Modern Warfare 3: Simple Strategy to Get The MOAB Fast!

Updated on July 11, 2013

Many Modern Warfare 3 players strive desperately to try to get the new "Modern Warfare 3 nuke", however it is rare for them to actually succeed in the process...

This is mainly due to the fact that it is much harder than getting the Modern Warfare 2 nuke, which you could easily get from starting with a 7 killstreak and then progressing to your 11 killstreak to finally the nuke at 25 kills. This time, you must acquire these 25 consecutive kills with your guns only, and you must do it without the aid of killstreaks!

Sound impossible? Well luckily for you, I have a great strategy and some great tips which will help you on your way to getting your first MOAB!

Modern Warfare 3 ACR 6.8 Gold Camouflage.

Credit for this image belongs to Activision and Infinity Ward, the creators of Modern Warfare 3.
Credit for this image belongs to Activision and Infinity Ward, the creators of Modern Warfare 3. | Source

Your Class Setup.

One of the most important things to consider when you are going for the MOAB, is to choose a class and setup which you are both comfortable and effective with.

Unless you are trying to set yourself a challenge by using one of the under-powered weapons to get the MOAB, you should always use the weapons which have the least recoil and which you find easy to use.

Remember, you need to get 25 consecutive kills with your weapon, and this means that you are going to need to be able to kill people with your weapon as fast as possible!

Here is what your MOAB Class setup should be like:


  • Your preferred Weapon. (E.G ACR 6.8 Assault Rifle.)
  • Your preferred Secondary Weapon. (The Stinger if you are trying to be a team player, or one of the machine pistols if you are going to be a 'lone wolf'.)


  • Semtex or Frag Grenades.
  • Concussion or Flash grenades.


  • Sleight of Hand Pro or Scavenger Pro.
  • Quick Draw Pro or Hardline Pro.
  • Steady Aim Pro.

Point streaks.

  • Specialist. (Any combination you want.)
  • Assault. (UAV and Care Package.)
  • Support. (UAV, Counter UAV and Advanced UAV.)

Whilst the Weapons that you choose are completely up to you, and your game-style, a recommendation which I can make are that you use the Assault Rifles or Sub-machine guns. These are the easiest selection of weapons to get the MOAB with, especially, as they do the highest rate of fire with a decent damage rate.

However, that in no way states that you cannot possibly get the MOAB with a shotgun like the Spas-12, my only point to make here is that it will be a lot harder!

Regarding your killstreaks, if you do choose to go for the Assault package (for whatever reason that may be), none of the rewards which kill the enemy team are going to aid you on your way to the MOAB. Therefore, using the UAV and the care-package should be your rewards of choice, as these will not kill any of the enemy team players, but does help you in locating them!

You may be wondering how and why a care-package will help you see the enemy team players, but in reality its so simple and effective! When you deploy a care-package flare, the enemy team not only see a massive helicopter fly over to where you are, but they also see a red box appear on their mini-map.

Out of curiosity, they are likely to run over to the red box in hope of possibly "hijacking" your rewards, however, when they run over to the care-package you will be able to see them in a clear line of sight.

Modern Warfare 3 Shotgunner.

All credit for this image goes to Spetsnats via.
All credit for this image goes to Spetsnats via. | Source

Your Game-style.

An important factor which comes into play when attempting to get the "Modern Warfare 3 Nuke", is your specific game-style and weapons of choice. If you are what is called a "Run and Gunner", you are preferably going to want to use a weapon which gives you good mobility, at the same time as being highly powerful.

Although, if you're game-style on Modern Warfare 3 is a bit more laid back and 'defensive', you can equip something a little more heavier with a lot more bullet damage.

For when trying to get the MOAB, you should try to get in a mix of both being "defensive" and "run and gun", as you are going to want to get as many kills possible, in the shortest time possible. Therefore, whilst you can run from location to location on the map, you should be constantly checking your corners and being aware of your surroundings, as it only takes one person to end your kill-streak completely...

As for camping... In my personal view you are not going to have any fun playing Modern Warfare 3 if you are hiding in a corner for an entire match. However, if this is your official first time going for the MOAB, it is acceptable for you to camp your way to 25 kills, as the challenge itself doesn't say that you have to be moving the whole time either.

Modern Warfare 3 ACR 6.8 on Domination.

All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward, the creators of modern Warfare 3.
All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward, the creators of modern Warfare 3. | Source

Your Chosen Game-Mode.

As important as it is to play smart and not run around corners without checking them first, you must remember to chose a game-mode that you either enjoy or are specifically good at. Even if that happens to be Search and Destroy, even though it is going to be more time and kill restrained than Domination, it is still very much possible to get the MOAB playing Search and Destroy.

My recommended Modern Warfare 3 game-modes for trying to get the MOAB are "Domination" and "Kill Confirmed", due to the fact that these give you the ability to be killed once or twice and still get the MOAB, and it means that you can play in a team which is a huge advantage. Why? Because it means that you are playing with people that you can communicate with better, and they will be willing to support you on getting those 25 kills.

Also, if you feeling super smart, you can use your team mates as a kind of "moving radar", as you can ask them where they have been killed, and where the enemies are spawning on the map.

A Great Modern Warfare 3 Sniping Video Clip.

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        HowToMoab 3 years ago

        Every time I try to get a Moab I never get 1 even though I always watch videos for tips how to get a Moab and when I see a spawn point video right when I go to a game I forget the spawn points

        Also this is my recommended class

        1. MP7 silencer extended mags

        MP9 silencer


        portable radar

        Scavenger pro

        hardline pro

        SitRep pro

        Death streak: Juiced

        Strike Package: Specialist

        Sleight of hand pro

        Assassin pro

        Dead silence pro

        is there anything wrong here?