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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies:" Mined Games, Easter Egg in Buried (Richtofen and Maxis Side)

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Mined Games, The Cypher

Mined Games, The Cypher

Complete Both Sides of the Easter Egg in Buried, Mined Games

There are two sides to Mined Games, the Easter Egg in for Buried, Resolution 1295. There are several steps that are identical or similar in both the Maxis and Richtofen side. Some of these steps are difficult to complete and take teamwork and patients.

This guide lists all of the steps needed to compete either side of this Easter Egg and a brief description of what is needed to do so. There is at least one link at the bottom of each step that will bring you to a more detailed guide on that particular step. This allows players that know the steps to get a quick refresher, while giving the ability to dig deeper into steps as needed.

The Steps For Mined Games (Maxis Side):

  1. Build the Hangman's Noose
  2. Break the Crystal Balls
  3. The Lantern
  4. Decode the Cypher
  5. The Spire
  6. The Bells
  7. Sharpshooter

The Steps For Mined Games (Richtofen Side):

  1. Build the Guillotine
  2. Freeze the Crystal Balls
  3. The Lantern
  4. The Cypher
  5. Activate and move the Wisp
  6. Get the switch and Activate the levers
  7. The Sharpshooter Round
The Paralyzer

The Paralyzer

Before You Get Started

This Easter Egg is more difficult if you attempt it on high rounds. I highly suggest putting money in your bank in order to be able to buy everything you need early in the game. The list below are items you need and the step you will need them.

Maxis Side: Needed Items

  • Subsurface Resonator - Step 2
  • Turbine - Step 2
  • Galvaknuckles - Step 5
  • Time Bomb - Step 5

Richtofen Side: Needed Items

The Hangman's Noose for Mined Games.

The Hangman's Noose for Mined Games.

The Guillotine for Mined Games.

The Guillotine for Mined Games.

Step 1. Build The Equipment

Both versions require you to build different equipment. Two of the parts can be used for either piece of equipment, so building the part on the correct equipment is important. Both pieces of equipment need four parts in order to operate properly. You will build the equipment now, but will not use it again until step 5.

The Hangman's Noose for the Maxis Side

The Hangman's Noose can be found beside the Courthouse. The link below will show where each part is and how to build it.

  • How To Build Hangman's Noose

The Guillotine for the Richtofen Side

The Guillotine is between the Saloon and the Gunsmith.


Step 2. The Crystal Balls

There are a total of four Crystal Balls located in Buried. Both versions of the Easter Egg use the Crystal Balls. However, they use them in different manners.

Maxis Side: Crystal Balls

You will need to break the four Crystal Balls by using the Subsurface Resonator and the Turbine. You do not need to freeze them first, that is part of the Richtofen Easter Egg.

Richtofen Side: Crystal Balls

Instead of breaking the Crystal Balls, you will freeze them with the Paralyzer. The balls will make a noise when they have been frozen properly.


Step 3. The Lantern

A purple lantern will start flying around after you have completed the Crystal Ball step. You will need to use a grenade to knock the Lantern out of the sky. After the lantern falls to the ground a player will need to pick it up. The lantern will need to be charged before it can be placed by the Cypher.

The steps are the same on both sides, except for the manner of charging the lantern.

  • Maxis Side - Charge the lantern with Zombies
  • Richtofen Side - Charge the lantern with Ghosts

When the lantern is fully charged picture of the lantern will appear on the roof of the Gunsmith. Place the lantern on the picture to see the Cypher.


Step 4. Decode the Cypher

This step is exactly the same on both sides of the Easter Egg. Three lines will appear on the wall above the picture of the lantern. These lines will each be made up of symbols. You must figure out from this code which signs to punch. There are several methods for breaking the code.


Step 5. The Wisp (Spire)

With the Galvaknuckles, punch the three signs indicated by the code in the previous step. When you punch the third sign a ball of light, called the Wisp or Spire, will appear. I use Spire for the Maxis side and Wisp for the Richtofen side, so that there is less confusion.

Maxis Side - the Spire

  1. When the ball of light appears the player holding the Time Bomb should set the bomb by placing one anywhere on the map.
  2. The player that hit the last sign must follow the Spire as it makes its way to Hangman's Noose. You must feed it charged zombies in order to allow it to have the energy to make it all the way to the noose.
  3. After the Spire lights up a bulb on the noose the player with the Time Bomb must activate it, going back to the moment the spire first appeared.
  4. Follow the Spire back to the Hangman's Noose in order to illuminate the second light.

Richtofen Side - The Wisp

You can only see the Wisp if you have Vulture-Aid.

  1. When The Wisp appears you will need to find it an press your action button. It will move to a new location.
  2. Keep finding it, and moving it, until it reaches the Guillotine.
  3. Activate it one last time, so that the large orb is in the hole where a person's neck would be. This will turn the Guillotine into a Wisp cannon.
  4. Kill five zombies that have been "infected" with the Wisp. They will be "infected" by getting shot with the Wisp Cannon when in range.

Step 6. The Bells (Maxis Side)

Since step six is very different in both versions, I separated both sides.

There are a total of nine bells. Three are in each of the following locations: Courthouse, Candy store, and Barn. There is a switchboard in the Haunted Mansion that has nine bulbs. Each bulb is associated with a specific bell.

One player must watch the switchboard and direct the other players to activate the bells. Each of the other players should be in one of the three locations mentioned above.

Step 6. Round Infinity and the Levers (Richtofen Side)

You must travel to round infinity in order to get the switch needed to activate the levers. You will need need to use the Time Bomb to complete this step.

Round Infinity

Place the Time Bomb on the Guillotine and have all players stand around it. Then activate the Time Bomb. This will bring you to round infinity.

Once in round infinity you must find your dead bodies and search them for the switch. There are many locations for the dead bodies and they change each time you go back to round infinity. You will only be in round infinity for a short time, so you must quickly complete this step.

When you have the switch you will need to go back to your own time, and add it to the Guillotine. The link below will bring you to a guide that gives the locations of the bodies and other detailed information on completing this step.

The Levers

This part of the step can be very frustrating if you don't know how to find the proper order of the levers. You must go into the maze and find four levers on the metal doors, then pull the levers in the correct order. After you pull all four levers, the levers pulled in the proper order will spark.

If you pull the levers incorrectly you will need to leave this area and return.


Step 7: Sharpshooter

This step is exactly the same in both versions of the Easter Egg.

A player will start sharpshooter by "making a wish" in the fountain outside of the Church. When this happens targets will appear at four different locations. Every target must be shot during the same 'wish' for this step to be completed. One player should go to each of the areas listed below.

  • Haunted Mansion - outside
  • Candy Store - Outside
  • Saloon - Inside
  • Mystery Box Start Area

Completing The Easter Egg

When you finish all seven steps you will see an achievement appear on your screen. If you already completed this or the Richtofen side, then you will not get another achievement.

The players will receive all seven Perks. They can not lose the Perks for the remainder of the game, even if they go down and die completely.