easter Eggs the players decide to complete. By choosing a side the players will help either Maxis or Richtofen take control over the M.P.D. and the Aether.

M.P.D. Theories

There are many theories that could explain the origins of the M.P.D. and its abilities. I choose some of the more credible theories that line up with actual history, clues in the game, and conspiracy theories. The first two theories have been mentioned on other sites and forums, the last two theories are my own. My theories are heavily influenced by the story line and its connection to history and conspiracies.

Theory 1: Aliens

This seems to be the most popular theory that most players think is the origins of the device. This would coincide with the thoughts that Der Glocke was re-engineered from a crashed alien aircraft. However, if this theory is correct it leaves some major questions. Where did the aliens go? Why are they not using the device? Why did they build the device?

One possible solution to the questions is that they build the device before life formed on Earth, with the knowledge that it would one day develop. They left clues that allowed the device to be accessed so that they can influence those that came in contact with it. This would explain why Edward Richtofen hears voices as soon as he touches the device.

Theory 2: Angels or the Devil

The second theory involves either Angels or the Devil. This theory would make the Device either a trap for the Devil or a weapon created by the Devil. Either way the thought is that the voice communicating with Dr. Richtofen is the Devil himself. He is influencing Richtofen to help destroy humanity either for the Devils enjoyment or to free him from the trap.

This theory would not make as much sense with a story that is so heavily concentrated on science, and such little spirituality. However, the idea of the Aether was once held by the ancients as the air the Gods themselves breathe. This idea involved the though of Aether that was used in science before the Theory of Relativity.

Theory 3: The Illuminati

Richtofen does not mention the Illuminati until after he has came in contact with this device. He then mentions them several times, and tries to recruit Nikolai Belinski. There are also many hidden Illuminati symbols that would suggest there is some Illuminati connection. Finally, the device is shaped like a Pyramid, this is the most known Illuminati symbol. It also has an eye, which is the second common Illuminati Symbol.

The question would remain, why would the Illuminati not be using this device. Did they lose the ability to access the device? It is also possible that they do control the device, and this is all part of their plan.

The Illuminati conspiracy theory is connected to the Nazis. It is thought that Vril energy was discovered and would allow the use of free energy. The Illuminati hid this discovery in order to be able to control the world by controlling the energy.

Theory 4: Vril-ya

Vril-ya were introduced in a book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, The Coming Race. It describes advanced people that lived in the center of the earth and controlled the Vril Energy. The Vril gave them the ability to animate mechanisms (robots), destroy cities, heal, hold influence over minds, and replenish life. The Vril-ya were able to control the Vril through staves.

A group was formed in 1919 called the "Brothers of the Light," which later changed its name to the Vril Society. It is thought that the Vril Society was founded as an "All German Society for Metaphysics."

There are a lot of connections between the Vril-ya and the Zombie Story. The Vril Generator was a Golden Staff. The Vril-ya controlled the Vril with staves. They could influence minds, which the M.P.D. is used for this purpose. Then there is the connection with controlling robots. More light might be shed of this in Origins, since there is a giant robot.

If this theory is correct then this story is going to get very strange and interesting before it is over. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis received their idea of an Aryan Nation from the Vril-ya, which were believed to be all Aryan.

Other Useful Information

  • Dr. Maxis is also experimenting with Vril energy. If he is unaware of the M.P.D. then he must have found something else that led him to this discovery.
  • Richtofen is likely the creator of the FLESH, a group of survivors that eat zombie flesh. It could be that Element 115 is needed in order to influence minds. Having people eat zombie flesh would expose them to 115.


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