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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" Dome: Best Camping Spots and Tricks

I am an avid "Call of Duty" player who loves to share my personal experience to aid fellow players.

Dome Was Made for Fast-Paced Combat

Like many of the other Modern Warfare 3 maps, Dome was made especially for the quickest short-range combat possible, due to the map's small size, numerous obstacles, and buildings. You will often find that whilst the majority of players enjoy taking the role as the "Run and Gunner" on this map, there are some who have discovered certain locations on the map, where camping can be utilised to its best!

Although, as many players will eventually find, camping rapidly becomes very boring and tedious to the point that one begins to wonder why they're playing such a dull game in the first place... So whilst you can make use of some of these camping spots around the map, remember that it is legal to move around as well!

A layout of some great camping spots on the Modern Warfare 3 map dome. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this image. Visit the site of the original image via.

A layout of some great camping spots on the Modern Warfare 3 map dome. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this image. Visit the site of the original image via.

The Dome Camping Spots

Dome has some great spots where the enemy will usually struggle to notice and/or kill you. I have put a number onto each location on the map that has proven to be great for campers, and I have recommendations for the best guns to be using in that location.

Whilst some of the recommendations come down to personal preference, hopefully you will already know some weapons which you do well with, and others which you don't do so well with. It's key to always use the weapons that you’re both comfortable and good with; otherwise you will find yourself getting heavily frustrated at dying all the time!

Also try to use perks which will keep you most silent or stealthy, as you don't want too many enemies knowing your position on the map. I'd recommend perks such as "Blind eye" or "Assassin" as these can really help when trying to keep a low profile.

Camping Spot 1

Camping Spot 1

1. Main Building: Back Entrance Stairs

The first camping spot on the map is in a little room near the stairs to the back entrance of the main building. In there, you will find a few barrels and other objects which you can crouch near, or you can easily stick to the corners and simply wait for unsuspecting enemies. This camping spot is notoriously known for being the "spawn killer," where it is often the case that an enemy will spawn there and you will kill them over and over again, due to Modern Warfare 3's appalling spawn system...

For this location, I recommend using an Assault Rifle or Sub-Machine gun that you're most comfortable with, as you may find yourself in a situation where there are a lot of enemies coming your way, so you will need to be quick and accurate with your aiming! Another tip would be to use the silencer whilst camping, so that you won't appear as a "red dot" on the mini-map. Not only will this keep you concealed, but it will also keep you quiet, too.

Camping Spot 2

Camping Spot 2

2. In the Dome

The second camping spot is conveniently located within the Dome itself. It has a great table-like object that you can crouch and aim behind, and only offers two points of entrance for enemies into the area. However, it is rather a hazardous area because there are 3-4 explosive barrels located inside and around the Dome, although if you manage to destroy those before entering, you will be safe from all explosions except for enemy grenades. These, unfortunately, can't be stopped unless you use the trophy system, or you can prevent a lot of grenade damage from having the Blast Shield perk.

As mentioned before, it's best to use a silenced Assault Rifle or Sub-Machine gun whilst camping anywhere, but especially in the dome, because it does tend to be a hotspot for Run and Gunners to pass through. Pay attention! You will become a primary target to your enemies by camping in here!

Camping Spot 3

Camping Spot 3

3. South Interior: Back Wall

This is a very common camping spot for Modern Warfare 3 players, as it is also a re-spawn point, which means people don't have to go far to begin camping again. This particular location has good cover from enemies coming from any of the entrances, although you may struggle for kills due to the competition from other players using the same spot. Therefore, to get the upper-hand on your competition, place a Claymore/Bouncing Betty near one of the entrances, and you are almost always guaranteed at least one kill!

To fully utilise this camping spot, stick to the edge of the back wall, and when reloading crouch or go prone behind the wall of cover. Plus, use a weapon with either a lot of ammunition or a quick reloading time, as enemies can come at you quite quickly in this area, or they can lure you out by throwing grenades...

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Camping Spot 4

Camping Spot 4

4. Main Building: Hallway

This spot is great as the objects like barrels and tables provide good cover, and not many players fully check their corners when moving into that hallway. This means that you can quickly take out the enemy when they're not expecting you, as well as have plenty of cover from any bullets they may fire. This spot is one of my personal favourites to use a sniper rifle like the MSR or Barrett .50CAL. However, for those who are less experienced with the sniper rifles, you may want to stick with the comfort and consistency that the Assault rifles give.

Camping Spot 5

Camping Spot 5

5. Main Building: Front Entrance

This spot covers the front entrance to the main building, and gives a good view into the rest of the room. The table, will provide as an excellent source of cover for when enemies pass through the building, but only if you are both quick and silent, so remember that silencer!

Also you will have to be cautious that no enemies are coming from the other entrance, as you will not have great cover from that side of the building. Although, if you want to be sure that enemies will not sneak up on you from that area, you can set up a Claymore/Bouncing Betty at one of the two opposite entrances.

Using a silencer does obviously help here, but is not as important as using an attachment like extended magazines, due to many enemies entering through the front entrance at the same time, or trying to flank on your position.

Camping Spot 6

Camping Spot 6

6. North Exterior: Alley

This spot isn't often very well used, as many people do find camping here unbelievably boring, although it is undoubtedly a great place to catch your enemies’ off-guard! The two points to mainly watch out for enemies is coming out from the Dome, or coming down from the back entrance of the main building.

It definitely helps to have a good headset or loud volume, so that you can easily hear the enemy foot steps and actions. Being able to hear footsteps or actions like gun-shots and grenades really helps with your overall awareness of what's going on. Especially, since Modern Warfare 3's audio system was built specifically so that each different sound has a uniquely different volume/noise.

To have the UAV as part of your Kill-Streak chain means that you will be able to identify all enemy players locations on the mini-map (only the enemies who aren't using Assassin or Blind-eye).

Camping Spot 7

Camping Spot 7

7. Main Building: Overlooking Main Room

Much like camping spot 5, you have good cover here as well as a good view of the rest of the main room. Although, in this position, you also have a good line of sight to a wider area of the rest of the map, so you can see more of what's going on outside and around you. Therefore, it is proven to be easier to both kill and be killed here, as you can both see more and be seen by the enemy more. For that reason, you should only choose a gun that you're fully comfortable with or levelling up, as whilst you are going to get a lot of kills in this spot, you will find yourself being more prone to dying.

Camping Spot 8

Camping Spot 8

8. South Exterior: The Cave

This spot is the best for mowing down the enemies who rush out from the cave-like building, as it has direct cover from the exit as well as a good line of sight towards it. Whilst in this spot, you can keep safe from all enemy bullets which aren't aimed for your head, and at the same time be able to get easy, clear shots on your enemies. The other players will inevitably hate your guts for using this location, but if you really want to get kills or the M.O.A.B you've got to do, what you've got to do sometimes.

(Be warned that there is an explosive barrel close to your spot, so if you wish to camp there, remember to blow it up first.)

You can use any weapon you'd like in this spot, as kills will come very easy, but remember to either use the perk Scavenger Pro or use Extended Magazines.

Camping Spot 9

Camping Spot 9

9. South Exterior: Facing the Dome

This spot provides excellent cover facing the Dome and the downhill path many players take to rush to the players inside the Dome. However, it is worth mentioning that you will not be very well protected from players who come from the cave building, as they will simply turn the corner and knife you! Therefore, I'd recommend putting either a Bouncing Betty or a Claymore just outside the entrance, so that enemies will be blown up before they even reach you. Otherwise, this spot could be considered pretty much useless... Unless, of course, the enemy team has just begun spawning inside of the Dome.

Camping Spot 10

Camping Spot 10

10. South Exterior: Behind the Vehicles

This final camping spot has great cover from the two vehicles which surround it, and from the fence-like barrier which makes you unseen from the enemies who are rushing from the Dome. You will almost always have the upper hand in this area, because you have plenty of cover and players don't expect you to be there. However, from experience, your greatest threat here is going to be grenades or the fact that the vehicles can explode, as many plays like to see you fly through the air as they blow them up...

Apart from that, this is one of the best camping spots for any Modern Warfare 3 beginner or veteran, but make sure to use the method of Camp and Move.

(Camping in a spot to get 2-3 kills, before then moving on to another spot on the map.)

Camping Is Awesome for Kills!

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drspaniel (author) from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year... on June 03, 2012:

That's a very valid point! Thank you I completely forgot about the portable radar.

Brian on June 03, 2012:

Thanks for the camp spots the first and last one work a lot and i got my M.O.A.B but you forgot to have the portable radar to be on the look of flanking

allen on May 19, 2012:

This spot sucks first kill I got someone got me with a richochioing throwing knife.

Josh on May 11, 2012:

I used the camping spots and I kicked ass and won $100 bucks

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