An Overwatch Menu Guide for Beginners

Updated on December 18, 2018
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Overwatch Victory Screen
Overwatch Victory Screen

The 7 Menu Options

You will be greeted by the game menu as soon as you start playing Overwatch, so let's go through all the menu options so you can easily navigate through the game from your very first moments of gameplay. There will be seven initial options.

  1. The first option you'll see will say "play," which does exactly what it says it does. This button will take you to the game mode selection screen (which will be covered in detail later in this article).
  2. The second option is "training," which allows you to enter training maps wherein you can practice playing as all the different heroes. There are also target dummies available for aiming practice and similar activities. (There will be more information about this option later on as well.)
  3. The third option is the "hero gallery," and it contains all the cosmetic items you can collect for all your heroes. At the beginning it will most likely be empty (unless you have the deluxe version of the game,) but you will be able to fill it up as you progress through the game.
  4. "Loot box" is the fourth option. This option enables you to either open the available loot boxes or purchase them with real-life currency. These loot boxes contain cosmetic items that will be added into your hero gallery.
  5. The fifth option is "social," which is pretty self-explanatory. This option enables you to add friends, view friends, and invite friends to play with you.
  6. The sixth option is called "career profile." This option lets you see how many hours you have played, and it shows you lots of different other stats about your career in Overwatch.
  7. The seventh option is simply titled "options." Use this option to adjust the video, audio, and controller settings.

Overwatch Menu
Overwatch Menu

Game Modes

There are four game modes:

  1. Quick Play
  2. Arcade
  3. Competitive Play
  4. Play vs. A.I.

1. Quick Play

This game mode allows you to enter quick, casual matches with random people. The matches played in quick play mode won't affect your rank in the game.

2. Arcade

The arcade game mode contains fun game modes with special or wacky rules. It contains 3v3 matches, 1v1 duels, capture the flag, Mystery Heroes, and many other game modes that are specifically made to be fun and silly. These fun matches also grant players an extra loot box for every three wins, which can amount to up to three extra boxes every five days.

Overwatch Game Modes
Overwatch Game Modes
Arcade Game Modes
Arcade Game Modes

3. Competitive Play

The competitive play game mode is only unlocked after you have reached level 25. In this game mode, every match counts towards your overall skill rating, which is also the way you are assigned to a league. You can get promoted from Bronze to Silver to Gold and so on. The competitive play mode's progression system is not unique, but it is quite addictive. You can also collect "competitive points," which can be used to unlock special golden weapon skins for your favorite heroes.

Overwatch Competitive Tier Legend
Overwatch Competitive Tier Legend

4. Play vs. A.I.

In this game mode you can team up with other people against computer-controlled enemies to test out heroes or to simply train yourself. This mode features three main difficulty settings: easy, medium, and hard. The hard mode is not to be taken lightly because the A.I. is quite smart, and it knows how to run you down or stop you when necessary. I would highly recommend using this game mode when you want to train yourself on new heroes.

Training Mode

Use training mode to hone your skills or go through the tutorial process repeatedly so you can get more familiar with the way the game works. The best option from here would be to progress to the practice range, which is where you can practice your aiming skills or reaction time on training dummies. This mode enables you to practice playing with any hero, and you can also work on your shooting and aiming skills with each hero.

Practice Range
Practice Range

Do you like training with A.I. or directly with real players?

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Hero Gallery
Hero Gallery

Hero Gallery

As I mentioned above, the hero gallery is where you can view all the cosmetic items you have collected for your heroes. You can collect the following items:

  • Skins
  • Emotes
  • Victory Poses
  • Voice Lines
  • Sprays
  • Highlight Intros
  • Weapon Skins

These cosmetic items drop from loot boxes that you can acquire every time you level up. You can also purchase them with real currency. These cosmetic items can be normal, rare, epic, or legendary. Legendary cosmetic items are the rarest type of items.

The items that drop can also be duplicates, and when that happens, you will receive some in-game currency instead of a duplicate. This currency can be used to unlock a skin, an emote, or some other item from a characters' cosmetic menu.

Reinhardt Victory Pose
Reinhardt Victory Pose
Career Profile
Career Profile

Career Profile

Use this menu to view your overall stats in both quick play mode and in the different competitive seasons. You can see the stats from your last game, your overall average per game, and the total amount since you started playing.

You can also see the amount of time you played with specific heroes, the number of games you've won, your win percentage, weapon accuracy, eliminations per life, kill streaks, average kills, average deaths, etc.

You can also see specific stats for specific heroes if you are curious about which character you're best at utilizing.

You can also view the achievements screen when you're viewing your career profile. In this screen you will find all your completed achievements and a list of the achievements that you have yet to complete.

You can also use the career profile to change your player icon. This is the icon that appears along with your name in every online match. You can unlock more player icons from the loot boxes or from the achievements screen.

Player Icon Menu
Player Icon Menu

Highlights Menu

The highlights menu is an extra option that appears after you have played a couple of games and made some noteworthy plays. You can also find replays of your best recent plays in the highlights menu.

You will only be able to see your replays in the highlights menu. Nobody else will be able to access your replays, so if there is one you absolutely love, then you can share it on YouTube.

Overwatch Highlights


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